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Russia / Ukraine / Belarus

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russia / ukraine / belarus / imperialism / war Saturday February 26, 2022 21:41 by Various anarchist organisations
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International anarchist statement

A proclamation by Russian President, Vladimir Putin, gave the green light for Russia's military invasion of Ukraine. Putin claims that Russia's act of war against Ukraine is aimed at supporting the Russian-occupied Crimea and the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics in Ukraine, which is flirting with NATO membership at Western instigation. On Tuesday, 22 February, Russia recognised the independence of its informal protectorates in Donbas, exacerbating existing tensions with the Euro-Atlantic axis that supports the Ukrainian regime.

The Russian army is pounding the entire Ukrainian territory with bombardments. The first casualties of the imperialist war are a fact. The only losers from the war are to be the world working class, especially the proletarians of Ukraine and Russia. They are the ones destined to be the cannon fodder of the states and the capitalists.

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russia / ukraine / belarus / history of anarchism Monday March 01, 2021 19:09 by Various anarchist organisations
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100 Years Since the Kronstadt Uprising: To Remember Means to Fight!

On 1 March, 1921, the Kronstadt Soviet rose in revolt against the regime of the Russian “Communist” Party. The Civil War was effectively over, with the last of the White armies in European Russia defeated in November, 1920. The remaining battles in Siberia and Central Asia were over the territorial extent of what would become the USSR the following year. Economic conditions, though, remained dire. In response, strikes broke out across Petrograd in February, 1921. The sailors of Kronstadt sent a delegation to investigate the strikes.

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[Watch] The Kronstadt Uprising – Ida Mett. Introduction by Murray Bookchin

[Participate] ACG Public Meeting: The Kronstadt Revolt 1921: The Crushing of the Flower of the Revolution

russia / ucraina / bielorussia / genero Saturday May 13, 2017 00:40 by Alternativa Libertaria/fdca
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Solidarietà con le vittime di omofobia in Cecenia e non solo


rusia / ucrania / bielorrusia / movimiento anarquista Thursday April 20, 2017 18:53 by Revolución Internacional / World Revolution
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Mikola Dziadok es un joven militante libertario, abogado y escritor de Bielorrusia. Es parte de la alianza "Revolución Internacional / World Revolution - Прамень 'Pramen'" y colabora con nosotr@s traduciendo textos y ensayos al ruso y bielorruso sobre autogobiernos, procesos comunitarios y movimientos sociales en el mundo, así como de historia, ciencias sociales y pensamiento crítico, temáticas que han atraído desde Latinoamérica el interés de muchas organizaciones y compañeros de Europa.


russia / ukraine / belarus / anarchist movement Saturday August 09, 2014 15:26 by Autonomous Action
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The Revolutionary Confederation of Anarcho-Syndicalists - N. I. Makhno (Революционная конфедерация анархо-синдикалистов им. Н. И. Махно), established in Ukraine in 1994, was one of the most famous anarchist organizations which emerged from the former Soviet Union. Platformist in essence, the organization managed to assemble a cohort of vigorous activists who wanted to adopt a strategic and responsible approach to the question of achieving a libertarian society.

The RKAS survived many troubles, it was involved in the miners' strike and had several long-tem projects, but it was not without its internal squabbles and splits. Over the past year, however, the organization has been heard from less and less. To find out what had happened to the RKAS, and also hear their opinion on the current events in Ukraine, our Russia-based comrades of Autonomous Action interviewed a comrade from the RKAS, Samurai.



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Russia / Ukraine / Belarus

Sun 04 Jun, 19:37

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