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“A Rats' Revolution” by Diều Hâu
south-east asia / the left / feature Sunday May 09, 2021 21:13 by Vietnamese Anarchists   text 37 comments (last - monday september 12, 2022 20:51)   image 1 image
... to exist is in itself a victory, thus a role manifests itself, a role to represent the voices of Vietnamese radicals. We aim at the future working class, the youth, who are both perpetuating and oppressed by capitalism and the state so that they can break through its oppressive chains.
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mashriq / arabia / iraq / community struggles / press release Saturday October 12, 2019 14:49 by 
Kurdish-speaking Anarchists Forum (KAF)   image 1 image
We understand from the historical experiences and experiences in recent years such as what happened in Tunisia, Iran and Iraq that we must all having solidarity against racism and sectarianism and rely on self-organization and self-adminstration building in farms, work places, schools, hospitals and other social affairs. read full story / add a comment
ireland / britain / anarchist movement / other libertarian press Monday January 14, 2019 18:34 by Woke Anarchists Collective   text 1 comment (last - wednesday june 01, 2022 07:55)
Anarchism in the UK is a joke. Once symbolising hard-fought struggles for freedom, the word has been stripped bare to make way for narrow-minded, separatist and hateful identity politics by middle class activists keen to protect their own privileges. We write this leaflet to reclaim anarchism from these identity politicians. read full story / add a comment
grecia / turchia / cipro / movimento anarchico / cronaca Sunday October 25, 2015 18:21 by Anarchists   image 2 images
Ricordiamo Ali Kitapci, il primo ad organizzare la causa anarcosindacalista nella Turchia moderna. Era uno dei 14 iscritti al Sindacato Indipendente dei Trasporti che sono rimasti uccisi nell'attentato di sabato scorso. Attivo inizialmente nel movimento anarchico in Inghilterra ha continuato la sua militanza per 30 anni. Oltre alla sua battaglia da sindacalista, era stato un compagno attivo in molte organizzazioni anarchiche di Ankara nella seconda metà degli anni '80. [English] read full story / add a comment
greece / turkey / cyprus / anarchist movement / news report Tuesday October 13, 2015 22:52 by Anarchists   image 2 images
We remember Ali Kitapci, the first person to organise for the anarcho-syndicalist cause in modern Turkey. He was one of the 14 members of Independent Transportation Union killed in the Ankara bombing on Saturday. He first get involved with the anarchist movement in England and continued to be active for the last 30 years. Apart from his fight for syndicalism, he was an active member of many anarchist organisations in Ankara from the second half of 1980s. [Italiano] read full story / add a comment
mashrek / arabia / irak / imperialismo / guerra / comunicato stampa Sunday June 29, 2014 17:22 by Kurdish Anarchists Forum   image 1 image
La crisi in Iraq risale al regime di Saddam Hussein ed è proseguita con "l'attuale regime democratico" dopo l'invasione del 2003. Non c'era libertà, né giustizia sociale; nessuna uguaglianza e pochissime opportunità per coloro che erano indipendenti dai partiti al potere. Oltre alle violenze ed alle discriminazioni contro le donne e la gente comune si è creata una forbice enorme tra i ricchi ed i poveri, con i ricchi sempre più ricchi ed i poveri sempre più poveri. [English] read full story / add a comment
mashriq / arabia / iraq / imperialism / war / press release Tuesday June 24, 2014 22:25 by Kurdish Anarchists Forum   image 1 image
The Iraq crisis has been continued for decades while it has been under the power of Saddam Hussein or under the “current democratic Regime” since the invasion of 2003. There were no freedom, no social justice; no equality and also little opportunity for those who were independent from the political parties who were in power. In addition to existing brutality and discrimination against women and the ordinary people a very big gap was created between the rich and poor, making the poor even poorer and the rich richer. [Italiano] read full story / add a comment
italy / switzerland / history of anarchism / policy statement Monday September 02, 2013 19:00 by Italian Anarchists   image 1 image
The anarchist comrades held in confinement in Ventotene, after various meetings participated in by comrades from all parts of Italy, both organizers and anti-organizers, having examined the tragic situation created for the Italian people with the advent of fascism which, with its dictatorial and imperialistic reactionary policies, brought about the most terrible of wars that history will remember, causing destruction, ruin, death and misery to the country and to the people. read full story / add a comment
indonesia / philippines / australia / migration / racism / press release Saturday September 25, 2010 19:03 by Sydney Anarchists   image 1 image
