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For freedom of speech, against the Sacred Union

category france / belgium / luxemburg | migration / racism | press release author Wednesday January 14, 2015 04:14author by Commission international - Alternative Libertaireauthor email k-m at no-log dot org Segnalare questo messaggio alla redazione

Alternative libertaire, Mouvement des Objecteurs de Croissance, Nouveau Parti Anticapitaliste, Parti Communiste des Ouvriers de France The slaughter perpetrated atCharlie Hebdo editorial offices has caused a perfectly legitimate wave of indignation and anger, that we share. Our condemnation of this massacre, that aims at wreaking terror and silencing journalists defending freedom of speech, is total.
We condemn with equal determination the murderous antisemitic violence that has been unleashed against a cosher supermarket's customers.

Our thoughts go out to the victims' relatives to whom we wish to express our total support.

These attacks are the work of religious fascists whose dream it is to impose their deadly illusions on society. We must be very clear in denouncing unreservedly this fanaticism. We fight all fascisms, whether they thrive on nationalism or beliefs from the Dark Ages, whichever their guide or prophet. Their only wish is to spread terror, deliberately provoke horror and fear, and create situations of extreme tension. In this, they are the perfect accomplices of the National Front and the extreme right.
As we feared, this killing has become a fodder for racist speeches and a pretext to attack muslim places of worship.
You can tell the reactionary penpushers and opportunistic politicians won't be long in ranting about the so-called « Shock of Civilisations », and to use the event to renew their attacks against immigrants, foreigners and muslims.
We are not less shocked by the way it is politically exploited in particular by the Hollande Government. The call on « national unity » is just a huge smokescreen to create confusion and to justify : 
 France's military interventions in Irak, Mali, and Central Africa, whose primary goal was to preserve the imperialist interests of French companies in the area, maintain its dictators, and never to fight jihadism that France has never hesitated to arm under other circumstances.
 A new attack on freedom. Just like in the aftermath of 9/11, governments will use antiterrorism as an excuse for more surveillance and filing, that experience has proved to be used more often against union workers and political. 
The government's antisocial policy. By surfing on the emotional shock that has impacted each and everyone of us, Valls and Hollande want to push the current austerity policy in the background, particularly the Macron law project (discussed end of January in Parliament) that aims at fragilising even more the workers means of defence, making further layoffs even more easy, degrading the amount of nightshift and sunday overtime.

Looking at it all from a broader perspective, many among the political forces that make a show of being outraged today are partly responsible for the country's poisonous atmosphere by stigmatising immigrant workers and their children, more so if they appear to be Muslim.
This exploitation is all the more outrageous that Charlie Hedo's assassinated journalists never thought twice about condemning politicians the like of Hollande, Sarkozy or Le Pen. If the PS and UMP (respectively the French socialist and right-wing parties) had had their way, the National Front would have been invited to the so-called « republican march » on Sunday. What would the murdered journalists have thought of this ?
We deeply regret that Sunday's demonstration – initially set up by antiracist organisations - was transformed into a « Republican march » for which Valls would like to appear as the organiser and where Sarkozy will be marching.
Fiercely opposed to this « national unity », for the reasons mentioned above, we will not participate. It is of utmost importance that all those who feel outraged by this fascist attempt and who refuse to march alongside Sarkozy and Valls, all those who are intent on resisting racism and discriminations, on opposing security policies designed to curb our liberties, to regroup and recapture the intiative

Signatories: Alternative libertaire, Mouvement des Objecteurs de Croissance, Nouveau Parti Anticapitaliste, Parti Communiste des Ouvriers de France

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