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Young Workers Association's in the streets Against Economic Crisis Dez 24 18 by DAF

Η μπαρουφο-ιδ&#... Dez 01 18 by Dmitri (αναδημοσίευση)

Young Workers Association was on the Streets against Economic Crisis

category greece / turkey / cyprus | economy | news report author Montag Dezember 09, 2019 19:22author by Devrimci Anarşist Falliyet - DAF Report this post to the editors

As the Young Workers Association, we were at the crisis rally in Bakırköy with our slogans, black flags and rebellion. Last week we have distributed leaflets, made posters on the walls in different parts of the city. To raise the anger of the oppressed ones.

As the Young Workers Association, we were at the crisis rally in Bakırköy with our slogans, black flags and rebellion. Last week we have distributed leaflets, made posters on the walls in different parts of the city. To raise the anger of the oppressed ones.

We're the ones who can't buy pants for our kids. We're the ones who can't afford to pay the bills. We work 14 hours a day with minimum wage. We're the ones who haven't been paid for 4 months. We're the ones who can't pay the rent. We are the ones whose lifes are stolen. We are the oppressed ones. They won't give us the right. We will get. They won't give us our bread. We will get. They will not give justice. We will get. They won't give freedom. We will get. Victory is won on the street with struggle.

We will never give up the struggle against capitalism, which is itself a crisis, as it is today. We will continue to shout that all bosses are thieves. This fight is not just today's fight. Now it's time to fight. As long as the powers exist, as long as capitalism exists, this fight will continue. We will continue our fight with our black flag against injustice everywhere.

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48379723_1174700826034845_8760836494668595200_o.jpg imageYoung Workers Association's in the streets Against Economic Crisis 23:45 Mo 24 Dez by DAF 0 comments

Young Workers Association (GIDER) was in the protests against the economic crisis. GIDER walked with a pancard written "You are Crisis, We are Liberation".

larisa1.jpg imageGreece: 50 Ways to Kill your people... 17:07 Sa 02 Mär by Glykosymoritis 0 comments

Greece: 50 Ways to Kill your people...

scaled.jpg imageFrom the general strike in Greece 06:13 Do 24 Feb by Dmitri 0 comments

Photos and videos, mostly from Athens, from the general strike against the austerity measures etc by the so-called "socialist" government. [Italiano]

textCapitalism liquidated... 09:08 Sa 24 Apr by Dmitri (republishing) 0 comments

The political economic system of the Greek State has been officially liquidated. The Greek State’s expected resort to ‘economic aid’ – as the EU and IMF’s official loansharking is named – has been announced… …The workers’ future of a ferocious frugality, unemployment, sellouts, abolition of worker and security rights and so on has been laid out.

textGreek government activates joint IMF-EU “rescue” plan 09:04 Sa 24 Apr by Dmitri (republishing) 0 comments

A few minutes ago, Greek PM Panandreou announced from the tiny island of Kastelorizo that his government will officially ask for the joint IMF-EU “rescue” plan to be activated – effectively throwing the country into one of the steepest traps of global capitalism. Corporate media report that at this stage, 40 bn euros will be borrowed in total.

imageAs ECB tells Greeks they voted wrong - will Syriza pull the temple down? Feb 05 by andrew 0 comments

Do we live in an economy or in a society? Last night Europe's central bankers sent the clear message they expect us to be the well behaved slaves of an economy rather than equals in a society. Less then two weeks after the Greeks had elected an anti-austerity government the ECB in effect told them they intended to block the promises of change that government was elected on.

imageCyprus Should Let the Banks Go Bankrupt Mär 23 by Glykosymoritis 0 comments

An interview for theRealnews about Cyprus crisis with proffesor of economics in University of London

imageBurdened with debt reloaded Apr 15 by The Children Of Gallery (TPTG) 1 comments

What follows should be read in the context of our analysis of the crisis in “Burdened with Debt” 1, the paper we presented at the 2010 summercamp.

textSummary of the latest measures approved in Greece Feb 17 ESE 0 comments

The International Relations Secretariat of the Ελευθεριακή Συνδικαλιστική Ένωση (Libertarian Syndicalist Union - ESE) has sent the following summary of the recent measures adopted by the government which are responsible for unleashing the fury of the Greek people, who see how their lives and work are being trampled for the greater glory of the bosses, the financial sharks and speculators. [Castellano]

imageSolidarity with the Greek workers' struggle! Mai 07 7 comments

Greece is a test case for the social dismantling that awaits us all. This policy is being enacted by all the institutional parties, by every government and by all of globalised capitalism's institutions. There is only one way to hold back this policy of barbaric capitalism: popular direct action, to widen the strike movement and increase the number of demonstrations all across Europe. [Italiano] [Ελληνικά] [العربية] [Français] [Castellano] [Nederlands] [Čeština] [Dansk]

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