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Syndicating News

Welcome to the Syndication page. From here you can find out how to obtain content to include on your own website or to use in one of the many desktop news syndication applications. offers two forms of syndication aimed at different needs:

RSS Syndication

RSS is a standardised XML format for distributing news content, used by many news sites around the world including most Indymedia sites. This form of syndication is intended for two types of user. The first being an end user who uses a desktop application such as Awasu, Feedreader or RDF Ticker, and the other being the many news aggregators who compile news from different sources into one news feed.

To access the RSS newsfeed you should enter the following url into your RSS application:

Should you wish to filter the newsfeed for specific categories or search terms you can use the URL generator to retrieve the specific RSS URL you require.

JavaScript option has been reintroduced again as of April 2009

Javascript Syndication

The second form of syndication we offer is via a dynamically generated javascript newsfeed. This is intended for website developers who may wish to include an newswire on their own site. Of course this can be done via the above mentioned RSS syndication, but it would require RSS programming knowledge and access to backend scripting facilities. However the javascript newsfeed is simply a couple of lines that be easily inserted into any webpage with minimum fuss.

Several code examples of how to include the newsfeed on your website have been provided on our examples page

This page has not been translated into Italiano yet.

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