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indonesia / philippines / australia / anarchist movement / press release Tuesday May 10, 2022 - 18:56 by MACG   image 1 image
We don’t support running in elections or campaigning for them, but some Socialists are wasting their resources doing just that. Because none of them are in any danger of being elected this time around, the MACG considers that it’s possible to give them a principled vote (though it would be different if any might win – they would have to pass the test above). Such a vote is symbolic: you’re putting up your hand for Socialism and against capitalism. It’s a small gesture which you can make without compromising yourself. But we still think it was a mistake for honest Socialists to run. ... read full story / add a comment
Διεθνή / Αναρχικό κίνημα / Ανακοίνωση Τύπου Saturday May 07, 2022 - 23:58 by Διάφορες αναρχικές οργανώσεις
Πρώτη Μαΐου 1886! Σήμερα, πριν από 136 χρόνια, η αμερικανική εργατική τάξη δημιούργησε μια ανεκτίμητη εμπειρία για τους μετέπειτα αγώνες των εργατικών τάξεων σε όλο τον κόσμο, λέγοντας "αυτός ο αγώνας είναι ο τελευταίος μας αγώνας!". Παραμένει μια νίκη μέχρι σήμερα. Το αίτημα "8 ώρες δουλειά, 8 ώρες ξεκούραση, 8 ώρες για ό,τι θέλουμε" για να αντικαταστήσει τις 16 ώρες εργασίας και τις επιθέσεις του καπιταλισμού που στόχευαν τις ζωές των εργατικών τάξεων τότε, τον 19ο αιώνα, έγινε γενική απεργία στην Αμερική. Η γενική απεργία ήταν ένα από τα σημαντικότερα όπλα της αναρχικής δράσης που συνέβαλε στην ιστορία της ταξικής πάλης. ... read full story / add a comment
uluslararası / anarşist hareketin / press release Friday May 06, 2022 - 23:54 by Çeşitli anarşist örgütler   image 1 image
1 Mayıs 1886! 136 yıl önce Amerika işçi sınıfının “bu kavga en sonuncu kavgamızdır artık!” diyerek başlattığı mücadele, ardında tüm dünya işçi sınıfı için paha biçilemez bir deneyim ve zafer bıraktı. 19. Yüzyılda 16 saate kadar varan çalışma sürelerine ve kapitalizmin, işçi sınıfının yaşamını hedef alan saldırılarına karşılık “8 saat iş, 8 saat uyku, 8 saat canımız ne isterse” talebi, 1 Mayıs 1886’da tüm Amerika’da bir genel greve dönüştü. Genel Grev, anarşist hareketin sınıf mücadelesi tarihine kazandırdığı en önemli silahlardan biriydi.

8 saat mücadelesi, anarşistler tarafından hiçbir zaman basit bir reform talebi olarak görülmedi. “Patronlar için çalışıyorsak, 2 saat çalışmak da köleliktir, 8 saat çalışmak da” diyen anarşistler, 8 saat mücadelesini toplumsal devrim mücadelesine dönüştürmek için mücadele ettiler.
