Press release in support to the House of Mesopotamia after the attack

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On Saturday April 3rd in the afternoon, the House of Mesopotamia located in the 7th district of Lyon, France, was violently attacked by a group of fascists belonging to the Grey Wolves (Turkish far right movement).

The House of Mesopotamia is a cultural place of the Kurdish community which is a strong emancipatory force that has been fighting for many years against Daech on one hand and Erdogan on the other hand.

This is the second attack that our comrades suffered in less than a month. The last one took place at the exact same time we were attacked in our premises of La Plume Noire , on March 20th.

No one was hurt during the attack of March 20th, but the one on April 3rd was even more violent, two Kurds were severly wounded and two of them more lightly. This time, the Grey Wolves attacked heavily armed with iron bars, bats and brass knuckles.

How can we remain blind to the fascists growth in power that is now expressed every week of our lives, more and more violently, and with impunity ?

The inaction of the State structures against the far right here and everywhere, and its relentlessness against the antifascist camp (banning the protest of April 3rd and large-scale police deployment against a press conference at the time of the attack) leaves the field open to all kinds of madness.

Taking advantage of this omnipotence, the fascists strike more and more often and with more and more strength.

We warn the Prefecture directly about this danger: by your leniency, you will very soon have blood on your hands!

We express our full support and solidarity with our Kurdish comrades. We will be with you in the anti-fascist struggle, and like you, we will not stand back against the fascists of any country.

Against fascism, solidarity is our weapon!

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