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southern africa / anarchist movement Friday December 11, 2015 - 16:36 by Tokologo African Anarchist Collective   image 1 image
Welcome to the first double issue of Tokologo, combining issues 5 and 6. This marks our third year of publishing by the Tokologo African Anarchist Collective and its study circles. 2015 has been a turbulent year. On the one side, the horrors of attacks on immigrants and foreigners continue. In April, attacks broke out, mainly in KwaZulu-Natal, spurred directly by Zulu King Goodwill Zwelithini's inflammatory statements. One of the big failures of the 1994 transition was that much of the old Bantustan/ homeland apparatus remained in place, with the continuing power of chiefs and kings. Again, in October, this time spurred by rumours and the taxi associations, there were riots in the Eastern Cape. ... read full story / add a comment
brésil/guyane/suriname/guinée française / mouvement anarchiste Tuesday December 08, 2015 - 01:37 by Federação Anarquista do Rio de Janeiro   image 1 image
Une pratique politique étique qui respecte les différences politiques et qui permet le renforcement de la classe ouvrière est ce qui différencie une proposition libertaire d’un processus autoritaire ; ce qui différencie un objectif démocratique d’une méthode imposée. Les pratiques informelles d’articulation et des groupes mal structurés aussi compromettent la voie pour la construction du pouvoir populaire. Ils peuvent reproduire par d’autres voies l’avant-gardisme, en créant des «dirigeants occultes» et nuire à la stimulation des espaces de construction collective. ... read full story / add a comment
international / anarchist movement Wednesday December 02, 2015 - 06:05 by Bongani Maponyane   image 1 image
We, anarchists, are committed to building a society based on self-management and equality. We identify with the analyses and experiences of Mikhail Bakunin, who stated the need for freedom beyond the limited confines of “democracy” – where you are only free to vote on who is next to govern you. Bakunin argued that freedom comes responsibility: this included responsibility to others in the maintenance of this freedom. We need a society based on these principles; an anarchist society which expects from each according to their ability, and provides to each according to their needs.

How do we achieve this? The anarchist society is achieved through a revolutionary strategy based on mass organization to overthrow systems and relationships of hierarchical (or top-down) political, economic and social power. These organisations – trade unions and community movements – we refer to as counter-power. ... read full story / add a comment
Διεθνή / Αναρχικό κίνημα Tuesday December 01, 2015 - 16:46 by Felipe Correa   image 1 image
Αυτό πρέπει να κατανοείται ως: α) ικανοποίηση όλων των υλικών αναγκών του κάθε ενός από εμάς και β) να γίνει το επίτευγμα της απρόσκοπτης ανάπτυξης όλων των δυνατοτήτων μας, απαλλαγμένης από την καταπίεση του κεφαλαίου και τους Κράτους, ελευθερία για όλους και όχι μόνο για μια συγκεκριμένη ομάδα. Ας αφήσουμε τις εκλογές κατά μέρος. Δεν εξυπηρετούν κανένα σκοπό. Ας συμμετάσχουμε τώρα στην πολιτική, εδώ, όπου ζούμε. ... read full story / add a comment
bolivia / peru / ecuador / chile / movimiento anarquista Friday November 27, 2015 - 03:57 by Solidaridad   image 1 image
América latina es parte del fenómeno general de desaceleración mundial de la economía, y Chile en este cuadro muestra evidentemente señales de bajo crecimiento al mediano y largo plazo, donde el salario, el empleo, y el consumo de las clases populares se verán fuertemente impactados. ... read full story / add a comment
Διεθνή / Αναρχικό κίνημα Monday November 23, 2015 - 15:53 by A comrade from MACG   image 1 image
Αυτό είναι πάνω-κάτω το κείμενο της παρουσίασης που έκανε ένα από τα μέλη της Melbourne Anarchist Communist Group (MACG - Αναρχική Κομμουνιστική Ομάδα Μελβούρνης) κατά τη διάρκεια workshop σχετικά με την προσέγγιση της ταξικής πάλης στον Αναρχισμό, στην Έκθεση Αναρχικού Βιβλίου της Μελβούρνης, το Σάββατο, 8 Αυγούστου 2015. ... read full story / add a comment
international / anarchist movement Thursday November 19, 2015 - 18:38 by Argyris Argyriadis   text 1 comment (last - saturday november 21, 2015 - 00:38)   image 1 image
This pamphlet by the “enigmatic” title “Alpha below zero - Nemesis and new anarchy”, appeared online almost a year ago in Greek language by Anarpsy project. Anarpsy is a project about speech, theory and analysis in the context of social psychology, psychoanalysis, psychodynamic approach and psychiatry through Antiauthoritarian - Anarchist perspective, in order to analyse the reality of social and political phenomena. “Alpha below zero” is the second Anarpsy’s pamphlet. (The first was the “ELthnikismos (ΗELlenicNATIONALISM), - A contribution to the understanding of Greek nationalism”). “Alpha below zero” reflects a shift towards nihilism that exists into so-called neo-anarchists. ... read full story / add a comment
Our starting point in both our perspective and in our current work is the importance of organizing for the social self-defense of the working-class and oppressed communities.
