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The Goals of this Site is an international anarchist/libertarian communist news service. These are our aims for this project.

The purpose of the site is to:

  1. Collect and distribute the news and analysis produced by anarchist organizations and individuals worldwide who are influenced by the tradition within anarchism known variously as "platformist", anarchist communist, libertarian communist, libertarian socialist, social anarchist or especifista, at different times and places.
  2. Facilitate fraternal debate and discussion between organizations and individuals of this tradition and promote greater unity between them on an international level.
  3. Provide a space where other anarchists, socialists and anybody else can learn about the activities and views of this anarchist tradition and engage in constructive dialogue with them; to provide a space for alternative, critical views and analyses of the world from a libertarian perspective.

Why we think this is important:

Capitalism is today, more than ever, organised as a global system. Anarchism too needs to be global. The Internet can be a powerful tool to help us organise globally. Although this is a small step, we believe that an international anarchist-communist news site can play an important part in this task, by:

  1. Improving communication between "platformist", anarchist communist, libertarian communist, libertarian socialist, social anarchist or especifista organizations and individuals, which is a vital step on the road to achieving greater unity on an international level.
  2. Influencing opinions and winning people to anarchist ideas, particularly in areas of the world where the organized anarchist movement is weak or non-existent.
  3. Convincing people who desire social change that the sort of approach outlined in the Anarkismo Statement is the best one, and promote awareness that social change is possible and necessary around the world.
  4. Aiding in the formation of new anarchist organizations and collectives and encouraging people to join existing ones.

If you want to publicly comment on this document or ask questions about it you can post comments to the Commenting on editorial policy thread.

If you agree with this document and would like to get involved with running then you can contact the existing Editorial Group at the Contact Us link.

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