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Palestine-Israel, Celebrating a 12 years of persistent struggle in Bil'in and a small victory*

category mashriq / arabia / iraq | indigenous struggles | news report author Saturday February 18, 2017 15:32author by Ilan S. - Anarchists Against the Wall, Ahdut (Unity)author email ilan.shalif at gmail dot comauthor address Tel Aviv Report this post to the editors

Bil'in, Ni'ilin, Qaddum, Shikh Jarrah and the South of Hebron Hills

Regional change and new Israeli war minister who is clearly against annexation of additional of parts of Palestine (and even for cutting parts annexed 1948) resulted in the diminishing of the suppression of the non armed popular struggle. For months the Israeli forces diminished the harassment of the Friday demos of villages activists and the Israeli anarchists against the wall. In bil'in they nearly stopped entirely any shooting of tear gas and bullets, seldom tried to stop us from approaching the separation wall... The participants of the big demo of the 12th year celebration could not see even one soldier till the end of the demo when kids forced open the gate of the wall and resulted in a mildest ever response. The failure of the big plan of US to subvert the countries of the region as it exported terror (Al Quida, Daesh and Shieh advances) forced it to compromises with Iran, Rojave, (and probably with Syrian Assad, Russia and the Palestinians).


Friday 18-11-16. The 660th weekly demonstration. 7 Israelis with the anarchists against the wall initiative and 3 international activists joined the village activist in a demo dedicated to the Ni'ilin activist Saleh Hawaghah of the coordination comity arrested few weeks ago with bogus accusations. This week the state forces blocked our way to the separation wall near the route of the dismantled separation fence. During the confrontation they threatened us with arrests and detained one photographer whom they released at the end of the demonstration.
25-11-16 Friday demonstration 25-11-16. 7 Israelis of the anarchists against the wall initiative, and 10 internationals, joined the village activists in the march to the gate of the separation wall. The Israeli state forces waited for us near the gate and demanded our immediate return to the village - threatening us with arrests. At a bargain they allowed us to protest there for 5 minutes and later extended it to another 15 minutes. After vain efforts of months the commander learned my name, came and held my arm complaining I stayed more than the allotted 20 minutes and then "urged" me to return to the village faster.
2-12-16 In the first rainy Friday of the winter, 5 Israelis and 4 international activists joined 6 Bil'iners and two other Palestinian activists in the never breaking chain of Friday demos of the nearly 12 years. When we arrived near the gate of the separation wall, the Israeli armed forces waited for us near to the gate. As usual, they declared the area as closed military zone forbidding us from staying there. As usual they threatened us with arrests. As usual we refused to go away and bargained for a short time demo. We staid near the gate for a while, then for a longer time a bit farther from the soldiers... till we yielded to the whether and returned to the village.
9-12-16 Bil'in my love... 9-12-16 Friday demonstration. 9 Israelis with the anarchists against the wall initiative Joined dozen and a half international activists and the Bil'iners in a demo against the separation wall, the settlers an occupation dedicated to the memory of the martyr ziad abu ein. The Israeli border police force blocked our way to the separation wall near the route of the dismantled separation fence at the memorial of the village martyr Bassem (Fil). After about half an hour of confronting the police we returned to the village.
16-12-16 Bil'in, 16-12-16 Friday demo. As usual lately small crowd and a surprising event. 5 Israelis of the anarchists against the wall initiative joined about 10 international activists and the village activists. The demo was dedicated to the martyr Ziad Abu Ein - killed in a demo in other village. After converging at the oak orchard Abo Lamun near the separation wall we marched along it towards the gate in its north. When we approached there, a small unit of soldiers waited for us near the gate. We had a long but mild confrontation with the Israeli state forces. More than half an hour they threatened us with arrests - pacifically local and Israeli activists they call by the name... but only detained for a while only one international activists. They even threw one tear gas grenade... and took our pictures... but during the confrontation one of the village activists was not feeling well so the commander ordered one of the soldiers to bring him a bottle of water. After nearly twelve years of Friday demonstrations surprises still.
