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international / anarchist movement / review Thursday April 21, 2016 06:08 byWayne Price   text 7 comments (last - wednesday june 01, 2016 21:13)
Within the anarchist movement there are conflicting trends. Laurence Davis has written an essay which defends the reformist “exodus” trend in anarchism against the revolutionary "class-struggle” trend. In large part, he does this by defending Uri Gordon’s and David Graeber’s views against my criticisms. This is my response.
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ireland / britain / history / opinion / analysis Wednesday April 20, 2016 21:31 byAndrew   text 3 comments (last - thursday april 28, 2016 20:41)
Almost a century ago, an armed insurrection took place in Ireland to end British rule and to establish an independent Irish Republic. The 1916 Rising was soon accompanied by major popular revolts against World War One across Europe and later emulated by anti-colonial movements across the Global South. When it comes to remembering the 1916 Rising, why do conservative politicians and historians want to convince us that it would have been better for us if Pearse and Connolly had stayed at home? Why did the state parade lots of military equipment and personnel down O’Connell Street to mark the centenary? Why did so many people turn out to watch it? This panel attempts to think through the meaning of 1916 for us today, and the politics at stake in how these events are remembered, forgotten, and mis-remembered. read full story / add a comment
international / anarchist movement / opinion / analysis Monday April 04, 2016 21:00 byTokologo African Anarchist Collective   text 1 comment (last - monday april 04, 2016 23:46)
"Africa today lies prostrate, bleeding, and embattled on all fronts, a victim of capitalist and, to a great extent, state socialist ambitions. The heart-rending misery of its peoples, the conditions of abject poverty, squalor and disease in which they live, exist side by side with the wanton luxury, rapacity, and corruption of its leaders." Sam Mbah and I.E. Igariwey, 1997, African Anarchism: The History of a Movement, Sharp Press: Tucson, Arizona. Our vast continent, Africa, is the poorest in the world, host to dozens of wars and conflicts, and marked by instability and inequality. The root causes of the instability lie in political corruption and the profiteering system run by local and international elites. The local ruling classes are interested in making profits and getting wealthy, by any means necessary. The elites are not promoting the development of the working class and peasants (small farmers), but only worsening our conditions. If the choice is between building a road in a poor area or pocketing the money, they will pocket the money. read full story / add a comment
western asia / indigenous struggles / news report Saturday April 02, 2016 17:13 byIlan S.
Last Friday (1.4) lot of anarchist flags again in Bil'in challenging the new efforts to put end to the Friday demos in the village. The long range tear gas cannisters prevent any interaction with the Israeli soldiers and stoped the demonstrators from exiting the village - like in the demonstrations in Bil'in eleven years ago before the intense efforts to put end to the demonstrations was replace with the contention of them; and like in the other locations - Ni'ilin, Nebi Saleh, and Qaddum where the efforts to put end to the demonstrations intensify. (So are with out the success the intense efforts to strangle the south of Hebron hills activities with other means.) People with keen ears can already hear the beginning of the countdown towards the end of the imperial settler colonial project in the East of the Mediterranean sea. May be the acceleration of the process is the result of the accumulation of the fiascos of Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and Libya... read full story / add a comment
north america / mexico / the left / opinion / analysis Friday April 01, 2016 10:45 byWayne Price   text 2 comments (last - saturday april 09, 2016 06:23)
There is a new approach on the U.S. Left, which rejects both capitalism and state socialism. In several ways it resembles anarchism. It has been promoted by The Next System Project, and has been critiqued recently by Sam Gindin--who makes some insightful comments, but also demonstrates limitations. read full story / add a comment
italia / svizzera / migrazione / razzismo / documento politico Thursday March 31, 2016 17:33 byAlternativa Libertaria/FdCA
Noi siamo per la creazione di corridoi umanitari, il diritto d’asilo, la solidarietà dal basso, il diritto al lavoro e a una vita degna. Per tutte e per tutti. read full story / add a comment
italia / svizzera / migrazione / razzismo / comunicato stampa Thursday March 31, 2016 17:22 byAlternativa Libertaria/FdCA
