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Note: Articles classified as "non anarchist press" are published in this section of the site. They do not usually reflect the opinions of nor of the organizations who run this site and are included by reason of their possible interest to readers. The opinions expressed in any such articles are exclusively those of the articles' authors.
southern asia / anti-fascism / non-anarchist press Friday December 27, 2019 - 21:58 by Vijay Prashad
Every day and in every part of India, hundreds of thousands of people – mainly young people – gather on the streets to express their anger at the government. Their protests, like those of the protests in Chile, emerged out of one particular grievance but then have cascaded outward. They are angry at the government’s attempt to define citizenship in a narrow and bigoted way; but they are also angry at the arrogance of the government and at the disastrous way in which the government has managed the economy. ... read full story / add a comment
southern asia / anti-fascism / non-anarchist press Friday December 27, 2019 - 03:29 by Vijay Prashad
On December 13, the United Nations high commissioner for human rights released a powerful statement that criticized India’s new citizenship law. This “fundamentally discriminatory” Citizenship (Amendment) Act of 2019 would expedite citizenship for persecuted religious minorities from India’s neighboring countries. But in the list of those minorities, it names only Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains, Parsis and Christians. It does not mention Muslims, despite the fact that there have been several important cases of Muslims being persecuted in Pakistan (the Ahmadis), in Afghanistan (the Hazaras), and in Myanmar (the Rohingya). The UN said that not only does this law violate India’s obligations to conventions, treaties, and compacts that it has signed at the global level, but also that it is in violation of its own constitution. ... read full story / add a comment
southern asia / imperialism / war / non-anarchist press Tuesday August 13, 2019 - 18:59 by John Riddell
On August 5, India’s Hindu nationalist government unilaterally revoked the autonomy of the state of Jammu and Kashmir, while flooding the region with troops, imposing a curfew, and shutting down all communications. The state is to be broken in two, with the eastern portion (Ladakh) under direct rule by New Delhi. ... read full story / add a comment
southern asia / workplace struggles / non-anarchist press Tuesday September 06, 2016 - 18:22 by Number 13
Since India embraced what trade unions call the LPG route to growth (that is liberalization, privatization and globalization) in 1991, the country has seen 16 general strikes. And the 17th all India workers’ strike falls on September 2nd. The last general strike, observed on 2 September 2015, saw participation from nearly 150 million workers – that's half the population of the entire U.S., or more than the combined population of the UK, Canada and Australia. This year, the unions expect a better turnout given the controversial labour policies pursued by the Narendra Modi-led NDA government. ... read full story / add a comment
southern asia / the left / non-anarchist press Sunday December 15, 2013 - 22:21 by Noaman G. Ali
The recent elections in Nepal appear to spell a heavy retreat for the country’s Maoist movement. After initiating a People’s War in 1996 that lasted ten years and saw it in control of the majority of the countryside, the popular Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) formed a front with mainstream political parties to overthrow the monarchy and institute a democratic republic in the 2006 People’s Movement. Thereafter, the CPN(Maoist) emerged as the largest party in the 2008 Constituent Assembly (CA) elections. ... read full story / add a comment
southern asia / the left / non-anarchist press Sunday December 15, 2013 - 21:38 by Farooq Tariq
was present as an International Observer to the November 19 general elections in Nepal, invited by the National Election Observation Committee (NEOC). Polling was unexpectedly peaceful. Interestingly enough only 226 out of the 601 Constituent Assembly seats are directly elected. That is, the majority of seats are elected through a proportional voting system. ... read full story / add a comment
asia del sur / la izquierda / non-anarchist press Monday July 09, 2012 - 08:49 by Jon E. Illescas Martínez   image 1 image
“La política es una guerra sin efusión de sangre, y la guerra, una política con efusión de sangre”.
Mao Zedong

