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East Africa

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east africa / anarchist movement Wednesday August 23, 2023 18:19 by International anarchist organisations
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Our anarchist comrades are still in sudan and were hoping to be able to continue their agitation activities there clandestinely. We provided financial aid before the war and even at the beginning. But the situation has become untenable and no longer allows for any social or political activity. Some members of the group decided to leave the country as quickly as possible after their house was ransacked by the rsf. Others have decided to stay for the time being, and we are trying to help them too.

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east africa / miscellaneous Friday March 04, 2005 23:44 by Chekov Feeney
It is a grave error for anarchists to fall into the trap of attributing the chaos and instability of some modern African nations as being due to the weakness of the state.The imposition of artificial states which coresponded to no conceivable 'nation' and which were based on no strong local bourgeois and no large middle class meant that these states could never have been stable bourgeois democracies.
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East Africa

Wed 24 Jul, 18:14

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