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internacional / movimiento anarquista / comunicado de prensa Tuesday May 03, 2022 - 22:45 by Varias organizaciones anarquistas   image 1 image
1 de mayo de 1886! Hoy hace 136 años que la clase obrera estadounidense creó una experiencia invaluable para las próximas luchas de las clases trabajadoras de todo el mundo al decir "¡esta lucha es nuestra última lucha!". Ella sigue siendo una victoria hoy por hoy. La exigencia de "8 horas para trabajar, 8 horas para dormir, 8 horas para lo que queramos" para reemplazar las 16 horas de trabajo y los ataques del capitalismo contra las vidas de las clases trabajadoras en el siglo XIX se convirtió en una huelga general en Estados Unidos. La huelga general ha sido una de las armas más significativas de la acción anarquista como una ganancia para la historia de la lucha de clases. La lucha por las 8 horas nunca ha sido vista como una simple petición de reforma por parte de los anarquistas. Los y las anarquistas lucharon para reemplazarla por una revolución social con la afirmación: "independientemente de nuestra jornada de trabajo, sea de 2 horas o de 8 horas, este tiempo es esclavitud si trabajamos para los patrones". [English] ... read full story / add a comment
international / anarchist movement / press release Tuesday May 03, 2022 - 22:39 by Various anarchist organisations   image 1 image
1st of May, 1886! 136 years ago today, the American working class created a priceless experience for the upcoming struggles of the working classes of the whole world by saying “this fight is our last fight!”. It remains a victory till our time. The demand of “8 hours for work, 8 hours for sleep, 8 hours for whatever we want” to replace the 16 hours of work and the assaults of capitalism which targeted the lives of the working classes then in the 19th century turned into a general strike in America. General strike has been one of the most significant weapons of the anarchist action as an earning to the history of the class struggle. For anarchists, the struggle for 8 hours has never been seen as a simple request for reform. Anarchists fought to replace it with a social revolution, with the claim that “Regardless of our working time, whether it be 2 hours or 8 hours, it is slavery if we work for bosses”. [Castellano] ... read full story / add a comment
international / workplace struggles / press release Sunday May 01, 2022 - 19:17 by MACG   image 1 image
The crisis of capitalism won’t resolve itself.  No government can save us. Only the working class can end it for the better. We need to make a revolution.  We need to overthrow capitalism and build libertarian communism, worldwide.  For this, the labour movement needs to be built anew.  We need to organise in the workplace and rebuild our unions from the ground up.  We need direct democratic control, with delegates held to mandates, and a consistent federalist structure. The practices by which we build our movement will be the ones that form the basis of the new society.  And we need to do it now, because time is short. ... read full story / add a comment
international / imperialism / war / press release Monday April 25, 2022 - 19:55 by MACG   image 1 image
Australia’s militaristic national myth was founded on the Gallipoli landing.  The dead Anzacs are conscripted for service in all of Australia’s wars.  They have sanctified Australian imperialism in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan.  This year, the national commemoration of the Anzacs will be in the service of the developing conflict with China and the drive to war.  It must not be uncontested. ... read full story / add a comment
Διεθνή / Μετανάστευση / Ρατσισμός / Ανακοίνωση Τύπου Friday March 18, 2022 - 17:34 by ΕΣΕ   image 1 image
Να ανοίξουμε τη συζήτηση για ένα διεθνή συντονισμό ενάντια στα κέντρα κράτησης. Να αγωνιστούμε ενάντια στους πολέμους και το ρατσισμό μέχρι το κλείσιμο και του τελευταίου κολαστηρίου. Κάθε δράση από μια απλή ανακοίνωση, ένα βίντεο, μια συγκέντρωση ή μια διαδήλωση είναι μια πολλή σημαντική βοήθεια για εμάς. ... read full story / add a comment
russia / ukraine / belarus / imperialism / war / press release Tuesday March 15, 2022 - 19:04 by KAF
جەنگ [هەموو جۆرە جەنگەکان] بە جەنگی ئایینی و نەتەوەیی، جەنگی نێوان دەوڵەتان و کۆمپانییە جیهانخۆرەکان دژ بە مرۆڤی چەوساوەیە، لێدانە لە پێداویستیی ژیانی چەوساوان، لێدانە لە وزە و توانای ئەوان، بۆ ملکەچکردنی ئەوانە بۆ ستەمی زۆرداران و دەسەڵاتخوازان و سەرمایەداران.

نا بۆ جەنگ و کوشتار و سەروەریی
بەڵێ بۆ هاوپشتی و تێکۆشانی شۆڕشگەرانەی چەوساوان دژ بە سەروەریی چینایەتی
جەنگی ئێمە دژی سەروەران و کۆمپانییەکانیان جەنگێکی کۆمەڵایەتیی جیهانییە
... read full story / add a comment
russia / ukraine / belarus / imperialism / war / press release Tuesday March 15, 2022 - 19:01 by KAF
War, all kinds of wars, religious and national wars, wars between states and global corporations are all against oppressed people, it attacks their living means, it attacks their will and ability, in order to subjugate them to the will of oppressors, to the will of the authorities, the capitalists.
