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Last news from Kobanę

The Turkish state that is preparing to interfere to avoid the ISIS danger, is at the same time neglecting the offensive made by ISIS supporters within its borders, showing its politics of hypocrisy. [Italiano]

Latest Situation

Since governance of Urfa has forbidden entrances to Suruç, our comrades met with other DAF members using other ways and joined the human shield group. At the same time, Turkish Armed Forces increased their attacks with gas bombs on people of Kobanę who wait at the Müşritpınar border gate.

After pushing back ISIS from dominant hills 500 meter distance from the border, YPG fell back some more from the western front in the following days. This strategic fall back is an efficient action against ISIS’ heavier weapons. Clashes increase in the night.

A “stop the city” was called in Amed in solidarity with Kobanę resistance while many shops were closed and schools boycotted in Amed and rest of Kurdistan.

The border watch is gaining importance as ISIS is receiving more supplies through Turkish border in the last days.
Comrades report that people of Kobane are persecuted in the Yumurtalik border gate. Number of ill and wounded is very high. Children are deprived of food and water. Many wounded people wait on the ground for hours without any treatment and transported to Suruc in the back of trucks.

Opportunist people try to sell vital supplies to people from Kobanę with very high prices. Border watchers from human shield group also interfere with these.ISIS bombing now intensified on the villages 1-2 km east of Kobanę and continues on West of Kobanę.

Turkish State Prepares for Assault

Harrasing fire by turkish army on October 3rd early morning is rather meaningful considering ground war planned allegedly to protect tomb of king Süleyman and the military permit. Turkish state that let ISIS militants and supplies through borders for months is pursuing other strategic gains disguised as help.

Turkish military police threatened the human shield commune that our comrades are part of, and is increasing attacks to evacuate the village.

Turkish state that is preparing to interfere to avoid the ISIS danger, is at the same time neglecting the offensive made by ISIS supporters within its borders, showing its politics of hypocrisy.

Anarchist Women in Kobane

As revolutionary anarchists, in these days that we see Kobanę people’s struggle for freedom as our own struggle for freedom, we are raising Azadî/Freedom principle in every area. We will not allow states, capitalists or murderer gangs to give harm to Kobanę people. Our anarchist women comrades (Anarchist Women Organisation) are on the road to expand this revolutionary solidarity with saying "For destroying the borders and creating the freedom; to Kobanę!".

Long Live the Resistance of Kobanę!

Long Live the Revolution of Rojava!

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author by Huseyinpublication date Tue Oct 07, 2014 06:06author address author phone

Last situation; ISIS is so near in Kobanę. The clashes got increased with ISIS. Now everywhere in Turkey and Kurdistan people are going to the streets...

I am sending you the link from anarşi haber (anarchist news) for pictures;

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author by Huseyin - DAFpublication date Tue Oct 07, 2014 09:21author address author phone

Kobanę did not fall and won’t fall!

Everyone who live and go for solidarity to Suruç, are waiting in the borders. People whole around Anatolia and Mezopotamia are in the streets. All Kurdish people and revolutionaries make everywhere Kobanę. If Kobanę falls, Kobanę’s fire will burn everwhere.

Everywhere is Kobanę, everywhere is resistance!,
Long live the Rojava Revolution!

author by Paul Adams - BBCpublication date Tue Oct 07, 2014 21:52author address author phone

Islamic State (IS) militants have entered the key Syria-Turkey border town of Kobane and taken control of three districts after street-to-street fighting with Syrian Kurd defenders.

IS fighters entered the eastern districts on Monday, raising their black flag on buildings and hills.

Local officials said about 2,000 civilians fled to the Turkish border.

Taking Kobane, besieged for three weeks, would give IS control of a long stretch of the Syrian-Turkish border.

More than 160,000 Syrians, mainly Kurds, have fled the town.

Earlier a local official in Kobane, Idriss Nassan, told the BBC that the town would "certainly fall soon".

He confirmed IS was now in control of Mistenur, the strategic hill above the town and that there was heavy shelling. Kobane is now besieged on three sides.

Aircraft from the US-led coalition are reported to have conducted further strikes on Tuesday morning, though the targets were unclear.

Large explosions were heard by reporters monitoring from the Turkish side of the border and plumes of smoke could be seen.

There are also reports that IS fighters entered parts of the south-west of the town overnight. Clashes, including sniper fire, were reported by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights activist group.

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