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russia / ukraine / belarus / imperialism / war / press release Friday February 25, 2022 18:15 by Karala   image 1 image
On Thursday, 24 February, in Ankara, the capital city of Turkey, we attempted to carry out a demonstration in front of the Russian Embassy in Ankara as a response to the call for action made by anarchists in Ukraine. Even before the demonstration started, police have arrested all of our comrades, 6 in total. “Murderer state will pay!” and “State is war, war means massacre!” slogans shout during the arrest. The following statement was meant to read during the demonstration.
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“No War Between Nations! No Peace Between Classes!” A mural in Moscow promoting Autonomous Action.
russia / ukraine / belarus / imperialism / war / opinion / analysis Thursday February 24, 2022 21:35 by Avtonom   image 1 image
This statement appeared in Russian on, a media project that grew out of the libertarian communist network Autonomous Action. read full story / add a comment
venezuela / colombia / género / opinión / análisis Wednesday February 23, 2022 07:12 by ViaLibre   image 1 image
El pasado lunes 21 de febrero de 2022, la Corte Constitucional de Colombia, respondiendo a la demanda colectiva interpuesta por la campaña feminista Causa Justa, declaró, por estrecha mayoría, la legalidad de la interrupción voluntaria del embarazo en el país hasta la semana 24 de gestación (aproximadamente 5 meses y medio de embarazo). Con esta sentencia se ha logrado una gran victoria para todas las mujeres y personas con capacidad de gestar, que hoy celebramos. read full story / add a comment
Αυτή η ανακοίνωση εμφανίστηκε στα ρωσικά στο, δικτυακό ενημερωτικό τόπο του ελευθεριακού κομμουνιστικού δικτύου Αυτόνομη Δράση. read full story / add a comment
Video image released by the Russian defence ministry on 2 February, of Russian and Belarusian armoured vehicles during a joint military drills at Brestsky firing range, Belarus. Photograph: AP
international / imperialism / war / opinion / analysis Tuesday February 22, 2022 19:52 by Iswed Tiggjan   image 2 images
Both NATO and Russia must be opposed, and should war eventuate, our job is not to pick a side but to work to end the war as quickly as possible. Should war break out then the spectre of 1917 needs to be made a reality again. The best defence against imperialist wars will always be a powerful, militant working-class and the fear of revolution that brings. read full story / add a comment
russia / ukraine / belarus / imperialism / war / other libertarian press Tuesday February 22, 2022 19:25 by Various   text 6 comments (last - saturday may 06, 2023 01:13)   image 1 image
This text was composed together by several active anti-authoritarian activists from Ukraine. We do not represent one organization, but we came together to write this text and prepare for a possible war.

Besides us, the text was edited by more than ten people, including participants in the events described in the text, journalists who checked the accuracy of our claims, and anarchists from Russia, Belarus, and Europe. We received many corrections and clarifications in order to write the most objective text possible.

If war breaks out, we do not know if the anti-authoritarian movement will survive, but we will try to do so. In the meantime, this text is an attempt to leave the experience that we have accumulated online.

At the moment, the world is actively discussing a possible war between Russia and Ukraine. We need to clarify that the war between Russia and Ukraine has been going on since 2014.

But first things first. read full story / add a comment
venezuela / colombia / historia / opinión / análisis Tuesday February 22, 2022 07:08 by ViaLibre   image 1 image
Hoy como ayer, la lucha es por tierra, dignidad y libertad. read full story / add a comment
aotearoa / pacific islands / miscellaneous / opinion / analysis Sunday February 20, 2022 19:20 by Pink Panther   text 1 comment (last - wednesday march 23, 2022 11:09)   image 1 image
A look at the ongoing convoy protest in parliament grounds in Wellington, New Zealand/Aotearoa. read full story / add a comment
Ελλάδα / Τουρκία / Κύπρος / Λαϊκοί Αγώνες / Γνώμη / Ανάλυση Sunday February 20, 2022 18:29 by Αργύρης Αργυριάδης   image 1 image
Ο διπρόσωπος Ιανός για μια ακόμα φορά αποκαλύφθηκε μέσα στην α-νοησία του ναρκισσισμού και του καθωσπρεπισμού του. Η θεμελιώδης φύση του Ιανού δεν είναι πλέον υπό συζήτηση, οι μέθοδοί του είναι οργανωμένες γύρω από μια ενιαία αρχή: Το κέρδος! read full story / add a comment
international / miscellaneous / opinion/analysis Friday February 18, 2022 21:33 by Различни анархистки организации   image 1 image
Международна анархистка декларация относно пандемията COVID-19

