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Palestine-Israel, 10 years of the joint struggle in Bil'in against the settlers, the separation fence/wall, and occupation*

category mashriq / arabia / iraq | indigenous struggles | news report author Sunday February 15, 2015 21:49author by Ilan S. - AAtW, ainfos Ahdut (Unity)author email ilan.shalif at gmail dot comauthor address Tel Aviv Report this post to the editors

The joint struggle of the villages local popular comities and the Israeli "anarchists against the wall" initiative started about 12 years ago in the Maskha camp. Joint struggles were developed in various villages with various successes but only the struggle of Bil'in persisted for year after year holding high the flag of popular unarmed struggle and became the focus of attention and inspirations for Palestinians of the whole west bank, many thousands of international activists who joined us for short periods (and some for long ones)... spreading the news and the struggle after returning home. Even the few thousand of the Israeli wide spectrum of the radical left been in Bil'in at least once and helped us to prevent the marginalization of the popular Palestinian resistance. On the coming Friday - the 20th of February, we will celebrate our 10 years of contributing to the Palestinian Tsumud (persistence) - the only thing that prevented the Zionist total transfer out of the Palestinians. [Italiano]


Today, in Bil'in, West Bank, Palestinian children stood firmly against the occupation. As always, the non-violent demonstrators were met with teargas and rubber bullets. There is not much of a childhood for Palestinian kids. The occupation also robs us of that.
Natalie Wallach
Haitham Al Khatib
Friday 13-2-15:8 Israelis with the anarchists against the wall (4 of us also of the anarcho-communist Ahdut [Unity]) joined a dozen of internationals and Bil'iners in the end of the ten years of Friday demos. While we were converging near the last homes of the village, The Israeli state forces started to shower the road with a barrage of tear gas. After a while, the wind cleared the cloud of tear gas and we started to march towards the route of the original separation fence dismantled after years of struggle and replaced by a wall about one kilometer to the west... The army tried to block our way but many of us succeeded to cross the small valley and arrived when the soldiers stood. As they failed to block the way using tear gas and shooting they sprayed pepper on the faces of some of us and arrested two: they arrest Mohamed Khatib of the village struggle comity, and an activist from the UK. One participant suffered from a wound in his leg caused by a steel bullet.coated by rubber, and 10 suffered from Pepper spray directed to their faces. .
Experimenting in Bil'in: It was a bit strange that in a windy Friday, mostly a western wind that hampered the demonstration, lot of people succeeded to come very near to the soldiers. It seems, like it occurred in the past, Israeli state forces lured many of us to approach so they will be able to try a new weapon or a tactic. To day, they tested a mass use on pepper spray on faces of 10 participant (including two feminine Israelis and two others they they arrested after the spray for observation).



Nabi Saleh

Scores suffocated from tear gas today during the weekly demonstration in Nabi Saleh. The march began at Martyrs’ Square and proceeded towards the main entrance to the village, whose iron gates were closed. Palestinian and foreign protesters were led by children carrying signs with slogans against the occupation and demanding national rights. When protesters were 100 meters from the gate, clashes ensued, and the Israeli soldiers fired tear gas canisters and rubber bullets at protesters. Demonstrators then marched towards the expropriated water spring and lands, as women and girls led the march to shield the youth from the snipers. The popular resistance movement is calling to form a united leadership and program of struggle on the basis of popular resistance in order to resist policies of uprooting, displacement and settlements, and for the international community to implement resolutions against the occupation.
Palestinian women, children and men demonstrated in the West Bank village of Nabi Saleh today against the occupation and illegal theft of their lands. The protest was met with a barrage of over a hundred tear gas canisters fired by Israeli soldiers. The village's women and young children also faced down Israeli snipers, who were attempting to occupy earth mounds directly amidst the protesters
Today in Nabi Saleh: Israeli occupation force snipers opened fire on residents with live ammunition.
David Reeb
Friday 13-2-15: Residents of Nabi Saleh marched today in the pouring rain against the ongoing occupation and land annexation. Earlier this week, Israel revealed plans to expand the nearby settlement of Halamish, built in part on lands confiscated from villagers. Protesters marched towards the main entrance to the village, and were encountered by barraged of tear gas and rubber-coated steel bullets fired by the Israeli soldiers in an attempt to disperse the march. No injuries were reported.
Bilal Tamimi
David Reeb


Kufr Qaddum 's (west bank, near Nablus) habitants demonstrating and resisting against the theft of their lands, the military occupation, its settlements and the separation wall.
Abdallah Qaddomi
Friday 13-2-15:a weekly protest march in Kafr Qaddum, a local popular committee leader said.
Popular resistance committee coordinator Murad Shtewi said 17-year-old Jamil Shtewi was shot in the leg when Israeli forces fired tear gas, rubber-coated bullets, and live bullets at protesters.
The teen was taken to Rafidia hospital in Nablus for treatment.
Dozens of others suffered from tear gas inhalation and where treated at the scene.
Israeli bulldozers also pushed the remains of a pile of burnt tires into the yard of local resident Adnan Ali, Shtewi said.

Sheikh Jarrah

Friday protest February 6, 2015


February 6-12, 2015 - Popular Struggle Coordination Committee: Popular Resistance activists are rebuilding of ‪#‎Jerusalem_Gate‬ on the lands of Abu Dies and Al Eizarieh for the sixth time post being demolished by the Occupation. This is the sixth time their camp has been demolished this week. Every time they rebuild a small shelter, with three walls and a simple roof. Most likely, at this today it will be destroyed once more by the Israeli government - and rebuilt by the Palestinians


Don't Say We Didn't Know 440

On Tuesday, January 27, 2015, the Israeli army held maneuvers in the north-west part of the Palestinian village of Bardalah, in the northern Occupied Palestinian Jordan Valley. Hundreds of soldiers entered the village while firing weapons and throwing stun grenades. They also conducted searches in village homes. On Friday the maneuvers were still ongoing throughout all of the northern part of the Palestinian Jordan Valley.
After publicizing the news about destroying crops in the South Hebron Hills, I found out that I had been mistaken: the lands concerned are located inside Israel proper. They had been the property of the said villagers prior to 1948. Following the war, as they were on the Israeli side of the border, Israel's government took over their ownership. The original owners claim their right to have them back.
Don’t say we didn’t know #441
On Wednesday, 4th February, 2015, tractors from the Parks and Nature Reserves Authority, with a military escort, destroyed nearly 800 dunums (dunum = 1000 sq.m) of crops belonging to Palestinians in the South Hebron Hills, on lands belonging to villagers from Jinba, Halawa and Markaz.
------------------------- ------------------------------
On Tuesday, 3rd February, 2015, government representatives escorted by the Yoav unit of the police force came to Bedouin localities in the Negev to slough and destroy crops. First they destroyed in Abu Grinat, near Aroer junction, and then in Hura. On their way back from Hura, they were involved in an accident in which eight Bedouin women from Hura were killed and thirty injured.

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See at the blog previous reports about the joint struggles the Anarchists Against the Wall take part in.
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