The Rojava Revolution, Gender Liberation & Feudalism video from DABF 2015

category mashriq / arabia / iraq | gender | link to video author Thursday May 14, 2015 00:07author by Paul - edited by Andrew - WSM -- Dublin Anarchist Bookfair

This sessions at the 2015 Dublin anarchist bookfair examined the reasons why gender liberation is central to the Rojava revolution in northern Syria and looks in particular at the importance of the struggle against tribal feudalism.

The gender liberation struggle fundamentally underlies the struggle for class politics in Rojava as the oppression of women is essential to the maintenance of the tribal-feudal structures of traditional Kurdish society which obstruct class interests by dividing people along tribal loyalties. Unlike in Western Europe where tribalism was mostly suppressed by the feudal class system long before the transition to capitalism, in Kurdistan tribalism also needs to be defeated as it remains fundamental to the reproduction of exploitation.

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