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CAB's announcement to the fellow organisations and comrades

category brazil/guyana/suriname/fguiana | anarchist movement | press release author Wednesday February 01, 2023 05:08author by Brazilian Anarchist Coordination (CAB) - Brazilian Anarchist Coordination (CAB)author email at riseup dot net Segnalare questo messaggio alla redazione

Communiqué about the withdraw of organisations from CAB and the maintenance of this national anarchist-specifist project in Brazil.

The Brazilian Anarchist Coordination (CAB), the national project of the anarchist-specifist organizations in Brazil, member of the Latin American Anarchist Coordination (CALA), informs that, at the beginning of December, four organizations withdrew from CAB and no longer take part in building the national anarchist-specifist project that our militancy has been improving and forming for almost 30 years. The withdrawal of these organizations, in an extremely dangerous moment in the Brazilian current situation, happened on their decision and responsibility, after an unilateral analysis about the Coordination's directions.

Since they announced their departure, CAB has been trying to guarantee that the process happens fraternally and so does the organisations that left.

The Brazilian Anarchist Coordination currently works based on its last Congress, in 2021, when a new stage was established for the Coordination. We went through a process of internal restructuring with the set goal to, soon, gather new groups and militants and decide on new stages to follow.

The Brazilian Anarchist Coordination remains operating from North to South of Brazil, creating in fight the path to consolidate a new political Anarchist-specifist organizations that expresses the sum of the people's struggles. Our militancy lays ground in the union, student and community struggles, in the repossessions and affirmation of Quilombos, in the struggles against racism and against LGBTQIfobia.

We believe in a process of radicalization from below, that sets conditions for a consequent confrontation against the bourgeoise and the genocide colonial state.

With respect to the decision of those who withdraw, we keep on the conviction of our project and we will remain in motion.

For Socialism and for Freedom

Brazilian Anarchist Coordination (CAB)
member for the Latin American Anarchist Coordination

January, 2023

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