north america / mexico / anarchist movement Thursday October 29, 2015 - 06:19 by First of May Anarchist Alliance   image 1 image
The following points represent a brief statement of priorities, an outline of some of the perspectives our organization has decided on to help guide our thinking and actions in the coming period. We do not want to overstate where our organization is at in our analysis and organizing, nor are these points a substitute for the hard discussions our organization still must have. These points developed out of reviews and discussions of the nature of the current period, the continuing wave of social protest domestically and abroad, and how we as a small and specific group of anarchist revolutionaries can participate in and help build those movements for dignity, justice and freedom.
by First of May Anarchist Alliance, Autumn 2015 ... read full story / add a comment
venezuela / colombia / movimiento anarquista Wednesday October 21, 2015 - 07:24 by Colectivo ContraInformativo Sub*Versión   image 1 image
En Colombia, se acerca el 25 de octubre fecha en la cual tendrá lugar la disputa electoral para elegir a los nuevos gobernantes regionales en medio de un panorama político complejo -enmarcado en el contexto de unos diálogos de paz y de querellas entre distintos actores políticos [1]- en el cual la labor periodística cumple un rol fundamental determinado por los intereses que representan. ... read full story / add a comment
ireland / britain / anarchist movement Saturday October 17, 2015 - 05:57 by Ferdia O'Brien   image 1 image
Believe a better world is possible. Don't be afraid to dream. We all know this isn't good enough. How could it be? Are we not destined for so much more? Have we not seen glimpses of what we are truly capable of? This could be paradise. It really could be. ... read full story / add a comment
bolivia / peru / ecuador / chile / movimiento anarquista Friday October 09, 2015 - 16:23 by Claudio Narváez   text 1 comment (last - saturday october 10, 2015 - 18:44)   image 1 image
A partir de la lectura de un artículo publicado por el periódico La Boina titulado “Llamamiento anarquista” es que comencé a plantearme la necesidad de debatir de manera pública con compas que no militan en nuestras propias organizaciones, colectivos, grupos de afinidad, etc., de manera de comenzar a superar, poco a poco, el sectarismo que aqueja al movimiento anarquista chileno actual. ... read full story / add a comment
venezuela / colombia / movimiento anarquista Tuesday September 29, 2015 - 12:52 by Colectivo Contrainformativo Subversión   image 1 image
El momento histórico que ha significado la declaración del último pre acuerdo que ha conseguido las FARC frente al Estado, nos hace reflexionar frente a los retos que se vienen para el movimiento social en general y específicamente para el movimiento Anarquista en Colombia. Trataremos de esbozar algunos puntos frente a este acuerdo y la situación de la lucha anticapitalista en estos momentos. ... read full story / add a comment
Διεθνή / Αναρχικό κίνημα Saturday August 22, 2015 - 21:09 by Ερρίκο Μαλατέστα   image 1 image
Ποιανού είναι «δουλειά» να κάνει την επανάσταση; Ωσότου αυτός που είναι η «δουλειά» του να κάνει την επανάσταση ξυπνήσει οι υπόλοιποι οφείλουν να περιμένουν αφού αυτός είναι που έχει το ιστορικό καθήκον να την κάνει; Έχουν κάποιο νόημα οι μεμονωμένες εξεγερτικές ενέργειες; Ο Ερρίκο Μαλατέστα δίνει απάντηση στα καίρια και διαχρονικά αυτά ερωτήματα που ταλανίζουν το ανατρεπτικό κίνημα. ... read full story / add a comment
