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international / miscellaneous Monday May 01, 2023 21:08 by European anarchist organizations
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Social anarchism understands that empowered peoples cannot expect substantial improvements in their lives through parliamentary struggle. On the contrary, in times of scarcity authoritarian monsters grow. Right-wing ideology pretends to use the diversity of the working class to single out groups to hate: immigrants, the LGTBI community, Romani and Sinto people or even feminism or environmentalism.



greece / turkey / cyprus / miscellaneous Wednesday February 15, 2023 21:43 by International anarchist organisations
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The earthquakes of 6 February and their aftershocks have devastated entire regions. The death toll is in the tens of thousands and continues to rise. Access to water, electricity, gas, food and other basic necessities is reduced or non-existent for millions of people.

Our comrades in anarchist organisations, grassroots unions and popular organisations are working together and are directly involved in the relief efforts.

We are now launching a fundraising drive to support the work of these organisations.

[Castellano] [Português] [Italiano] [Deutsch] [Türkçe] [Français]

internacional / miscellaneous Wednesday February 09, 2022 22:21 by Várias organizações anarquistas
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A pandemia da COVID-19 tem afetado todos os aspectos da vida humana. Tem tido um efeito devastador sobre a saúde física e mental das pessoas, sobre as relações sociais e sobre as comunidades, sobre nossos meios de subsistência e liberdade de movimento. Também reduziu significativamente nossa capacidade de organizar protestos políticos efetivos e fortaleceu o Estado.

[Castellano] [English] [Français] [Italiano] [Türkçe] [български]

international / miscellaneous Wednesday October 13, 2021 18:54 by International Labour Research and Information Group
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This booklet is a tool to introduce activists to what capitalism is, how it functions and in whose interests, how society is divided into different classes with differences in power and interests, what role the state plays, and how the state functions in the interests of capitalism and the ruling class.

Part 1: Capitalism and anti-capitalism aims to help activists deepen their understanding of the system we live under, how a majority of people are exploited, and how and why a majority of people face forms of oppression. It can also be used as a basis for activists to analyse why they face the problems they do, and the deeper reasons for these problems.

Part 2: Popular Organisation looks specifically at building a movement. Both new and seasoned activists can use this booklet to think more deeply about the elements, values, principles and practices of movement building.


internacional / miscellaneous Monday September 13, 2021 18:13 by ViaLibre
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En este texto se presenta una breve reflexión, elaborada desde una perspectiva anarquista, sobre la reciente situación socio política en Afganistán. Se presenta así un análisis de la ofensiva de la insurgencia fundamentalista, el fin de la ocupación estadounidense, los 40 años de guerra civil e intervención imperialista y la necesidad de solidarizarse con los refugiados y apoyar la resistencia popular.

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Thu 01 Jun, 02:14

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