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States are fighting, peoples are being massacred!

category russia / ukraine / belarus | imperialism / war | press release author Friday February 25, 2022 18:15author by Karala - Karala Report this post to the editors

On Thursday, 24 February, in Ankara, the capital city of Turkey, we attempted to carry out a demonstration in front of the Russian Embassy in Ankara as a response to the call for action made by anarchists in Ukraine. Even before the demonstration started, police have arrested all of our comrades, 6 in total. “Murderer state will pay!” and “State is war, war means massacre!” slogans shout during the arrest. The following statement was meant to read during the demonstration.

States are fighting, peoples are being massacred!

We are here today as a response to the call for action made by our anarchist comrades in Ukraine, to demonstrate in front of Russian Embassies around the world. We are here because today our brothers in Ukraine woke up with bombs.

Battle! Can we grasp what it means? Is there a worse word in our language than this? Do we think of photos of massacre, murder, looting, plunder and destruction? Do we hear the sounds of planes, missiles, bombs, and dozens of war instruments that have reached completely different stages in the 21st century? Can we see the battlefields full of corpses?

The geography of Ukraine, which is kilometers away from here, is being attacked by the Russian State today. But this occupation is not a new occupation for Ukraine. In Ukraine, people live under the occupation of states, as in the rest of the world. Today, the invader Russian State is waging war against the invader Ukrainian State. There are not only two sides of this war. The sides of this war are NATO, the USA, the EU and their affiliated states.

For us, Ukraine, NATO, the USA, the EU, Russia are equally invaders. Because these states and alliances are organized terrorist organizations founded on the lives of the peoples, fed by the labor of the peoples, and grown with the blood of the peoples. For decades, our lands, our lives, our future, our existence, our selves, our everything has been under the occupation of these terrorist organizations.

What is happening today is nothing but the duel of these terrorist organizations. These duels have occurred countless times in history. We saw this duel in World Wars. The same things happened in the geography we live in, in the Middle East, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, all over the world. The world's largest organized terrorist organizations have repeatedly clashed over the lives of peoples.

The thieves, who were too cowardly to fight, and therefore brought the youth of the world to the front to fight for themselves, killed millions of people over and over.

The same thing is happening today. The playground of those who are in an endless war with each other for their domination over the world, and this time it’s in Ukraine! The Ukrainian State, which supports the neo-Nazis who burned to death 48 people in the union building in Ukraine, the USA, which has carried out massacres in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and countless geographies, the EU, the gigantic terrorists of global capitalism, the organized terrorist organization that has equipped war bases all over the world. NATO, Russia, which has repeatedly turned Georgia, the Crimea, the Caucasus, and Central Asia into a war zone, and they have countless war tools. And the poor people's children, who were forcibly dragged to the front by them, and millions of people whose living space has been turned into a war zone!

The same organized crime groups have turned Syria into a war zone a few years ago. In the ongoing global civil war in Syria, Aleppo, Idlib, Kobane, Afrin, Raqqa, Serekaniye and many cities have been repeatedly occupied by these organized crime groups and gangs under their control. The war waged by these gigantic organized crime groups in Syria once again showed us that the only solution is a revolution by the people's self-organisation.

We saw a similar example in Ukraine at the beginning of the last century. The territory of Ukraine, which is being occupied by Russia today, was left to the German-Austrian Empires as a result of a world war treaty. Anarchists in Ukraine taught us what to do against war and occupation that day. To the armies of Germany and Austria, the remnant of Tsarist Russia to the White Army, the new power in Russia to the Red Army, the Ukrainian Nationalists to Petlyura; against all tyrants that are against the people by nature; they carried out a revolution by the self-organization of the people. Today, this is the only solution for the oppressed peoples in Ukraine and other parts of the world. We must organize freedom every day all over the world against states, each of which is a war machine, and increase the struggle against capitalism and the state.

Our Ukrainian anarchist comrades issued a statement today and said: “As anarchists, who understand more than anyone else the importance of freedom, we know that all forces must be gathered and organized to fight against dictators. Maybe at the moment our movement is weak and not prepared for military action. But he will be able to make a small contribution to tying the noose around the dictator's neck.” Today we salute our anarchist comrades who are fighting for freedom in Ukraine.

The invaders are not only in Ukraine but all over the world. They are the bloodsuckers who start the war, the bosses in our workplaces, the states in our lives, the capitalists who have invaded every part of the world. The oppressed peoples in all geographies of the world, who produce everything on earth, must refuse to produce the knife that rests on the throat of their brothers and fight for states that feed on the blood of peoples.

We stand with the oppressed peoples, against the war waged with the blood of our brothers, against NATO, the USA, the EU, the Ukrainian state and Russia!


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