No to war, killing, and authority
Yes to the support and struggle of the oppressed revolutionaries against the class domination.
Our war against the rulers and their capitalist corporations is a global social war.
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france / belgique / luxembourg / impérialisme / guerre / communiqué de presse Friday March 11, 2022 - 04:37 by Union Communiste Libertaire   text 1 comment (last - sunday april 03, 2022 - 23:22)   image 1 image
Depuis le 24 février, début de l’intervention militaire russe en Ukraine, les témoignages de solidarité se multiplient à travers le monde envers les réfugié·es ukrainien·nes. Comme toujours, la guerre amène avec elle son cortège macabre de mort·es et de populations obligé·es de fuir les bombes, les exactions et les carnages. La guerre impérialiste de l’État russe n’y fait pas exception. ... read full story / add a comment
internazionale / genero / comunicato stampa Wednesday March 09, 2022 - 01:34 by Varie organizzazioni anarchiche
Più di cento anni fa, l'8 marzo 1917, le lavoratrici di San Pietroburgo (Russia) scioperarono e manifestarono per il pane e la pace, partecipando così all'inizio di uno storico movimento rivoluzionario. In quel periodo, l'8 marzo come giorno di lotta per i diritti delle donne cominciò ad essere commemorato frequentemente.
Nel 2022, le donne sono ancora uno dei settori più oppressi dell'umanità, insieme alle minoranze di genere che cercano di superare la binarietà di genere. Questa situazione si verifica in ogni ambito sociale: sul lavoro, a casa, nella crisi sanitaria o in situazioni di guerra. Proprio per questo la rivolta delle donne potrebbe rovesciare gli stati, il capitalismo e il dominio razzista e patriarcale. ... read full story / add a comment
internacional / género / comunicado de prensa Tuesday March 08, 2022 - 23:57 by Varias organizaciones anarquistas   image 1 image
Hace más de un siglo, el 8 de marzo de 1917 las mujeres trabajadoras de San Petersburgo (Rusia) hicieron una huelga y se manifestaron por el pan y por la paz, impulsando entonces un movimiento histórico revolucionario. Es en esa época que el 8 de marzo como día de lucha por los derechos y libertades de las mujeres empieza a ser conmemorado.
Así pues en el año 2022, las mujeres y disidencias seguimos siendo una de las partes de la sociedad más oprimida. Así sucede y ha sucedido en el trabajo, en el hogar, en la crisis sanitaria o en las situaciones de guerra. Por este motivo nuestro levantamiento podría derribar los Estados, el capitalismo y la dominación patriarcal y racista. ... read full story / add a comment
international / gender / press release Tuesday March 08, 2022 - 23:50 by Several anarchist organisations   image 1 image
More than a hundred years ago, on March 8, 1917, the women workers of St. Petersburg (Russia) went on strike and demonstrated for bread and peace, thus playing part in the inception of an historic revolutionary movement. Around that time, the 8th of March as a day of struggle for women's rights began to be commemorated frequently.
In 2022, women are still one of the most oppressed sectors of humanity, alongside with gender minorities which try to overcome gender binarity. This situation takes places in every social sphere: at work, at home, in the health crisis or in war situations. This is exactly why women's uprising could topple states, capitalism and racist and patriarchal domination. ... read full story / add a comment
Ελλάδα / Τουρκία / Κύπρος / Φύλο / Ανακοίνωση Τύπου Tuesday March 08, 2022 - 23:16 by Several anarchist organisations   image 1 image
Ο παλιός κόσμος καταπιέζει τις γυναίκες και τις έμφυλες μειονότητες. Η δύναμή τους θα τον καταστρέψει! Πριν από 100 και πλέον χρόνια, στις 8 Μαρτίου 1917, οι εργάτριες της Αγίας Πετρούπολης απεργούσαν και διαδήλωναν για ψωμί και ειρήνη, συμμετέχοντας έτσι στην απαρχή ενός ιστορικού επαναστατικού κινήματος. Εκείνη την εποχή, η 8η Μαρτίου ως ημέρα αγώνα για τα δικαιώματα των γυναικών άρχισε να τιμάται συχνά.

