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russia / ukraine / belarus / imperialism / war / news report Wednesday October 11, 2023 22:55 by Assembly   text 1 comment (last - thursday november 30, 2023 17:10)   image 1 image
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Ρωσία / Ουκρανία / Λευκορωσία / Ιστορία (γενική) / Γνώμη / Ανάλυση Saturday July 08, 2023 19:04 by Dmitri (edit.)   text 1 comment (last - saturday july 15, 2023 04:51)   image 1 image
Ο εμφύλιος πόλεμος στη Ρωσία του 1917-1921 θεωρείται μια αντιπαράθεση μεταξύ του Λευκού και του Κόκκινου στρατού. Και τα δύο κινήματα προώθησαν αυταρχικές και κρατιστικές ιδέες, πραγματοποίησαν βίαιη κινητοποίηση, λεηλάτησαν, τρομοκρατούσαν και περιόρισαν την ελευθερία του πληθυσμού, που ανάγκασε τους αγρότες και εργάτες να ενωθούν σε αντάρτικες μονάδες για την αντίσταση τόσο της λευκής όσο και της κόκκινης δικτατορίας. Αυτοί οι άνθρωποι πήραν τα όπλα για να υπερασπιστούν την ελευθερία τους, έκαναν αναγκαστικές συμμαχίες τόσο με Μπολσεβίκους όσο και με μοναρχικούς, αλλά πάντα υπερασπίζονταν τα συμφέροντά τους και έκαναν πόλεμο «εναντίον όλων». Μιλάμε για τον λεγόμενο Πράσινο Στρατό, που ήταν ξεχωριστό, τρίτο μέρος στον εμφύλιο. read full story / add a comment
Photo: Alexander Ermochenko/Reuters/Alamy
russia / ukraine / belarus / anarchist movement / debate Sunday May 28, 2023 07:21 by Wayne Price   text 12 comments (last - monday july 10, 2023 06:55)   image 1 image
This is a response to a challenge by Tridni Valka, a Czech anarchist group. They denounced an article of mine. I had defended anarchists who support the Ukrainian people in the Ukraine-Russian war.

Bakunin and other anarchists have supported oppressed nations and national self-determination, as part of their revolutionary program, as I demonstrate. read full story / add a comment
russia / ukraine / belarus / history of anarchism / interview Monday April 03, 2023 12:59 by Javier Sethness Castro   text 4 comments (last - wednesday september 20, 2023 11:51)   image 1 image
In this conversation with Joe Scheip, coordinator of Anarchist Political Ecology, Javier Sethness Castro, author of Queer Tolstoy: A Psychobiography, provides a new exploration of the life and art of Count Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoy. This book, just published on Routledge Mental Health, considers how the artist’s underappreciated bisexuality influenced his anarchist and anti-militarist politics. The conversation contemplates queerness as a concept, based in part on Freudian psychoanalysis, and reviews Tolstoy’s same-sex attachments, from childhood to old age. Lev Nikolaevich’s contradictions and hypocrisy, as a landlord, a sexist, and a difficult husband to Sofia Tolstaya, are covered. In terms of current affairs, Tolstoy’s vision of free love and universal peace is contrasted with Russian President Vladimir Putin’s fascist crackdown on the LGBTQ+ community and genocidal wars on Syria and Ukraine. read full story / add a comment
russia / ukraine / belarus / imperialism / war / opinion / analysis Sunday February 26, 2023 22:44 by Dreyfus   text 16 comments (last - tuesday august 29, 2023 16:14)
On the anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine the AnarCom Network (UK) continues to argue that a new tendency is emerging - an internationalist revolutionary class struggle realignment, as a response to the reality of war and its existential threat. As Anarchist Communists we support the No War But The Class War position.

The following article originally written in 2014 by comrades in AnarCom marking the Russian occupation of Crimea in the 100th anniversary of the First World War.
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russia / ukraine / belarus / anarchist movement / opinion / analysis Saturday February 18, 2023 01:22 by Wayne Price   text 14 comments (last - sunday february 25, 2024 21:01)
My response to an article, “British Anarchism Succumbs to War Fever” by Alex Alder. That article expresses dismay that many anarchists, in Britain and Eastern Europe and elsewhere have come to support the Ukrainian side of its war with Russian imperialism. It regards this perspective as a betrayal of anarchism, internationalism, and anti-militarism.

I, on the contrary, think that this solidarity with the Ukrainians is a very good thing. It is completely consistent with revolutionary anarchism. read full story / add a comment
russia / ukraine / belarus / history of anarchism / opinion / analysis Tuesday January 24, 2023 08:40 by Wayne Price   text 3 comments (last - wednesday april 26, 2023 13:21)   image 1 image
Anarchists can learn important lessons in relation to the Ukraine-Russia war by looking at the Spanish revolution of the thirties and the movement against the Vietnam-US war of the sixties. read full story / add a comment
Η εξάλειψη των περισσότερων από τους φασίστες των δύο πρώτων ετών των αποσχισμένων δημοκρατιών δεν σημαίνει ότι οι τελευταίοι έχουν εκδημοκρατιστεί. Πάντα παρέμειναν δικτατορίες όπου τα βασανιστήρια, οι στοχευμένες δολοφονίες ενάντια στα σωζόμενα ψίχουλα της κοινωνίας των πολιτών, οι ομοφοβικές και φονταμενταλιστικές χριστιανικές πολιτικές ασκούνται συστηματικά. Επιπλέον, η αυτονομιστική ηγεσία κατέστρεψε την τοπική οικονομία με μια καθαρή πολιτική λεηλασίας, μη πληρώνοντας μισθούς στους εργαζόμενους ή παραδίδοντας τα περιουσιακά στοιχεία της χώρας σε μεγάλους καπιταλιστές της Ρωσικής Ομοσπονδίας. read full story / add a comment
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