“It has come to this because we have seen life lost and we believe we have to do this in order to protect our lives” – detainees in Villawood read full story / add a comment
international / community struggles / anarchist communist event Wednesday September 16, 2009 20:22 by Anarchists Against the Wall   image 1 image
Anarchists Against the Wall's aim is to stop the construction and dismantle the parts of the Israeli wall which have already been built. They have been working very intensively for over six years demonstrating and preparing for direct actions. They have joined dozens of villages all over the West Bank and participated in hundreds of actions. When in the West Bank, their actions are always joint actions with popular committees in Palestinian villages. read full story / add a comment
north america / mexico / community struggles / press release Wednesday January 21, 2009 17:47 by Anarchists Against The Wall   image 1 image
Schachaf Polakow, a member of Anarchists Against the Wall, will be touring the U.S. and Canada from February 1st to March 9th. His presentation will include film and photos, and will focus both on AATW's recent work in solidarity with Gaza and our ongoing work in the West Bank. read full story / add a comment
greece / turkey / cyprus / repression / prisoners / press release Friday December 19, 2008 19:03 by Anarchists and antiauthoritarians
Σε τρεις γλώσσες (τουρκικά, ελληνικά, αγγλικά) το κάλεσμα για τις 20 Δεκέμβρη: κινητοποίηση ενάντια στην κρατική βία στην Τουρκία ακολουθώντας το κάλεσμα της κατάληψης του Πολυτεχνείου read full story / add a comment
greece / turkey / cyprus / repression / prisoners / press release Sunday December 14, 2008 18:53 by Anarchists/Anti-authoritarians
Statement by Greek anarchists/anti-authoritarians. read full story / add a comment
greece / turkey / cyprus / repression / prisoners / press release Thursday December 11, 2008 19:09 by Melbourne Anarchists
Melbourne Anarchists attack Greek Embassy, hoist black flag. Also vigil-rally in Saturday. read full story / add a comment
mashriq / arabia / iraq / anarchist movement / news report Thursday October 23, 2008 22:41 by Jordanian Anarchists   image 1 image
Nos hemos unido con un grupo grande de izquierdistas en un movimiento llamado “Izquierda Social” que incluye algunos marxistas, anarquistas, activistas post-izquierdistas y otros. El movimiento nos ofrece una gran oportunidad: protección legal (en Jordania te caen 3 años por movimientos no autorizados), también tenemos una plaza en el comité. [Italiano] [English] read full story / add a comment
mashriq / arabia / iraq / anarchist movement / news report Wednesday October 22, 2008 18:48 by Jordanian Anarchists   image 1 image
We have joined a larger group of leftists in a movement called "the social left" which includes some Marxists, anarchists, post-left activists and others. The movement gave us a great offer: legal protection (in Jordan, 3 years in prison for non-authorized movements), and a seat in the highest committee. [Italiano] [Castellano] [Ελληνικά] read full story / add a comment
mashrek / arabia / irak / movimento anarchico / cronaca Wednesday October 22, 2008 18:39 by Jordanian Anarchists   image 1 image
Siamo entrati a far parte di un raggruppamento di sinistra, un movimento dal nome "Sinistra Sociale", che include marxisti, anarchici, attivisti post-sinistra ed altri... Il movimento ci offre due cose importante: la protezione legale (in Giordania membri di movimenti non autorizzati rischiano 3 anni di carcere) e una posizione nel comitato organizzativo. [English] read full story / add a comment
machrek / arabie / irak / luttes dans la communauté / appel / pétition Saturday August 02, 2008 20:55 by Anarchistes contre le Mur/Anarchists against the Wall
Au vu des frais judiciaires grandissants de la lutte contre l’occupation menée conjointement par les Israéliens et les Palestiniens et au vu des poursuites judiciaire toujours plus importantes contre les militant-e-s palestiniens, nous nous voyons dans l’obligation d’envoyer cet appel urgent à nous soutenir financièrement. read full story / add a comment
Άμεση έκκληση για οικονομική ενίσχυση! read full story / add a comment
maschrek / arabische halbinsel / irak / gemeinschaftliche kämpfe / aufruf / petition Tuesday July 22, 2008 04:38 by Anarchists Against the Wall
Israel, Anarchists Against the WAll (AATW) Aufruf: Helft uns dabei den gemeinsamen Kampf weiterzuführen ---- Mit der ansteigenden staatlichen Verfolgung von palestinänsischen Demonstranten_innen, beginnt die AATW-Initiative jetzt mit dem Sammeln von Spendengeldern um ihre schon vorhandenen Fonds zu erweitern, sodass auch palestinänsische Demonstranten_innen bei androhender Haft, Verletzung oder Verfolgung einen Teil unserer Mittel mitnutzen können. Dies ist eine Addition zu den Schulden von 15.000 US-Dollar, welche aus z.B. den Gerichtsverfahren israelischer Anti-Mauer-Demonstranten_innen resultierten.

Wir bitten euch den folgenden Aufruf zu lesen und eine Spende abzugeben, damit wir den Kampf weiterführen können! read full story / add a comment
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