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Anarchist movement

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east africa / anarchist movement Wednesday August 23, 2023 18:19 by International anarchist organisations
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Our anarchist comrades are still in sudan and were hoping to be able to continue their agitation activities there clandestinely. We provided financial aid before the war and even at the beginning. But the situation has become untenable and no longer allows for any social or political activity. Some members of the group decided to leave the country as quickly as possible after their house was ransacked by the rsf. Others have decided to stay for the time being, and we are trying to help them too.

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international / anarchist movement Friday August 12, 2022 23:44 by Felipe Corrêa
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Felipe Corrêa

The steady revival of organized Anarchism in the anglosphere has led to a re-engagement with the fundamental strategic questions of Anarchism. In what way should a revolutionary organization be structured? How should a revolutionary organization struggle for reforms? What role does the revolutionary organization play in the revolutionary process? In grappling with these questions the most novel contemporary insights have undoubtedly come from the Anarchist movement in Latin America, where the tradition of organized, class struggle anarchism was growing and successfully struggling whilst in the anglosphere it was languishing in a long period of decline.

In the spirit of clarifying and spreading the debates of Latin American Anarchism to the anglosphere, I contacted Felipe Correa in early 2022 and asked him questions that various comrades had raised during reading groups and informal discussions concerning the tendency – questions that could not be easily answered by the texts available to us. His extensive response to my questions, ranging from the notion of power, the role of organizations, and the relation between Anarchism and class politics, offers valuable and unique insight into this important tendency.


internacional / movimiento anarquista Thursday May 19, 2022 21:02 by Varias organizaciones anarquistas
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Primero de Mayo 2022

1 de mayo de 1886! Hoy hace 136 años que la clase obrera estadounidense creó una experiencia invaluable para las próximas luchas de las clases trabajadoras de todo el mundo al decir "¡esta lucha es nuestra última lucha!". Ella sigue siendo una victoria hoy por hoy. La exigencia de "8 horas para trabajar, 8 horas para dormir, 8 horas para lo que queramos" para reemplazar las 16 horas de trabajo y los ataques del capitalismo contra las vidas de las clases trabajadoras en el siglo XIX se convirtió en una huelga general en Estados Unidos. La huelga general ha sido una de las armas más significativas de la acción anarquista como una ganancia para la historia de la lucha de clases.

La lucha por las 8 horas nunca ha sido vista como una simple petición de reforma por parte de los anarquistas. Los y las anarquistas lucharon para reemplazarla por una revolución social con la afirmación: "independientemente de nuestra jornada de trabajo, sea de 2 horas o de 8 horas, este tiempo es esclavitud si trabajamos para los patrones".

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international / anarchist movement Friday December 31, 2021 06:06 by Felipe Corrêa
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Anarchist Theory and History in Global Perspective

The objective of this article is to present a summary of research carried out for some years, which culminated in the publication of the book Bandeira Negra: rediscutindo o anarquismo [Black Flag: Rediscussing Anarchism].[1] As part of a collective process of global research on anarchism, developed by researchers from different parts of the world within the Institute for Anarchist Theory and History (IATH), this book has a general objective: to answer the following question in depth, what is anarchism?

yunanistan / türkiye / kıbrıs / anarşist hareketin Monday April 12, 2021 03:30 by Devrimci Anarşist Federasyon
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Adalet ve özgürlüğün iki yüz yıllık mücadelesidir anarşizm. Bireyin ve toplumun iktidarlı ilişkilerine, halkların düşmanı devlete, halkları sömüren kapitalizme karşı koyuştur anarşizm. İsyanlarla delik deşik olmuş beş bin yıllık devletli dünyanın karşısındaki yüz bin yıllık devletsiz dünyaya dayanır gerçekliği. Bu gerçekliğin gücüyle anarşizm iktidarı yıkacak, adalet ve özgürlük için iktidarsız yaşamı yaratacaktır.

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Anarchist movement

Sun 19 May, 15:08

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