6-1-17 The ever strangest demonstration. 7 Israelis joined similar number of international and the village activists in the weekly demo. We converged at the Abu Lamun oak wood and marched along the separation wall to the gate in it with the usual chants. When we arrived there the Israeli state forces waited with armoured cars out of the gate and presented us with the closed military zone paper and ordered us to return to the village - as they did often last months. The surprise was that when we ignored it and continue waking to the gate - they did nothing. People became bold and climbed on the armoured cars... and still just mild protest of the state force commander.
After a while a group of youth started to confront the soldiers near the margin of the demo: they threw on them soldiers two tear gas grenade and lot of stones. In response, the state force retreated behind the wall and closed the gate, and later started to shoot tear gas canisters on the youngsters.
After a while, village activists succeeded to call the youngsters back and we all retuned to the village.
13-1-17 Friday demo: 9 Israelis with the anarchists against the wail (including 3 members of the anarchist-communist Ahdut-Unity) joined 10 internationals and the village activists. The theme was as usual against occupation and the settlers with added mentioning of Al Kuds (Jerusalem).
The Israeli state forces kept very low profile - played as if they were not behind the gate and did not respond to any "invitation". After a long while we matched from the gate along the wall to a point near the Abu Lamun oak wood. There youngsters climbed on the wall - hanging Palestinian flags.
Only after a kid cut the surveillance electronic cable the soldiers showed their presence, shot us lot of tear gas grenades and even shot a bullet on the head of one of the kids and injured him. After first aid he was taken to the hospital.
20-1-17 ***********
3-2-17 Today we surfed on the waves of anger against the separation wall and the settlers - 9 Israelis, 9 in a delegation from Ramallah, 5 internationals and about dozen of the village activists. We marched along the wall up to the gate in it - chanting as usual. The Israeli armed forces showed themselves on the hill behind the separation fence and later on the wall itself but refrained from any communication. After a long while when activists expressed what we think on them, we returned to the village.
10-2-17 The 623 Friday demo - in a preparation to the next Friday celebration of 12 years of joint struggle against the occupation and the settlers robbers. 10 Israelis with the anarchists against the wall initiative with about ten internationals and a delegation of 10 from Ramallah joined the village activists in a one sided demonstration the Israeli state forces refrained from participation. Only a passing armoured car on the road behind the wall remind us we are not alone... In preparation for the demo we converged at the Abu Lamun oak wood near the wall. We marched from there - with placards and chants, to the gate in the northern part of the wall. After a prolonged knocking on the gate of the wall that did not bring any response we marched along the wall to the south were we confronted some settlers who converged on the other side of the wall till the end of the demo wondering if the Israeli state force will be present at the next Friday celebrations.
Bil'in, Friday, 17-2-17, 12th anniversary of the joint struggle against the occupation and settlers. About 60 Israelis of the anarchists against the wall and the local villagers joined international activists, Palestinians from near and far cities and villages. At noon, we marched from the village centre with flags banners, and chants towards the separation wall that replaced the old separation fence. After converging for a while at the wall near the Abu Lamun oak orchard we marched along the wall to the gate in its northern side. There we converged for a bit longer... but the Israeli state forces just stayed behind the wall. Only at the end of the demo when youngster succeeded to force the gate open, the soldiers responded. They came with their armoured cars and attacked the youth - detained three of them for a while. Two injured youth were taken to the hospital for treatment.


Friday 18-11-16 In Solidarity with the prisoner rehabilitation khawaja its out weekly Na'alin march filed which Palestinian media images captured salah while occupying army participants faced a barrage of gas bombs led to suffocation. Many can't get enough of occupation that following the end of the parade of homes attacked the south side with a barrage of gas bombs.
25-11-16 Friday
09.12.2016 israelpnm
24-12-16 israelpnm
David Reeb
02/10/2017 Arbor day: israelpnm

