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Violence begets terrorism, terrorism begets the State and the State begets terrorism

category indonesia / philippines / australia | imperialism / war | opinion / analysis author Thursday December 01, 2005 07:45author by Jack Grancharoff Report this post to the editors

People have to seriously look at the historical role of the State in order to grasp the functions of political and economic powers, of political parties and hierarchies to comprehend that terror is a means to dominate, to coerce, to violate and create a psychosis of fear and thus paralyse and kill any initiative for a free, independent and equal society.

Violence begets terrorism, terrorism begets the State and the State begets terrorism.

It is the State that owns the weapons of mass destruction and the weapons of legal coercion. The guillotine of death has always belonged to the State. It is the State that possesses, fabricates, sells, perfects and stores weapons of mass destruction: smart bombes, depleted uranium, genetically modified viruses, chemical, biological and psychological tools of terror. .

There is no difference between rogue and non-rogue States. Each State develops weapons of defence, euphemism for terror, in the name of security, territorial integrity, cultural values, well-being, freedom, nationality and ethnicity synthesized as generalized security of the people. In essence it is coercion, imposition, regimentation and enslavement of the people itself in the interests of capital and the ruling classes. The rogue State is an invention of the virulently aggressive USA Capitalism, to serve its purposes, using terror and fear to enforce obedience to its unfettered geo-political imperialist expansions and to subdue any State to its economical, moral and political dictates. The war in Iraq is a grim reminder to those who have remained recalcitrant to this U.S.A.’s Global adventure. .

The difference between State terrorism and the terrorism of desperate individuals is that the latter is a product of a mentality boom of an environment of abject poverty, of emotional oppression, intellectual abuses, fear, insecurity and terror by the rogue power of the State. .

State terrorism is omnipotent, rational, teleological, pervasive, and, above all, the only legal tool of coercion. Even if it is clad in «liberal» ideologies, its aim is to enforce social control, to uphold the established ideology, to defend the ruling classes and capital. Any rebellion against the norms of capitalism is to be crushed, the free flow of multinational capital guaranteed and to the most barbaric policy of the U.S.A established. The radical assertion of the anti-globalization movement and any protest against capitalism are to be fragmented, criminalized and suppressed. The Global Village which people are enticed to is the Glass House of humanity where community, society and individuals are controlled phenomena subservient and functional to the New Imperial Order. Any opposition to its universality, including any State, has to kneel before the New Imperial Order both voluntarily or by economic sanctions, bribery, coup d’etat, incursion, invasion or occupation. .

By criminalising dissent, on the basis that it is a breeding ground of terrorism, and by marginalizing freedom, on the basis that it spreads terrorist activities, the State enters into its totalitarian stage. The nightmare of the night of the long knives, midnight or early morning knocks at the door, kidnapping or vanishing without a trace and the evaporation of «undesirable» beings is haunting us. Big Brother transmutes into the first Pope of universal capitalism with his seat in the Pentagon. .

An Israeli, a certain Sergio Yahni, said that Israel is engaged in a Dirty War against Palestinians. So is the war of the Axis of the Willing against the Axis of Evil. Evil is demonised to justify the diabolic crimes committed by the Axis of the Willing. But has there ever been a clean war? No war is clean’ All wars are dirty and evil. They devastate cities, monuments and culture and slaughter people in order to open vast opportunities for profiteers and transnationals to amass fortunes, but for the people they remain a pestilence and a curse because it is the people who are the real casualties. War; be it democratic, socialistic, patriotic, local or global, is nothing else but an act of terror. Terror to extend the power of domination, to liquidate rivals, to cleanse or incorporate ethnicity, to control the resources of wealth, to conquer and appropriate the riches produced by the masses. Wars are good only for warmongers and merchants of death, because they give them significance, power, money and privileges. .