Si ya es difícil que los medios de (des)información masivos nos hablen de revoluciones cuando no son del color de las naranjas, más complicado es que lo hagan de una que desprende un rojo tan intenso como la nepalí. Situada entre dos de las principales potencias mundiales, India y China, la revolución de este país de 30 millones de habitantes continúa dieciséis años después de que la insurgencia maoísta declarara la guerra a la monarquía en 1996. La revolución prosigue su camino, pero cada vez más como un rompecabezas que no cesa de fragmentarse. Hagamos un poco de memoria... ... read full story / add a comment
southern asia / imperialism / war / non-anarchist press Monday June 11, 2012 - 22:18 by Karthick RM
“How long yet will the madness of despots be called justice, and the justice of the people barbarity or rebellion? How tenderly oppressors and how severely the oppressed are treated!”
-Maximillien Robespierre ... read full story / add a comment
asia meridionale / lotte sindacali / stampa non anarchica Saturday March 17, 2012 - 00:22 by Kunal Chattopadhyay   image 1 image
Nel complesso, lo sciopero del 28 febbraio è stato un grande successo. Allo sciopero hanno partecipato anche settori come quello del carbone, delle centrali elettriche e dell'edilizia. [Castellano] ... read full story / add a comment
asia del sur / workplace struggles / non-anarchist press Friday March 16, 2012 - 20:03 by Kunal Chattopadhyay   image 1 image
En conjunto, la huelga del 28 de febrero fue un gran éxito. Sectores como el carbón, las centrales eléctricas y la construcción se sumaron a la convocatoria. [italiano] ... read full story / add a comment
asia del sur / la izquierda / non-anarchist press Monday July 25, 2011 - 22:24 by pgh/asg
Colombo, 24 jul (PL) Un partido político afín a los derrotados Tigres de Liberación del Eelam Tamil (LTTE) ganó hoy las elecciones en una zona de Sri Lanka, donde la guerra civil finalizada en 2009 impidió celebrarlas durante casi 30 años. ... read full story / add a comment
southern asia / imperialism / war / non-anarchist press Saturday December 04, 2010 - 06:10 by Irish Tamil Forum   image 1 image
National Hero’s Day of Tamils of Sri Lanka, was held in Dublin last Saturday 27th of November. Tamil national hero’s day is a day to remember the martyrs who sacrificed their lives in the freedom struggle, and the innocent civilian victims of the civil war, and the war crimes carried out by the Sri Lankan government.
... read full story / add a comment
Ο Γκάντι ήταν αναρχικός. Ίδρυσε μια φιλοσοφία και ένα κίνημα αυτο-οργάνωσης με το όνομα Swaraj που στόχο είχε την απελευθέρωση των Ινδιών απο τους Βρετανούς και τη δημιουργία μιας αναρχικής αταξικής κοινωνίας. Τελικά ο Γκάντι δολοφονήθηκε και η Ινδία πέρασε στα χέρια τοπικών εξουσιαστών που κράτησαν πολλά χαρακτηριστικά της βρετανικής αποικιοκρατίας. ... read full story / add a comment
southern asia / imperialism / war / non-anarchist press Monday January 18, 2010 - 09:07 by Irish Forum for Peace in Sri Lanka   text 1 comment (last - monday january 18, 2010 - 23:44)
In Dublin today at 2pm the Peoples Tribunal chairman FranCois Houtart read the preliminary findings of the Peoples Tribunal on the war in Sri Lanka and its aftermath. ... read full story / add a comment
southern asia / indigenous struggles / non-anarchist press Thursday October 15, 2009 - 22:21 by Sanhati   text 1 comment (last - tuesday october 20, 2009 - 08:25)
Sanhati (, a collective of activists/academics who have been working in solidarity with peoples’ movements in India by providing information and analysis, took the initiative to bring together voices from around the world against the Government of India’s planned military offensive in Central India. A statement (Hindi, Bengali, and Telugu versions are available) and a background note were drafted in consultation with Indian activists, and duly circulated for endorsement. Readers are encouraged to endorse by mailing sanhatiindia [at] sanhati [dot] com with full name and affiliation. ... read full story / add a comment
asia del sur / miscellaneous / non-anarchist press Tuesday September 22, 2009 - 01:52 by Ainara Lertxundi
Cuatro meses después de que el presidente cingalés Mahinda Rajapaksa anunciara la victoria militar sobre los Tigres de Liberación de la Tierra Tamil, 281.621 civiles siguen en centros de detención, que el Ejército mantiene fortificados. Aún así, las denuncias de abusos han logrado traspasar sus gruesos alambres de espino. ... read full story / add a comment
southern asia / imperialism / war / non-anarchist press Monday May 18, 2009 - 18:49 by Irish Forum for Peace in Sri Lanka
Dear Editors and Journalist,

Reports that the Irish Forum for Peace in Sri Lanka receives from the so called ‘Safe Zone’ say around 25,000 civilians injured in the artillery attack of Sri Lanka Army are dead and dying now without receiving medical attention.
... read full story / add a comment
southern asia / imperialism / war / non-anarchist press Sunday May 17, 2009 - 19:46 by TamilNet
An uncounted number of dead bodies between 2,000 and 3,000 are lying all over the places in civilian congested area and the civilians are all struck by a heavy stench of dead bodies, said a volunteer doctor from Mu'l'li-vaaykkaal. "Sri Lanka Army (SLA) has destroyed all medical facilities by targeted attacks, and the SLA was continuing inhuman and indiscriminate attacks on civilians providing only two options, death or surrender," he added. The volunteer doctor himself witnessed more than 100 deaths Saturday morning. All the government doctors and the top officials have fled the shelling. Civilians are in shock at the continuing carnage in Vanni.
... read full story / add a comment
southern asia / imperialism / war / non-anarchist press Sunday May 17, 2009 - 01:19 by Financial Times
At last, the United Nations Security Council has spoken. It has seen what has been miserably apparent all year: that there is a bloodbath under way in the ever-diminishing territory held by rebel Tamils in north-eastern Sri Lanka.

... read full story / add a comment
southern asia / economy / non-anarchist press Sunday October 19, 2008 - 22:57 by epoliticus
In an interesting but unsurprising turn of events, Tata Motors and the Indian state of Gujarat signed a memorandum of understanding that enables the corporation to construct a factory for their Nano brand of automobiles. Will capitalist development induce an Indian civil war? ... read full story / add a comment
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