Evacuation of the new Palestinian "village" Yasser. III

We left with the several dozen Palestinians activists of the non-violent protest against the occupation. We set up a protest tent next to an Israeli settler outpost in the Jordan Valley. The protest was against a lot of things, but especially against the demolition of buildings in the Jordan valley area C (32 buildings have been demolished in recent months in the immediate area). The establishing of outposts by the settlers embittering the lives of Palestinian residents and others. Our protest was declared by police and soldiers an illegal demonstration.
After about four hours we were attacked with great violence: beatings with rifle butts, stun grenades, gas, rubber bullets and pepper spray. Two Israelis were arrested, four Palestinians were evacuated to a hospital and several other injured were treated on the spot.
30-12-16 The last Friday demo of the year. 9 Israelis and about dozen international activists joined the Bil'iners in the demo dedicated to the memory of the Martyr Jawaher Abu Rahma Killed by tear gas in the 31-12-2010 demo. After converging at the Abu Lamun oak orchard we marched chanting along the separation wall to the gate in its north. This Friday the Israeli state forces remained behind the wall and just criticize us for the violation of the claim of non armed demo as few youngster threw stones near the demo at the gate.
After a long while we returned to the village.


12/27/2016 a dozen of masked terrorists armed with batons and weapons, hold hostage a six year old child as they place human traps, repeat, human traps during the weekly demonstration at Kufr Qaddum
6-1-17 The villagers are trying to reject Israeli bulldozers.... that destroy their streets and invade the lands
13-1-17 Clashes between Palestinian lions and Zionist forces broke out in Kafr Qaddum, during the weekly peaceful protest against the wall and the occupation


Don't say we didn't know 526

The Israeli army continues to harass the Palestinians of Al Hama and Ras Al Ahmar in the north of the Palestinian Jordan Valley. The authorities aim to make the Palestinians desert their villages.

On Monday, November 7, 2016, Israeli soldiers came to the Palestinian hamlet of Al Hama, destroyed and confiscated all of the tents that had been put up after the previous demolition.

On Thursday, November 10, Israeli soldiers came to Ras Al Ahmar and issued eviction orders to all the inhabitants for two days (Sunday and Monday, the 11th and 13th of November). Apparently the Israeli army intends to hold manoeuvres at the site.

Don't say we did not know 528

The Palestinian inhabitants of 'Arab Abu Farda, lived near Moshav Batzra in the Sharon area. In 1948 they became refugees and settled SE of Qalqilia. They bought the land in 1952.

On Thursday, November 17, 2016 the Israeli army blocked the entrance to the village from road 55. The other entrance is only for 4x4 vehicles. Now buses and trucks cannot enter or exit.

Don't Say We Didn't Know 529

The Israeli army persists in its efforts to expel Palestinians from the northern Palestinian Jordan Valley, and the Jewish settlers continue to invade the Palestinians' lands, unimpeded.
Earlier this week Israeli soldiers presented temporary evacuation orders to the inhabitants of Ras Al Ahmar. The army plans three days of manoeuvres in their area. They are supposed to evacuate their locality from Tuesday to Thursday (6-8.12) from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m every day.
On Tuesday, November 29, 2016 soldiers confiscate another tractor belonging to a Palestinian from Ras Al Ahmar.
On Monday. November 28, settlers apparently from Mekhola ploughed Palestinian lands. The owners showed soldiers present the documents proving a Supreme Court ruling.on their rightful claim to the land. The soldiers chased them away and did not prevent the settlers' invasion.
--- --- --- ---
On Wednesday, November 30, government agents escorted by police once more demolished the Bedouin village of Al Araqib in the Negev.

Don't Say We Didn't Know 530

On Tuesday, December 6, 2016, Israeli soldiers came to the Palestinian village of Fassail in the Palestinian Jordan Valley, and demolished three dwellings and two service units belonging to two families. For one of these families, this is already the fourth demolition this year. The other family remained with no shelter for the night.
On the same day the Israeli army confiscated two more tractors at Ras Al Ahmar, in the northern part of the Palestinian Jordan Valley.
---- ---- ---- ----
On Wednesday, December 7, government agents escorted by police arrived for a day of demolitions of Bedouin localities in the Negev. In Sa'wa, east of Hura, they demolished a dwelling. In wadi Gawain (Mulada) east of Hura, they demolished a water reservoir. At Al Ghara. west of the Nevatim airfield, a Bedouin man was forced to demolish his own home by himself, under police pressure.

