The rise of fascism in Weimer Germany and its role today

category netherlands / germany / austria | anti-fascism | link to audio author Friday September 26, 2008 23:27author by John - WSMauthor email andrewflood at eircom dot net

In a period of mass unemployment in 1920's Germany fascism came to power despite not only the presence of mass Communist and Social Democratic parties but also of significant anti-fascist street fighting. Why did the left fail and what was the attraction of fascism. What about fascist movements today, do they represent a similar threat? Can we even agree a single definition of what fascism is?

This audio is a recording of a WSM branch meeting educational consisting of a 17 minute talk on the topic followed by about thirty minutes of discussion on these themes arising from the talk. It's an mp3 file and was recorded on the 24th September It was first published on

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