southern africa / anarchist movement Monday August 17, 2015 - 23:20 by Tina Sizovuka   image 1 image
Editorial from issue number 14 of the Zabalaza Anarchist Communist Front's journal, Zabalaza: A Journal of Southern African Revolutionary Anarchism. ... read full story / add a comment
Ελλάδα / Τουρκία / Κύπρος / Αναρχικό κίνημα Thursday August 13, 2015 - 20:41 by Αργύρης Αργυριάδης   image 1 image
Αν η ανάγκη νουθεσίας σε αυτόν τον χώρο που υποτίθεται είναι ο αδιαφιλονίκητος εκφραστής της αυτοπραγμάτωσης & προσδιορισμού, ως βασική συνθήκη της ελευθερίας, τότε η επαναπροβολή και η αντανάκλαση αυτής (της ελευθερίας) προς την καθημερινή συναλλαγή εκτός χώρου επιβεβαιώνει τον κυρίαρχο στερεοτυπισμό της υπερφίαλης αναρχικής ουτοπικής προσωπικότητας. Και για αυτό δεν φταίνε οι άλλοι και φυσικά ούτε η εξουσία. Εάν δεν αποβληθεί αυτή η βολική συμπεριφορά προσποίησης, τότε δεν θα μπορεί να διεκδικηθεί αυτό που πραγματικά αναλογεί στο άτομο – φορέα των απελευθερωτικών ιδεών. ... read full story / add a comment
argentina/uruguay/paraguay / movimiento anarquista Tuesday August 04, 2015 - 21:47 by Agrupación Socialista Libertaria
Posicionamiento/proclama de nuestra proto organización política libertaria ante las elecciones burguesas en la argentina. Y como aporte a reconstruir la corriente anarco comunista en el país. ... read full story / add a comment
mashriq / arabia / iraq / anarchist movement Thursday July 30, 2015 - 07:04 by Zaher Baher   text 2 comments (last - thursday august 06, 2015 - 22:31)
In my opinion the best attitude towards Rojava is “supportive and being critical” at the same time. Criticizing it alone and keeping distance from it does not benefit our current anarchist movement. This attitude again shows incapability of recognizing the reality of the movement, and would bring the blame of history over us. Meanwhile supporting it without criticizing its negative sides again shows that we do not see this movement realistically. Having this attitude, once the movement fails to meet our demands, we will be very disappointed and keep ourselves a far distance from any movement in the future. ... read full story / add a comment
international / anarchist movement Friday July 24, 2015 - 17:36 by Ilan S.
The main means of all ruling elites throughout history to force the people to submit to their rule was to recruit metaphysical powers - magic, deities and other kinds of lies to
frighten people into submission and accepting authority. People who challenge these lies
were the main enemy of the rulers all along history. ... read full story / add a comment
bolivia / peru / ecuador / chile / movimiento anarquista Tuesday July 07, 2015 - 19:54 by Solidaridad   image 1 image
La situación política nacional nuevamente está removida. Los últimos meses sólo han confirmado que el modelo no da más. El cuestionamiento e indignación hacia los administradores del sistema aumenta aceleradamente, mientras el gobierno no encuentra fórmulas ni respuestas adecuadas frente a las múltiples demandas y emplazamientos del campo popular. ... read full story / add a comment
Ελλάδα / Τουρκία / Κύπρος / Αναρχικό κίνημα Thursday June 25, 2015 - 20:45 by Dmitri (republishing)   image 1 image
Ας μην έχουμε αυταπάτες: όταν ο ορυμαγδός της ετερόδοξης προσδοκίας προσγειωθεί στο δια ταύτα των αμετάθετων αναγκών, η συντριβή θα έχει τον χαρακτήρα της πρόσκρουσης. Τα συντρίμμια της κοινωνίας καλούνται σήμερα να ανασυνταχθούν πριν η αναβαπτισμένη εκδοχή του κρατικού ολοκληρωτισμού επιχειρήσει την τελική λύση. ... read full story / add a comment

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