Пандемията Ковид-19 засегна всеки аспект от човешкия живот. Тя има пагубен ефект върху физическото и психическото здраве на хората, социалните ни отношения и общностите ни, нашия поминък и свободата на придвижване. Освен това значително ограничи способността ни да организираме ефективни политически протести и укрепи контрола на държавата. read full story / add a comment
international / anarchist movement / opinion / analysis Thursday February 17, 2022 20:25 by Felipe Corrêa   image 1 image
The theoretical elements and historical experiences discussed undergird the theses developed throughout this article. Anarchists have a conception of power and a general project around it that forms their conception of class, understood in relation to a certain type of power (domination), and constitutes the foundation of their notion of social change, which is characterized by: their belief in the capacity for action of the subjects that are part of the distinct oppressed classes, their implication in the transformation of that capacity into social force, their commitment to permanent growth of this force, and their defense of a revolutionary process that allows for overcoming enemy forces and replacing the power of domination over society by a self-managing power. read full story / add a comment
Ρωσία / Ουκρανία / Λευκορωσία / Ιμπεριαλισμός / Πόλεμος / Γνώμη / Ανάλυση Monday February 14, 2022 15:41 by Δήμος Βοσινάκης*   image 1 image
Όπως κάθε παγκόσμια υπερδύναμη που σέβεται τον εαυτό της, έτσι και οι ΗΠΑ ξέρουν ότι η παραμικρή ένδειξη αδυναμίας θα δώσει κουράγιο στους ανταγωνιστές της. Τα πράγματα έχουν ζορίσει όμως και κάθε κίνηση απαιτεί ιδιαίτερη προσοχή: Οι ΗΠΑ γνωρίζουν καλά ότι οι εποχές που έκαναν ανενόχλητες τα cowboyλίκια τους έχουν περάσει ανεπιστρεπτί και βλέπουν τον «Κόκκινο Δράκο» της Κίνας να ετοιμάζεται να ανέβει στην κορυφή της πυραμίδας. Η Δύση δεν θέλει σε καμία περίπτωση να επιτευχθεί μία συμμαχία μεταξύ Κίνας και Ρωσίας διότι θα επιταχύνει τις εξελίξεις και θα αλλάξει τους συσχετισμούς στα διεθνή πράγματα. read full story / add a comment
north america / mexico / the left / review Monday February 14, 2022 06:16 by Wayne Price   image 1 image
An anarchist review of Mark R. Levin's far-right best-seller, American Marxism (2021) NY: Threshold Editions/Simon & Schuster
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uluslararası / miscellaneous / opinion/analysis Thursday February 10, 2022 17:04 by Çeşitli anarşist örgütler   image 1 image
Covid-19 pandemisi insan yaşamının her alanını etkiledi ve insanların fiziksel ve mental sağlığı, sosyal ilişkileri ve toplulukları, geçim koşullarımız ve hareket etme özgürlüğümüz üzerinde yıkıcı etkileri oldu. Ayrıca etkili siyasi eylemler örgütleme kabiliyetimizi önemli ölçüde kısıtlayarak devletin elini güçlendirdi. read full story / add a comment
internacional / miscellaneous / feature Wednesday February 09, 2022 22:21 by Várias organizações anarquistas   text 9 comments (last - friday april 28, 2023 16:34)   image 1 image
A pandemia da COVID-19 tem afetado todos os aspectos da vida humana. Tem tido um efeito devastador sobre a saúde física e mental das pessoas, sobre as relações sociais e sobre as comunidades, sobre nossos meios de subsistência e liberdade de movimento. Também reduziu significativamente nossa capacidade de organizar protestos políticos efetivos e fortaleceu o Estado. [Castellano] [English] [Français] [Italiano] [Türkçe] [български] read full story / add a comment
international / divers / opinion / analyse Tuesday February 08, 2022 23:16 by Diverses organisations anarchistes   text 1 comment (last - wednesday february 09, 2022 15:44)   image 1 image
La pandémie de COVID-19 a affecté tous les aspects de la vie humaine. Elle a eu un effet dévastateur sur la santé physique et mentale des personnes, sur les relations sociales et les communautés, sur nos moyens de subsistance et notre liberté de mouvement. Elle a également réduit de manière significative notre capacité à organiser une protestation politique efficace et a renforcé l’État.
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internazionale / vari / opinione / analisi Monday February 07, 2022 23:36 by Varie organizzazioni anarchiche
La pandemia di COVID-19 ha colpito ogni aspetto della vita umana. Ha avuto un effetto devastante sulla salute fisica e mentale delle persone, sulle relazioni sociali e sulle comunità, sui nostri mezzi di sussistenza e sulla libertà di movimento. Ha anche ridotto significativamente la nostra capacità di organizzare una protesta politica efficace e ha rafforzato lo Stato. read full story / add a comment
international / miscellaneous / opinion / analysis Monday February 07, 2022 20:50 by Various anarchist organisations   text 26 comments (last - monday january 09, 2023 02:08)   image 1 image
The Covid 19 pandemic has impacted every aspect of human life. It has had a dev-astating effect on people’s physical and mental health, social relations and communities, our livelihoods, and freedom to move about. It has also significantly curtailed our ability to organise effective political protests and strengthened the hand of the State. read full story / add a comment
internacional / miscellaneous / opinión / análisis Monday February 07, 2022 19:20 by Internacional   image 1 image
La pandemia de COVID-19 ha afectado todos los aspectos de la vida humana. Ha tenido un efecto devastador en la salud física y mental de las personas, en las relaciones sociales y las comunidades, en nuestros medios de subsistencia y en la libertad de movimiento. También ha reducido significativamente nuestra capacidad para organizar protestas políticas efectivas y esencialmente ha fortalecido el Estado. read full story / add a comment
Ελλάδα / Τουρκία / Κύπρος / Λαϊκοί Αγώνες / Ανακοίνωση Τύπου Monday February 07, 2022 04:44 by Πρωτ. Αναρχικών Αγ. Αναργύρων-Καματερού   text 1 comment (last - tuesday march 01, 2022 03:06)   image 1 image
Η αγάπη για τον αθλητισμό, ακόμα και η υποστήριξη κάποιας συγκεκριμένης ομάδας, δεν μπορεί να συμπλέει με φαινόμενα αντικοινωνικής βίας, οπαδικούς στρατούς, ανώνυμες εταιρίες, οικονομικά συμφέροντα του κεφαλαίου, μεγιστάνων, βαρώνων, λαθρέμπορων, καναλαρχών, εκδοτών κ.α. ούτε και με την αναπαραγωγή κάθε κοινωνικής σαπίλας όπως του σεξισμού και της ομοφοβίας που είναι έκδηλα στα οπαδικά τραγούδια. read full story / add a comment
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