Nonetheless, there is a ‘Clean War’. Its players wear white gloves and sit in spacious, comfortable offices. They masturbate with sterilized buttons and in the spasm of excitement press various buttons to see the visual effect of their guided pricks, the smart bombs, penetrating the viscera of the earth and transforming cities and mountains into rubble, forests into charcoal and humans into ashes. This is virtual pleasure for elite forces, generals, Special Services and politicians in White Houses or palaces, but for the people, there are real funeral processions of suffering, rivers of tears, displacement, blood and graves. Guernica, but this time caused not by the Condor Division but by the Pentagon. The 200.000 buried by Desert Storm were not important. Their lips were sealed in the mass graves and dust settled on dust. Today Desert Storm is accompanied by ‘enduring freedom’, ‘anti-terrorism’ and ‘infinite justice’. .

G.W. Bush is pursuing his Dad’s Army policy. Massive military attacks on Iraq to make it free and install democracy or more. Precisely to bring it to its knees. In order to do this the USA appropriates sovereign authority over Iraq. .

The saintly prattles of Bush in his addresses to the Nation and to the world that the USA had to invade Iraq because the latter was a threat to its security and a danger to humanity, was a con job of the oil Barons. Claiming that Iraq was dying, by the evil it inflicted on its own people, Bush called on Iraqis not to fight for a dying regime. But if the regime was dying why did the USA and its willing sheriffs, have to marshal such a formidable force to defeat a dying regime? Why not let it to die its natural death? Why unleash such an apocalyptic terror and massacre the innocent? But those ‘who are not with us are against us’, therefore, they are terrorists and ‘terrorists have no respect for values’. .

War, the triumph of violence over reason, of terror over peace, is a dirty adventure. So are the scientists who. provide and perfect the government’s murderous machine with the lethal weapons of mass destruction to perform precision surgical operations. Operations, by intelligent, smart bombs and missiles, are performed on the enemy to remove all organs that make a society functional and independent and reduce it to a commercial commodity functional to the Global Empire. .

To achieve this aim the political arm of Global Capitalism, the USA, solemnly proclaims a permanent war against dissent, against any humanity that refuses to accept the dictates of the self proclaimed Saviour. Thus the eagles of the Empire pour the brimstones of Hell over the heads of those who oppose the Prophet of Righteousness and the Coalition of the Willing. The Christian jihad and the jihad of Mohamed enact the death march of Civilisation. This is the apocalyptical vision of post-modem capitalism. .

Herodotus was proven wrong in his claim that history is the teacher of the people. On the contrary, history repeats itself. History is an edited version of the truth. It is a chronology of epics of power, a gallery of rulers, monuments of conquerors, killers, oppressor and a saga of cruelties and wars. Now we are served the final menu of the virtue of wars: a permanent war to establish a permanent peace by oppression and freedom by terror. In fact history is a story of the ruling classes: a story of opulence, fetishism of violence, social Darwinism and a story of the world’s permanent misery. .

History is a journey of power metamorphoses. Power to dominate, to exploit and to manipulate in order to enslave and rob the masses of the product of their labour, that is, to appropriate the surplus value. All attempts of the underdogs to rebel against the system are drowned in their own blood. And history will remain such: a story of rulers, unless people clean up the ideological mould in their brains accumulated by centuries of domination and fear. .

People have to seriously look at the historical role of the State in order to grasp the functions of political and economic powers, of political parties and hierarchies to comprehend that terror is a means to dominate, to coerce, to violate and create a psychosis of fear and thus paralyse and kill any initiative for a free, independent and equal society. Since war is the health of the State and the State a vehicle of terrorism, the centralization of weapons of mass destruction in hands of the global super power, the USA, is the acme of super terrorism. .

Article by Jack Grancharoff Included in his recently published pamphlet “What We Take For Granted”
“What we take for granted” is written by Jack Grancharoff. For orders by donation and more details write to: P.O. BOX 6012, Quaama, NSW 2550, Australia.

author by Amdrew - Anarkismopublication date Thu Dec 01, 2005 21:17author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Presuming this is not a pseudonym the author is a Bulgarian anarchist who fled stalinism in the 1950's. More on him at the link

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