Se le condizioni di milioni di persone della classe lavoratrice europea sono agli ultimi posti delle priorità dei governi della UE, c’è almeno un altro milione di persone che si trova proprio in fondo alle preoccupazioni dei governi europei e della UE. Sono i profughi. read full story / add a comment
france / belgique / luxembourg / luttes en milieu de travail / opinion / analyse Thursday March 31, 2016 13:30 byRelations Extérieures de la CGA
La loi travail c'est travailler plus pour gagner moins... quand t'es pas au chômage

Voilà qui résume bien le projet de loi El Khomri. Ce ne sont pas les « concessions » gouvernementales qui vont changer la logique de ces mesures destinées à satisfaire les aspirations du patronat. Pire, certaines « avancées » comme le compte personnel d'activité (CPA), dont se targue la CFDT, contient en germes le retour au livret ouvrier en instituant un fichage généralisé des salarié-e-s. Tout ça relève d'une comédie bien orchestrée : les syndicats jaunes signent les accords en ayant obtenu des «concessions », le MEDEF fait semblant de râler et le gouvernement se présente comme l'arbitre impartial défendant l'intérêt général. Vaste fumisterie. read full story / add a comment
venezuela / colombia / medio ambiente / opinión / análisis Tuesday March 29, 2016 11:46 byColectivo ContraInformativo Sub*Versión
Hace un par de meses desde las altas esferas del Estado en cabeza de Juan Manuel Santos, se ha venido cocinado en la cabeza de todas las personas que residimos en Colombia un miedo por el posible apagón que se podría generar si las personas de a pie no ahorran energía y agua en el marco de los estragos del mentado “Fenómeno del niño”. Más allá del hipócrita reclamo del Estado frente a las ciudadanas al mismo tiempo que es permisivo con los desmanes que genera la gran Minería, la corrupción innata del sector Energético del país, entre otras, en esta oportunidad queremos ahondar en las formas históricas por las cuales el Estado ha optado para seguir controlando a su población, siempre recalcando la falta de regulación de las colombianas cuando es hora de ahorrar, y por consiguiente, lavando su imagen frente a la crisis energética a la que se enfrenta el país. read full story / add a comment
italia / svizzera / imperialismo / guerra / comunicato stampa Saturday March 26, 2016 05:56 byAlternativa Libertaria/FdCA
Da una parte, le guerre in Medio Oriente e in Africa, che stanno causando migliaia di morti in nome della "democrazia" e della "lotta al terrorismo". Col risultato almeno apparente di un evidente caos internazionale.
Dall'altra parte, le nostre libertà e i nostri diritti subiscono forti restrizioni, mentre il discorso sulla sicurezza non fa che alimentare il razzismo. In nome della difesa del "fronte interno", ogni giorno in più che passa si mangia un po' di "democrazia". read full story / add a comment
mashriq / arabia / iraq / indigenous struggles / news report Thursday March 17, 2016 03:28 byIlan S.   text 1 comment (last - wednesday march 30, 2016 17:02)
On the twelfth year of joined struggle in Bil'in it lost its glamour. Many of the activists lost the excitement of the direct action confrontation which is not a new thing any more. The expansion of the joint struggle to other locations and the expanding of the non armed struggle in the west bank contributed to it too. Many of the activists just "moved on" to a less intensive ways of life. But, some old time activists can not "let go". The other day, I searched the for the old site of: "This appeal, the first to call on-line for a boycott against Israel, was posted in April of 2001".( and read again our 35 original signatories of this pre-BDS. The majority are still in the struggle. Looking back on my 65 years of struggle I regard, this petition, the joint struggle in Bil'in and my stories from the year 2100 - 50 years after the revolution* as the most significant ones.
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elsewhere / community struggles / opinion / analysis Saturday March 05, 2016 23:58 byZaher Baher   text 1 comment (last - thursday march 10, 2016 20:32)
This article is about the brief history of how Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) has set up and its treatment of its own people. While KRG has been sunk in corruption, engaged the war with Isis and overwhelmed by huge numbers of refugees from Syria, middle and south of Iraq, is unable to pay wages to its employees. As a result of that there have been demos ,protest and boycotting work by people.
The article also explains why it is important to organise ourselves independently from the political parties.
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france / belgique / luxembourg / luttes en milieu de travail / opinion / analyse Saturday March 05, 2016 18:24 byRelations Extérieures de la CGA
La Coordination des Groupes Anarchistes dénonce la prétendue « réforme » du droit du travail, en réalité une casse pure et simple. Nous appelons à informer et à se mobiliser pour le retrait de ce projet de loi, qui détruit plus d'un siècle de conquêtes sociales du mouvement ouvrier.
