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A quick guide Anarkismo net and How you can help this site

category international | miscellaneous | feature author Friday April 29, 2005 17:52author by Andrew - Anarkismo Report this post to the editors

Welcome to a new multi lingual anarchist news and discussion site. The site comes about through the extended collabortion of anarchist communists in Europe, North and South America, Africa and Australia. We are only getting going and still have a lot to sort out so please feel free to make suggestions in this thread

You can read the core documents that define the site in the bar that runs across the top of every page. They are in About US and Our Goals.

Welcome to a new multi lingual anarchist news and discussion site. The site comes about through the extended collabortion of anarchist communists in Europe, North and South America, Africa and Australia. We are only getting going and still have a lot to sort out so please feel free to make suggestions in this thread

You can read the core documents that define the site in the bar that runs across the top of every page. They are in About US and Our Goals.

Current limitations

As you will probably have already noticed the articles on the site are in a number of languages but the interface is in English. This is a limitation of the current software but one we hope to overcome in the near future. Right now the process for putting up articles that are not in standard roman script is also complex - another software limitation we want to overcome in the future. has been in development amongst a small group of mostly European anarchists for a number of months. While we hope you will find what exists useful we are also very aware of the limitations and hope you will recognise that we intend to develop the site from what now exists. This is not a final form. So please do suggest improvements.

The site will basically carry news and analysis from the anarchist-communist movement and discussion of that news and analysis. It will be every couple of hours and indeed the discussion can develop minute by minute. So we would like you to bookmark our front page or even better set it as your start up page. Take a minute to do this now.

Selecting a language

If English is not your first language you might prefer to bookmark a page that just shows articles in your language. This is very easy. On the front page on the right just below the top bar you will find three pull down menus. If you click on the one that currently says 'All Languages' and select 'Italiano' from the list that pops down the front page will change to show you only the articles in Italian that are on the site. You can bookmark the new URL (in this case®ion=&language=it ) and this will always show you only the Italian articles. If you want to link to this index or email the link to it you can shorten it to the simplier

Right now the range of other languages available is limited. But as articles in other languages are added to the site and as we gain editors who can understand these languages then more will be added to it. If you want to publish an article in a language other that those listed you can do so - for now just select other as the language.

Selecting a region or topic

The pull down bars with which you can select languages also provide quick ways to select articles on the site by region or by topic. Selecting 'religion' from the bar that says All Topics will show you all the articles on religion on the site. Or selecting 'Italy/Switzerland' from the list will shows you articles on or from Italy or Switzerland. You can combine these searches to show just articles on 'Religion' in 'Italian' from 'Italy or Switzerland'. As the site is only starting up most such triple combinations will return no results for now.

All of the items in these menus will have over time according to what articles come onto the site and the needs of the anarchist communist movement in the regions listed. Right now for instance the 'regions' reflect the fact that most of the editors are in Europe (not all, some are African and South American). More logical ways of grouping countries may become apparent as people from those countries get involved.

Article types

Articles posted to the site are also separeted into a number of different types. The type is first selected by the original poster and while some choices have only minor effects others change where the article will be listed on the site.

Most of these selections result in the article appearing in the newswire which is found in the right hand column of most pages. Articles are listed here in the order they were first published.

The centre column of the front page contains articles that the editorial collective has decided to draw attention to by turning into a feature. Only the editors can decide to featurise an article and every couple of days we will probably add one or two new features to the top of of that column.

Events get special treatment as they not only have their own listing sorted by time but those events which are happening in the near future are listed in the left hand column of almost every page on However they do no appear in the newswire.

The bulk or articles we publish will be in agreement with our Editorial guidelines. In addition to this we will publish some debate pieces. But we know that there will also be many other articles in both the mainstream press and other libertarian press that you may want to draw peoples attention to. There are two categories we have created for these sort of articles where you can publish short summaries and links to articles.

One is called 'non-anarchist press' and is for mainstream and general left articles. The other is called 'Other libertarian press' and is for libertarian articles from outside the anarchist-communist perspective. Note we use the word libertarian in its original and current European meaning - not in the rather odd right wing use of the term found in the USA. Articles published in these categories do not appear in the newswire but do appear in menus of their own on the front and some other pages.

How you can help us

Join in the discussion

First and foremost you can help by joining in the discussion on and contributing in a friendly, concrete and useful manner. As we want useful discussion on the site we will be deleting trolls. If your unsure about your comment check our Editorial guidelines first.

Contribute articles

We want lots of new articles, in particular reports of events, written by anarchists for this site. Articles from anarchists that are compatable with our Editorial statement will be published. We are not really interested in articles that are 'cut and paste' from other sites unless they are from anarchist communist organisations. However if you think it is important people see an article you can post a summary and link to it either as ' Other Libertarian Press' or ' Non-Anarchist Press'

Tell others about the site should become a showcase for the anarchist movement as well as a vital source of news and information for anarchists. So tell your friends about the site. In time we will add PDF files of posters, flyers and stickers which advertise the site which you can distribute locally.

Something very simple you can do now is to put the URL of the site into your email sig file so that all future emails you send will also be telling people about

Link to the site

If you or your organisation has a webpage then put a link to on that webpage. You don't have to link to the front page, you can also link to a specific topic index or region or language. Or even a combination of all three. A link to for instance will bring people to the index that shows articles in Italian, on Gender that are relevant to Italy or Switzerland. A link to on the other hand will show all articles on religion no matter where the are from or what language they are in.

Add a newsfeed from this site to your site

You can add some HTML to your site that means that articles published on will appear on your site as soon as they are published. This feed can be for all articles on or you can restrict it to a particular language and/or topics and/or regions. It is very simple - see the Syndication link for details on how to do this.

Let us know below what you think of the site

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