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Palestine-Israel, The world in turmoil; the old world order will never be the same again; and the joint struggle contributed to the processes that tip the scales*.

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Bil'in, Ni'ilin, Ma'asarah, Nabi Saleh, Qaddum, South of Hebron Hills, Sheikh Jarrah

On 1st of January 1994 in Chiapas the masses held high the flag of rebellion just after the world capitalist celebrated their triumph on the revolutions of the 20th century and promoted their neo-liberal globalization of the world. But the struggle continued in entirely new mode. The amazing development in Rojava in which the main imperial powers find themselves giving aerial support to the anti authoritarian anti capitalists Kurds of Syria is like a flock of sparrows that mark that the spring is already hear. As part of the imminent change is the panic of the Israeli Zionist ruling elite from the faster advance of the B.D.S.... We cannot measure the contribution of each act of struggle to the change, but it seems that the many thousands of international activists who participated with us in the non armed joint struggle against the separation fence, the settlers, and occupation have a significant share. [Italiano]


Friday weekly demonstration 19.6.2015
Friday 26-6-15 in Bil'in. A dozen Israelis joined the villagers in the weekly demonstration against against the occupation and the separation wall and in solidarity with Imad of Jaffa brain damaged in Bil'in demo years ago.
We barely exited from the village when the Israeli state force started to shower us with tear gas.
In spite the western wind and shower of tear gas canisters we persisted nearly an hour till the armed forces went away.
Mohammed Basman Yasin photos at:
On April 23 2010, Emad Rizka from Jaffa participated in a demonstration in Bil'in commemorating the Shahid Bassem Abu Rahme (Phill), that was shot to death by an Israeli soldiers a year before. Ironically Emad was shot exactly the same way that Bassem was shot - with a metal gas canister, shot directly at him against open fire regulations of the army. He was severely wounded in the head and suffers until this day from brain damage. Two weeks ago, five years after the incident, the Israeli Military Advocate General decided to close the case and not to prosecute the shooting soldier. In the demonstration today, the people of Bil'in demanded justice for Emad and the indictment of the criminal soldier.
3-7-2015 the 537th Friday demo in Bil'in against the occupation and the settlers and in the memory of Mohammed Abu Khdair burned to death a year ago by settler. 15 Israelis with the anarchists against the wall initiative and few international supporters joined the Bil'iners. The wind was a bit better this week and most of us succeeded to to resist the tear gas shower by dispersing among the olive trees long enough to see the Israeli soldiers going away - failing to stop the demonstration.

Nabi Saleh

Friday weekly demonstration 19.6.2015 On the first Friday of the holy month of Ramadan, residents of Nabi Saleh staged a demonstration in solidarity with the hunger striking political prisoner, Khader Adnan. Adnan, who already went through a long hunger strike back in 2012 before he was released, launched another hunger strike several weeks ago in protest of the repeated renewal of his administrative detention. Since then, his medical condition has reportedly deteriorated, and he was taken to an Israeli hospital, where he is kept cuffed to his bed. Protesters held banners with Adnan's image and marched with the Palestinian flag. The Israeli soldiers attempted to disperse them by firing rounds of tear gas. No major injuries reported.
For more info & photos, Please click on the link:
David Reeb
26/06/2015 In spite of the heat and the Ramadan fasting, residents of Nabi Saleh, accompanied by solidarity activists, marched in support of the hunger striking political prisoners, languishing in the occupier’s prisons. The Israeli soldiers attempted to disperse the march: They drove their jeeps into the village, firing tear gas canisters at residents and photojournalists. No major injuries reported.
David Reeb
3-7-2015 Friday demo - The third Friday of Ramadan was dedicated to the commemoration of Muhammad Abu Khdeir, a Jerusalem teenager brutally murdered by Israeli settlers a year ago. Residents of Nabi Saleh marched commemorating Abu Khdeir as well as Muhammad Kasba, a 17 years old Palestinian murdered by a high ranking Israeli officer that same morning (3.7.2015). The Israeli army raided the village in an attempt to disperse protesters, using tear gas and rubber bullets. Local youth gathered to repel the invasion. No major injuries reported.
Bilal Tamimi



Sheikh Jarrah

Friday weekly demonstration 19.6.2015


Friday 19-6-15 2 injured with live bullets and others with rubber during the suppression of K Q march
it's the first time that we could reach the gate which closed our road, this made the Israeli soldiers very angry and attack us with many soldiers ,jeeps, the car of skunk water and big bulldozer.
snipers used the houses to shoot from it so we have the following were injured:
1. Sari Sameee tow live bullets in his leg.
2. Bashar Mahmoud live bullet in his leg.
3. Mohammad Yaqoub rubber bullet so he fell down and has his leg broken.
Hundreds of Palestinians participated the march despite Ramadan beside friends from Israel and from I S M and friends from Makhsoum watch.
at the end of the march 2 jeeps with tear gas machine shoot many tear gas canisters towards the houses causing little fire in gardens and suffocated case inside houses.
26-6-2015 No injured persons today in K Q march just easy suffocated cases
Today in K Q march many soldiers from different units stormed the village at 10 am with jeeps , bulldozer and the car of skunk water.
The army used one of houses as center of the snipers who shoot live and rubber bullets towards the people who participate the march without injures.
They used skunk water inside houses this make life inside these houses very hard because of bad smell.
At the end of the march they stormed the village again with two jeeps and bulldozer shooting tenths of tear gas canisters most of them fell in houses.
Saturday, 27-6-15 - a special 16:00 demo. Child of 14 was shot with explosive bullet today in K Q
Mohammad Abd Al-elah child of 14 was shot in his leg today Saturday during suppression of K Q march which organized at 4 o'clock today.
According to medical stuff that's the first time that they have seen such bullet which broke his leg completely.
Israeli soldiers attacked the march using live and rubber bullets beside tear gas canisters .Friday 3-7-2015
Friday 3.7.15 A child of 12 years was shot today with rubber bullet in head during Kuffor Qaddom march
Ahmad Bashar 12 years was shot with rubber bullet in his head during the Israeli suppression of K Q march the first in the fifth year.
many soldiers attacked the village and stormed houses using it centers to their snipers.
the army used live and rubber bullets beside tear gas canisters and skunk water inside the house.
this march is the first one in the fifth year after we have finished 4 years on 1-7-2015
David Reeb

South of Hebron Hills

Saturday 4.7.2015

Don’t say we didn’t know #454

On Thursday, 11th June, 2015, the IDF ordered Palestinian communities in the Jordan Valley to evacuate, together with their livestock, due to army maneuvers. The communities live in El Malih, El Burj, El Minka and Khumsa. They moved out of their homes and localities for six hours (06:00-12:00). The army said that on 17th June, 2015 they would again have to evacuate for similar reasons – military exercises in the region.

On Wednesday, 10th June, 2015, government representatives again demolished El’Araqib. Similarly, in ’Abde (near the ruins of Ovdat) and in Fur’a (near Arad), Bedouin homeowners demolished their own homes, fearing that the authorities would demolish those homes and make them pay the expenses!
Don’t say we didn’t know #455
On Saturday, 13th June, 2015, Palestinians from Susya, in the South Hebron Hills, discovered that settlers had damaged ten of their olive trees. The olive grove is near the settlement Susya (the Palestinian village and Israeli settlement share the same name) and an IDF guard-post.

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