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May Day And Argentine Labor Struggle

category argentina / uruguay / paraguay | history | other libertarian press author Thursday June 09, 2005 18:53author by Marie Trigona - znet Segnalare questo messaggio alla redazione

Since the turn of the century Argentine labor movements have marked May Day as a remembrance of class struggle and resistance. Since the 1890's in Argentina anarchists held their acts in Plaza Lorea to commemorate the Haymarket Martyrs of Chicago who were murdered for their anarchist ideas and fight for a eight hour day. This year, workers in struggle held their May Day act in this same plaza - separate from traditional Left.

He added, "I couldn’t tell you if there are workers more exploited than at the beginning of the century. In that period, workdays were really long just as they are today. If we look at the parallels between the struggle of the anarchists and today, we see that the labor standards have become more flexible

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Does this organization actually exist? If so, how can they be contacted?

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