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Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle in the focus of the extreme right "leftists' bashing"*

category mashriq / arabia / iraq | indigenous struggles | news report author Sunday February 14, 2016 16:09author by Ilan S. - AAtW,, Ahdut (Unity)author email ilan.shalif at gmail dot comauthor address Tel Aviv Report this post to the editors

Bil'in, Ni'ilin, Ma'asara, Nebi Saleh, Qaddum, Shikh Jarrah and the South of Hebron Hills

The mounting international pressure on Israel with the B.D.S. as catalyst, initiated a rightist onslaught on the activists of the joint struggle. With cooperation of the main TV channel, two activists were arrested - even blamed to be involved in murder of a Palestinian collaborator of settlements... only to be released unconditionally weeks later. As part of the onslaught I got few seconds in the rightist item in the main TV news program summing our position that no state is a solution - not two states and even one democratic state is impossible to achieve before the Zionist settler colonialist project will be defeated by social revolution in the whole region. In another wide distribution of the rightist video item I was presented as claiming that the chant in the joint demos for freedom to Palestine from the river to the see is not a call for a state for the Palestinians, but for a joint secular democratic state for all the inhabitants - Palestinians, Jews, and others... It seems we owe them rightists for the wide publicity.


29-1-16 Today the weekly demonstration in Bil'in was in solidarity with Mohammed al Qeeq. Muhammad is more than 65 days on hunger strike since he was arrested. This is the way Israeli politics treats you when they want to get rid of you. Stop the occupation and free Mohammed al Qeeq.
4 Israelis and 10 internationals joined the village activists in the weekly demo. Due to the cold whether and the weak wind, the Israeli soldiers were not too active and left even before the usual 30 minutes confrontation.
5-2-16 Bil'in, Friday 5-2-16 This week's demonstration in Bil'in was in solidarity with Palestinian photo journalist, Mohammed Al Qeeq held in prison by occupation forces and has been on hunger strike for 74 days. Even before the demo started, the Israeli forces who came with a bigger than usual number of cars, showered the first barrage of tear gas on few kids who approached to confront them. In the demo participated about dozen Israelis with the anarchists against the wall, ten internationals and about 2 dozen activists of Bil'in. After marching a bit from the village down the hill the state forces stared to shower us with tear gas. The suspicion that the lot of soldiers meant an uglier than usual confrontation was disproved. The massive tear gas clouds and the changing wind just forced us to retreat a bit more than usual before the usual 30 minutes of confrontation ended. Then the state forces drove away and we declared another small victory.

Nabi Saleh

29-1-16 Today IOF attacks the demonstration directly by rubber bullets 10 person was injured three cases need a hospital treatment
"With Israeli brutality escalating, as well as settlement construction, Palestinians of Nabi Saleh confronted the Israeli army near the main entrance to the village. This entrance is often closed by the army, forcing thousands of motorists to take long detours to and from Ramallah. The soldiers attempted to disperse protesters with tear gas and rubber coated steel bullets, injuring several. Two protesters were transported to hospital for medical attention."
Bilal Tamimi
Nabi Saleh 05/02/2016
As Israeli military repression continues to escalate in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, villagers of Nabi Saleh confronted the IDF demanding an end to the occupation and violence. Earlier this week, the military imposed a siege on the city of Ramallah and surrounding villages, including Nabi Saleh, which resulted in many cut off from their sources of livelihood, from places of study and work.
The Israeli soldiers attempted to disperse the march using tear gas and rubber bullets, and targeted three photojournalists at the scene with rubber bullets. No injuries reported.
Nabi Saleh Friday 5.2.2016 protest video at
David Reeb
Bassem Tamimi
12 February 2016 17:06
Bil'in 12-2-16 The calmest Friday demo for a long time. The Israeli state forces "allowed" us to get down from the village and even to cross the olive orchard and start to go up the hill before stopping us with tear gas. Then we confronted them from this point and for about half an hour only shot us sporadic grenades of tear gas when we tried to go up the hill.
after about half an hour we started to go back to the village.
Friday 12-2-16: On the 80th day of Muhammad al-Qiq's hunger strike, villagers from Nabi Saleh and solidarity activists confronted the Israeli army demanding to release the journalist immediately. Al-Qiq, a journalist from Dura in the Hebron district, was jailed by Israel without charges or trial. Currently, hundreds of Palestinians are held in administrative detention as well. Al-Qiq launched his hunger strike demanding to be charged or released. Israeli court suspended his administrative detention order, but refused to let him be transferred to a Palestinian hospital. In the past few days reports of al-Qiq's deteriorating health have raised concerned in Palestine and in the international community, and thousands of Palestinians have been protesting all over the country calling for his immediate release.
The IDF attempted to disperse protesters in Nabi Saleh by firing live ammunition in their general direction. The army Also penalized Nabi Saleh residents by closing the main gate connecting the village with Ramallah. No injuries were reported.


5-2-16 israelpnm

12-2-16, Friday, "Israeli soldiers attacked, Friday, the weekly non-violent protest against the Annexation Wall and Colonies, in Ni’lin village, west of the central West Bank city of Ramallah, wounding many Palestinians, including a young man, who suffered a serious injury, after the soldiers shot him with a rubber-coated steel bullet in his head.
Medical sources said the soldiers shot the young man directly in his head, causing him a very serious injury, before local medics transferred him to a hospital, where he was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit.
The soldiers also shot three other young men, while dozens of Palestinians suffered the effects of tear gas inhalation.
The Popular Committee against the Wall and Colonies in Ni’lin said this week’s non-violent protest comes in solidarity with hunger striking detainee, Journalist Mohammad al-Qeeq, who started his hunger strike 80 days ago, and against the ongoing illegal Israeli occupation, colonies and constant violations."

Kafr Qaddum


Refuseniks demo

31-1-16 About 15 members of the anarchist-communist federation Ahdut (Unity) joined radical activists demo of solidarity with the refusniks TanYa (Ahdut member) and Tair at the gate of the recruiting centre.
After the demo TanYa will be arrested for the firs term and Tair for the second.

Israel, Usafia, 13-2-16, Twenty members of the anarchist communist federation Ahdut (Unity) in Israel (who participate in the joint struggle - mainly in Bil'in) celebrated the 6th anniversary of organization.

Don't say we did not know #485
The Palestinian Daraghme family, living on the outskirts of Luban-a-Sharqiyya, suffers from repeated attacks by settlers coming from the direction of the neighbouring settlement Ma’ale Levona.
During the night of Thursday, 21st January, 2015, settlers once again attacked the family home. They demolished the five security cameras. The family summoned the police, which arrived only three hours later. As on previous occasions, no searches for the attackers were carried out in the neighbouring settlements.
On Wednesday, 27th January, 2016, government representatives, escorted by the police came yet again to demolish the mosque in the Bedouin village Rakhme, near Yeruham. (It was previously demolished on 6th January, 2016.)

Don't say we did not know #486
On Thursday, 4th February, 2016, IDF soldiers came to the Palestinian community Maqaser, near the Hamra checkpoint, in the Jordan Valley, and demolished homes and sheep-pens belonging to two families. This is the second time the homes and sheep-pens of these families have been demolished; the first time was in August 2015.
On Sunday 31st January, 2016, Government representatives, escorted by the police, came to destroy hundreds of dunums (1 dunum = 1000 sq.m) of grain planted in the Bedouin village Rakhme, near Yeruham.

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