Το 2022 οι γυναίκες εξακολουθούν να αποτελούν μια από τις πιο καταπιεσμένες ομάδες της ανθρωπότητας, μαζί με τις έμφυλες μειονότητες που προσπαθούν να υπερνικήσουν τη δυαδικότητα των φύλων. Η κατάσταση αυτή παρατηρείται σε κάθε κοινωνική σφαίρα: στην εργασία, στο σπίτι, στην υγειονομική κρίση ή στις πολεμικές καταστάσεις. Αυτός ακριβώς είναι ο λόγος για τον οποίο η εξέγερση των γυναικών θα μπορούσε να ανατρέψει τα κράτη, τον καπιταλισμό, τη ρατσιστική και πατριαρχική κυριαρχία. ... read full story / add a comment
russie / ukraine / biélorussie / impérialisme / guerre / communiqué de presse Thursday March 03, 2022 - 16:10 by Diverses organisations anarchistes   image 1 image
Déclaration anarchiste internationale contre la guerre impérialiste et l'invasion russe en Ukraine, datée du 25/02/2022. Également disponible sur ce site en anglais, castillan, italien et portugais. ... read full story / add a comment
Ρωσία / Ουκρανία / Λευκορωσία / Ιμπεριαλισμός / Πόλεμος / Ανακοίνωση Τύπου Monday February 28, 2022 - 16:35 by Αναρχικές οργανώσεις από την Αυστραλία   image 1 image
Ο πόλεμος είναι πραγματικά φρικτός, αλλά όπως όλες οι άλλες καπιταλιστικές κρίσεις, περιέχει τη δυνατότητα να πυροδοτήσει τα είδη των κοινωνικών εξεγέρσεων που ανατρέπουν ολόκληρα καθεστώτα. Πριν από έναν αιώνα η Ρωσία συμμετείχε σε έναν καταστροφικό, αιματηρό πόλεμο. Τελείωσε με μια επανάσταση της εργατικής τάξης που σόκαρε ολόκληρο τον κόσμο. Εναπόκειται στη διεθνή εργατική τάξη να διασφαλίσει ότι αυτός ο σημερινός πόλεμος θα τελειώσει με τον ίδιο τρόπο. ... read full story / add a comment
russia / ukraine / belarus / imperialism / war / press release Monday February 28, 2022 - 16:27 by Australian a/c organisations   image 1 image
The war is truly horrendous, but like all other capitalist crises, it contains the potential to trigger the kinds of social uprisings that overthrow entire regimes. A century ago Russia participated in a disastrous, bloody war. It ended with a working-class revolution that sent shockwaves across the entire world. It is up to the international working class to make sure that this current war will end in the same way. ... read full story / add a comment
rusia / ucrania / bielorrusia / imperialismo / guerra / comunicado de prensa Saturday February 26, 2022 - 19:36 by Varias organizaciones anarquistas   image 1 image
Una declaración del presidente ruso Vladimir Putin dió luz verde a la invasión militar rusa de Ucrania. Putin afirma que el acto de guerra de Rusia contra Ucrania tiene como objetivo apoyar a Crimea, ocupada por Rusia, y a las Repúblicas Populares de Donetsk y Lugansk de Ucrania, que coquetea con el ingreso en la OTAN por instigación de Occidente. El martes 22 de febrero , Rusia ha reconocido la independencia de sus protectorados informales en Donbás, agravando las tensiones existentes con el eje euroatlántico que apoya al régimen ucraniano. ... read full story / add a comment
russia / ukraine / belarus / imperialism / war / press release Friday February 25, 2022 - 18:15 by Karala   image 1 image
On Thursday, 24 February, in Ankara, the capital city of Turkey, we attempted to carry out a demonstration in front of the Russian Embassy in Ankara as a response to the call for action made by anarchists in Ukraine. Even before the demonstration started, police have arrested all of our comrades, 6 in total. “Murderer state will pay!” and “State is war, war means massacre!” slogans shout during the arrest. The following statement was meant to read during the demonstration.
... read full story / add a comment

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