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La rÚvolution du Rojava a dÚfendu le monde, maintenant le monde doit d... Jan 09 22 by Diverses organisations anarchistes

Η επανάσταση &#... Jan 07 22 by Διάφορες αναρχικές οργανώσεις

La rivoluzione in Rojava ha difeso il mondo, ora il mondo difenderÓ la... Jan 07 22 by Varie organizzazioni anarchiche

The Rojava Revolution defended the world, now the world will defend the Rojava Revolution!

category mashriq / arabia / iraq | imperialism / war | press release author Wednesday January 05, 2022 23:48author by Various anarchist organisations Segnalare questo messaggio alla redazione

Embargo, cutting off water sources and air strikes against civilians have been some of the war crimes committed by the fascist Turkish state throughout this year against the revolution in Rojava.

While facing the internal political and economic crisis, the Erdogan government has to accept the failure of the military operations in the mountains of Kurdistan, appealing to the use of chemical weapons, in the face of the resistance of the Kurdish warriors of the revolution.

The intensification of the attacks last October, the flyers launched from the aeroplanes and the recent troop movements threaten a new invasion of the autonomous territories in the North and East of Syria.

At this delicate moment, we want to reaffirm our solidarity with our revolutionary comrades and all the peoples of Rojava and condemn once more the occupation of Rojava, the multiple aggressions and war crimes of the Turkish neo-fascist state and its jihadist allies, as well as their preparations for war.

The Rojava Revolution, which is about to celebrate 10 years, and together with the free Kurdish mountains, represents not only a grassroots democratic and federalist alternative for the Middle East, but for the peoples of the world.

In this 21st century of economic, social and ecological crisis, in a world transformed into a junta of great powers and capitals for financial speculation; the struggle and creation of projects of a different society have a global strategic role. The Rojava revolution, with its strong roots in the struggle of women, the deepening of democracy with broad popular participation and the protection of the environment, is a revolutionary example of these times from which the peoples of the world must learn.

It is not a coincidence that since its beginning thousands of people all over the world have risen up in solidarity with the heroic resistance of Kobanŕ against the fascist forces of ISIS.

ISIS, a criminal, obscurantist and fascist group, whose creation was facilitated by the disastrous US military intervention in Iraq, the funding and support of Saudi Arabia, and which has the ideological and tactical support of the Turkish state, and whose fighters were recycled as mercenaries for the invasions of Afrin and Serekanyie, and are now preparing to invade Rojava as a paramilitary force of the Turkish army.

The war taking place in Syria is not only a conflict between areas of influence of different powers, it is also a conflict between antagonistic societal projects. In Rojava a revolutionary process is underway, in which the Kurdish people and their allies are the protagonists, with its achievements and limitations, but a process of transition to a socialist society that fights against all the structures of domination of the present capitalist society.

While the peoples of the North and East of Syria resist and struggle, the peoples of the world must contribute in solidarity and support by all necessary means, supporting the Kurdish people and other peoples who stand up against injustice and imperialist aggression.

We condemn any attempt of aggression of the Turkish state or any other state against the peoples of Rojava and their organisations and their social and democratic experience based on a strong popular protagonism and confederalist character.


☆ Tekoşina Anarşist - TA (Rojava)
☆ Brazilian Anarchist Coordination - CAB (Brazil)
☆ Anarchist Federation (Greece)
☆ Roja y Negra - Organizacion Politica Anarquista (Buenos Aires - Argentina)
☆ Federaciˇn Anarquista Uruguaya ľ FAU (Uruguay)
☆ Federaciˇn Anarquista de Rosario ľ FAR (Argentina)
☆ Organizaciˇn Anarquista de Cˇrdoba ľ OAC (Argentina)
☆ Union Communiste Libertaire (France)
☆ Embat ľ Organitzaciˇ LlibertÓria de Catalunya (Catalonia)
☆ Alternativa Libertaria ľ AL/fdca (Italy)
☆ Die Plattform ľ Anarchakommunistische F÷deration (Germany)
☆ Organisation Socialiste Libertaire ľ OSL (Switzerland)
☆ Libertaere Aktion (Switzerland)
☆ Aotearoa Workers Solidarity Movement ľ AWSM (Aotearoa / New Zealand)

author by Josephpublication date Thu Feb 10, 2022 18:52author address author phone Segnalare questo messaggio alla redazione

The deepening of democracy with broad popular participation and the protection of the environment is a revolutionary example of these times from which the peoples of the world must learn.

author by Mathew - fnfpublication date Wed Feb 15, 2023 15:22author address author phone Segnalare questo messaggio alla redazione

The Kurdish people and their supporters are at the forefront of a revolutionary process that is taking place in Rojava. This process is one of transitioning to a socialist society that fights against all forms of dominance in the existing capitalist system.

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