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About anarchism in the Philippines

category indonesia / philippines / australia | anarchist movement | opinion / analysis author Saturday July 16, 2005 14:02author by Filipino anarchism researcher Report this post to the editors

Just tracing down the roots

During the famous Philippine revolution against Spain there were prominent intellectuals and key persons to the revolution who were briefly influenced by the anarchists in the west. Recently, there was an anarchist network organised in the big area of Manila

Anarchism in the Philippines has still a long way to go.
by a Filipino anarchism researcher

Anarchism was been a widespread political belief worldwide since the industrial revolution in Europe.

In East Asia we had histories of anarchist uprisings and anarchist movements that radically developed the political conciousness of the common people in Japan, China and Korea.

The Shanghai Commune was organised by Chinese anarchists before Mao Tse Tung came into power, while the Korean Anarchists formed a cooperative commune in some parts of the Manchurian area as their answer against the Japanese occupation. Japanese anarchists are one among the collaborator of this succesful cooperative of workers and peasants in Korea. they organised it while they fled from the Japanese Authorities who commanded to arrest and kill all anarchists in tokyo and some parts of Japan after the rice riots.

While the anarchist movements in East Asia were very vibrant during the two World Wars, in the Philippines, south east of Asia... the resistance against foreign occupation was also overwhelming. but during the famous Philippine revolution against Spain there were prominent intellectuals and key persons to the revolution who were briefly influenced by the anarchists in the west.

In Benedict Anderson’s lecture about his suspicion that the famous Filipino intellectual Jose Rizal was influenced by the revolutionary anarchists during the period of 1800’s while Rizal was staying in France finishing his two famous books that believed to be the spark of 1886 Philippine revolution.

In his lecture, Anderson pointed it out that it was not Rizal who was directly influenced by the anarchists in Europe but Rizal used some anarchist characters in his book/novel to portray the metaphor of revolutionary uprising against Spain and the Friar system in the Philippines.

Meanwhile, after several years since the Philippine liberation against Spain was realised there was a Ffilipino named Isabelo delos Reyes who organised the very first militant trade union movement in the Philippines and it was organised under the influence of anarcho-syndicalist organising which inspired him during his long stay in Spain and his brief involvement with the anarchist civil war of CNT.

But eventually, it was the Communist Party of the Philippines (PKP) that was organised as the political backbone of the very first Filipino militant trade union movement. The essence of anarchist principle naturally died down as the marxist-leninist philosophy dominated the conciousness of the Filipino working-class.

Until now, I am still looking for some traces of old anarchist practices in the Philippines.

Recently, there was an anarchist network organised in the big area of Manila. This network is more into the pop-anarchy character, since most of its prime movers are into punk subculture. Well, there were also some of them who came from the prominent left and decided to work within the anarchist principles, but, the political maturity is still an undergoing process and part of this process was the disolution of the network itself.

Anarchism in the Philippines has still a long way to go.

Discovered while searching in the Manila Indymedi

author by Markpublication date Mon Aug 29, 2005 13:29author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Anderson was a Nationalist, which is also an armchair academic, he tagged one anarchist on his symposium "cynical" for calling Rizal a fascist, and nothing but a fa(r)ce on a local currency .. what Anderson needed for someone to purchase his "what-could -have-been" half cooked blueprint. My is counterposition is to negate such theory of possible anarchist influence or intervention from a historical viewpoint on Philippine revolutions- pre civilized anarchy on the other hand did not require revolution to justify itself.

The pop tendency that is a mix of culture jammer's, punks, activist, genderfucks & guerilla artist -unlikely to set the next wave of revolutionary trend. A newly established network based in manila is not entirely 'new' in fact, filipino anarchist have always existed before the Seattle riots- while a brand of violent nihilistic display of anarchy was present during the 60's. It is sometimes hard to pin down the tendency of modern anarchism in the Philippines for it remain low fi and geographically decentralized.

The data gathered from Manila Indymedia is not sufficient, a recent backlash on the site occurred after publishing a misleading post of a ‘Wildcat Strike’. Manila imc is nothing but a shitty commie website who infiltrate autonomous movement(s) in manila. Citing the case of a-manila whom the Indymedia network try to suppress for using an IMC Software, similar to Oscailt (what anarkismo is using now) developed by cyber activist in Ireland , these folks see the potential of open publishing beyond the dominant logic of media bureaucracy.

..and so it all boils down to this. The past was uncertain the future lies unwritten.

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author by Chekov - 1 of Oscailt development teampublication date Mon Aug 29, 2005 21:56author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Can you give me any more details about this attempt to suppress the use of imc software in an autonomous project? If you can give me a bit more information I will raise this on the internal IMC global lists and ask for an explanation from imc-manila

They have no right to do such a thing and I will try to make sure that this point is made very clearly to them. We do not write software so that other people can make up rules about who can use it. It is free software. Anybody can use it.

author by KATpublication date Sat Sep 03, 2005 14:32author email madness_of_civilization at yahoo dot comauthor address author phone Report this post to the editors


Maybe this will be interesting to check out as well. What happened to us in Manila-IMC also has a similar pattern as for the case in IMC-Darwin.

Perth has been taking sides ever since, changed the passwords of editorial collective of Manila IMC in request of 1-2 person. Thats very right, they couldn't show any proof of documented meetings to reach consensus decision-making.

Don't hesitate to email back for further details and questions.


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author by Markpublication date Tue Oct 18, 2005 18:54author address author phone Report this post to the editors

we can always talk on the email- i dont frequently visit this site. it was an issue before- now resolved.

author by Michael Schmidt - ex-ZACFpublication date Mon Feb 06, 2006 01:49author email mschmidt at thestar dot co dot zaauthor address author phone Report this post to the editors

while it's possible rizal was influenced by the anarchists in the cuban liberation struggle, i'd rather hear more about this delos rios: if he built the first militant filipino union on cnt lines, he's a far more important figure. so any extra info would be really valuable... red & black regards, michael

author by - none publication date Mon Jul 30, 2012 23:14author address author phone Report this post to the editors

meron bang lokal na site o Fb page man lng na pwedeng magging sentrohan ng mga anrkista sa pilipinas? tnx kung meron pls do tell me para magkaroon ng mas mahusay na ugnayan angb lahat, salamat!

ito po pla page ko update sa mga activity ng lahat

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