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Story Title Comment Author Comment Posted
Zabalaza no.14 Out Now berlyneaston29 3:59pm S25
Book Review: 'Why We Fight' Arlene J. Chave 3:42pm S24
Equality and freedom are not to be debated! Madison W. 11:08pm S23
[Mozambique] A more complex reality in Cabo Delgado Roberty 11:05pm S23
Meurtre de Clément Méric : l’enjeu politique du procès en appel Terry 9:21pm S22
Nigeria and the Hope of the #EndSARS Protests evernn 11:49am S22
[Colombia] Municipio de Piedras, Tolima, dice no a la megaminería namboru 6:36pm S17
Gleichheit und Freiheit stehen nicht zur Debatte! namboru 6:30pm S17
The Broken Promises of Vietnam Joseph 2:02am S17
South Africa: Historic rupture or warring brothers again? Joseph 1:22am S17
Press release in support to the House of Mesopotamia after the attack Joseph 12:47am S17
Colombia’s democratic facade is crumbling to pieces Joseph 12:13am S17
The experiment of West Kurdistan (Syrian Kurdistan) has proved that people can make changes Robert 10:36pm A29
Movie Review: 'Resistance' (2020) Davidson 7:40am A25
Is China Africa's new imperialist power? Form Chinese Pe 11:14pm A15
Price on Laursen, 'The Operating System: An Anarchist Theory of the Modern State' Wayne Price 6:06am A14
Communiqué de soutien après l’attaque de la maison de la Mésopotamie Jan De Neys 5:43pm M25
Especifismo: The Anarchist Praxis of Building Popular Movements and Revolutionary Organization El Pharaon 5:41pm M23
Why the Jews? Wayne 10:32am M23
Γκούσταβ Λαντάουερ «Η Επανάσταση» Räm 8:49am M19
An account on the current events in Palestine Ilan Shalif 5:25pm M13
Venezuela, Socialism to the Highest Bidder Kevin 3:51pm A8
Piştgirîye Daxuyanîya Çapemenî ji bo Êrîşek Hatîye li ser Xanîyê Mezopotamya Swarcht Katze 7:40pm A6
Did the System Work? Aftermath of the 2020 Election Wayne 7:18am F10
A Conference of the "National Anarchists" Wayne 2:02pm D2
How Do We Stop a Coup? Wayne Price 8:09am O30
A libertarian socialist view of the capitalist and health crisis in the Americas Prophet2022 12:39am A31
Solidarity with the Struggle of the Mapuche People Eepa 5:16am A9
Mary Trump on the Political Psychopathology of President Donald Wayne 5:02am A3
Solidarity with the Struggle of North American People! mazen kamalmaz 1:25am J6
Some of My Past Political Mistakes Mike Harris 6:01am M12
How Did Socialists Respond to the Advent of Fascism? Wayne Price 8:01am M5
Are Anarchists Socialists? elias 4:25am F28
Trump’s Betrayal Of Ypg – Paris Commune Falls Again? KA 10:53pm D27
Nelson Mandela SamFanto 12:48am D17
Poder y Anarquismo René 6:20pm D14
Alex Pirie R.I.P José Antonio Gu 5:15am N27
Breve reflexão sobre a Bolívia a partir do golpe de Estado de 10 de novembro de 2019 Mazen kamalmaz 6:21pm N20
It's Going Down (A Rabbit Hole in Rojava) WEB 1:00pm N4
Solidarity for Afrin and Rojava against the Turkey State Wayne Price 8:03am O19

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