Don't say we did not know531

On Monday, 12th December, 2016, two farmers from the Palestinian village Turmus 'Ayya discovered that 166 of their olive saplings had been either uprooted or destroyed on their land. The suspicion is that settlers from an outpost west of Adei Ad outpost carried out the crime.

Don’t Say We Didn’t Know 534

On Thursday, December 29, 2016 government agents escorted by police came to the Negev Bedouin villages for a day of demolitions. At Bir Hadaj, near kibbutz Revivim, they destroyed a dwelling. At A-Sir village, south of Beer Sheva, they destroyed a dwelling. At Al Ghara, near Hura township, they destroyed a dwelling. At Khirbet Al Batal, near Rahat, they destroyed a dwelling. At Abu Talul, south of the Segev Shalom township, they destroyed a dwelling. At Al Humra, near Darijat, they forced a man to demolish his own home.

On Thursday, January 5, 2017, at Al Ukbi near Hura, they demolished a hospitality tent (Sig). At Al Zarnug near Nevatim, they destroyed a sheep pen. At Al Fur’a, near Arad, they demolished two dwellings.

Don't Say We Didn't Know 535

On Tuesday' January 10, 2017. Israeli army troops came and cut a water pipe supplying water from Ras Al Ahmar to Al Hadidiya in the northern Palestinian Jordan Valley.

Important note! A settler in nearby Roi consumes 450 liters of water a day. A Hadidiya Palestinian - 20 liters a day.

---- ---- ---- ----

I have no idea what more could be written about the situation at Al Arakib. On Thursday. January 12, 2017, again government agents escorted by police confiscated three vehicles, a water tanker and a cart, and once again, demolished the village.

Don't Say We Didn't Know 536

Israeli army plans to pave a road to bypass the Palestinian village of Nabi Elias (east of the West Bank town of Qalqiliya) for the Jewish settlers in the area. For this purpose it has confiscated 104 dunams belonging to the villages of Nabi Elias, Izbat Tabib and Azoun.

On Saturday, January 7, 2017, the army prevented Israeli human rights activists from coming to the area to demonstrate in protest alongside the Palestinians.

On Monday, January 16, 2017, the Israeli army began uprooting 1000 olive trees belonging to the Palestinian farmers in this area. The soldiers arrested an Israeli activists and detained a Palestinian and another Israeli woman-activists.

Don't Say We Didn't Know 537

The new outpost in the Umm Zuka area of the northern Palestinian Jordan Valley is being built right next to an Israeli army base. This does not deter settlers from Umm Zuka developing this outpost and like settlers from Al Hama outpost, chasing away Palestinian shepherds from their own lands.
On Wednesday, February 1, 2017,settlers from the outpost in Al Hama attacked shepherds from Samara. The next day those same shepherds were attacked by settlers from Umm Zuka riding a mini-tractor. On Saturday, February 4, settlers again tried to attack Palestinian shepherds from Samara, Ein Al Hilwa and Makhoul, but Israeli volunteers who accompanied them prevented the assault.

Don't say we didn't know 538

I often have to choose what to distribute among all the items that come my way. This time I choose to share this deliberation with my readers.
As the week began I thought of writing about the expansion of Leshem settlement and the damages it has been causing the neighbouring Palestinian village of Deir Balut. But then I was informed of the confiscation of 326 dunams belonging to the villages of Jalud and Turmus Aya. Then came the news of home demolitions in Ras Al Ahmar and Kardala in the northern Palestinian Jordan Valley. And more demolitions in the Palestinian villages around Jerusalem that have been annexed by Israel, and about which is rarely write. After all they are more centrally located, and thus more visible.
As Wednesday, February 8 grew near, we feared a repeated demolition at Umm Al Hiran in the Negev. Which did not happen. Instead, Al Arakib was destroyed yet again. And a container was destroyed in Al Zarnouk,and a Bedouin resident was forced to demolish his own home in Wadi Al Na'am , also in the Negev.
So you tell me, what should I write about?

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* From my blog at:
See at the blog previous reports about the joint struggles the Anarchists Against the Wall take part in.
See also: Stories from the year 2100 - 50 years after the revolution

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