Ce projet de loi, examiné en première lecture à l'Assemblée début avril et au Sénat en mai, sera adopté avant la fin juin, si nous ne parvenons pas à construire une mouvement de grève et de lutte, massif et combatif. read full story / add a comment
north america / mexico / the left / opinion / analysis Friday February 26, 2016 20:49 byWayne Price   text 3 comments (last - friday march 04, 2016 02:39)
In recent decades, there have been efforts to "rehabilitate" the U.S. Communist Party as an historical model for the Left. Anti-authoritarian socialists and anarchists find this troubling. Whle the CP did some good things it also did some very bad things. A brief summary of its history demonstrates that and explains why this is. read full story / add a comment
international / migration / racisme / opinion / analyse Friday February 26, 2016 19:00 byRelations Extérieures de la CGA
Le gouvernement s'apprête à évacuer une partie du camp de Calais, pour répartir de force une partie des migrant-e-s dans des conteneurs ou les disperser loin de Calais dans des CAO (centres d’accueil et d’orientation), baptisés « lieux de répit ». Ces derniers ne constituent évidemment pas une solution, pour des personnes dont le projet est le plus souvent de rejoindre l'Angleterre. D'autant moins que ces CAO sont sensés fermer dans quelques semaines ! read full story / add a comment
grecia / turchia / cipro / movimento anarchico / cronaca Friday February 26, 2016 03:43 byNow(A)k
"Alcuni possono pensare che Exarchia sia solo un utopico esperimento nel complesso contesto greco. Altri che si tratti di un insignificante caso isolato tendente all’implosione e al fallimento. A me piace pensare che Exarchia possa rappresentare una solida realtà e una alternativa percorribile anche al di fuori della Grecia, per contrastare l’immobilità generale, la rassegnazione completa e l’afasia mista ad apatia che caratterizzano gran parte della popolazione europea colpita dalla crisi. E per dimostrare ancora una volta che la lotta e il cambiamento iniziano nelle strade, nelle piazze, nelle fabbriche, nelle Università, e non delegando a qualcuno il proprio dissenso, illudendosi per l’ennesima volta che le cose possano cambiare e cambieranno in meglio a favore del popolo oppresso attraverso l’elezione del politico di turno." read full story / add a comment
italia / svizzera / migrazione / razzismo / comunicato stampa Monday February 22, 2016 05:20 byAlternativa Libertaria/FdCA
Anche quest'anno il primo marzo è lo sciopero dei migranti e di tutti i lavoratori e tutte le lavoratrici che vorranno e potranno essere solidali nell'unità di classe, nell'unità della lotta e dei diritti in Italia e in Europa. read full story / add a comment
italia / svizzera / imperialismo / guerra / comunicato stampa Monday February 22, 2016 00:07 byAlternativa Libertaria/FdCA
i crimini perpetrati nei territori della ex Yugoslavia e la guerra etnica che ha sconvolto i Balcani. :Un genocidio così vicino da non essere considerato read full story / add a comment
mashriq / arabia / iraq / indigenous struggles / news report Sunday February 21, 2016 16:36 byIlan S.   text 1 comment (last - thursday february 25, 2016 23:27)
At the beginning, the joint struggle in Bil'in of the Israeli Anarchists Against The Wall with the local activists differed only with a consisted Fridays direct actions against the construction of the separation fence. The Israeli state response was a prolonged effort to block the participation of the Israeli activists that failed due to geographic conditions, persistence of the Israeli activists, and our ingenuity. One of the restricting factors on the suppression efforts of the state forces was wide spread sympathy for these demos in the Israeli media, and public. In a desperate efforts the army sent covert agents to initiate stone throwing from the demo on the state force. After a long while they succeeded. Youngsters of the village got into the stone throwing habit. For years it was all over the media and contributed to the stone throwing culture of the Palestinian youth. This was a significant contributor factor to the already 4 months old "Children Intifada". read full story / add a comment
mashriq / arabia / iraq / indigenous struggles / news report Sunday February 14, 2016 15:09 byIlan S.   text 1 comment (last - wednesday february 17, 2016 05:15)
The mounting international pressure on Israel with the B.D.S. as catalyst, initiated a rightist onslaught on the activists of the joint struggle. With cooperation of the main TV channel, two activists were arrested - even blamed to be involved in murder of a Palestinian collaborator of settlements... only to be released unconditionally weeks later. As part of the onslaught I got few seconds in the rightist item in the main TV news program summing our position that no state is a solution - not two states and even one democratic state is impossible to achieve before the Zionist settler colonialist project will be defeated by social revolution in the whole region. In another wide distribution of the rightist video item I was presented as claiming that the chant in the joint demos for freedom to Palestine from the river to the see is not a call for a state for the Palestinians, but for a joint secular democratic state for all the inhabitants - Palestinians, Jews, and others... It seems we owe them rightists for the wide publicity.
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