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Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle activists insist in the efforts to change the world*

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Week after week, on weekend and in the week-days to anarchists and other activists insist of leaning our Shoulders on the wheels of history that revolve too slow and push them as much as we can. There is not much of energy in the masses and many activists lost the urge to participate, but still many of us persist and join the meager efforts of the Palestinians who resist the advancing transfer efforts of the Israeli Zionist project and its state forces. The international solidarity activists who join us bring with them the echoes of world wide expanding support and the message that our struggle contribute a lot to it. The frustrated Israeli state forces continue their murderous efforts to extinguish the popular struggle adding live ammunition from time to time like the last week at the demo in Bitunia (near the Ofer concentration camp) but retreat under mounting international pressure. [Italiano]

Beit Ommar

Of today protest in solidarity with Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike in Israeli occupation jails...The protest was organized by Beit Ommar popular movement at the entrance of the town at road 60 connecting south to north. 10s of heavily armed Israeli occupation forces attacked the protesters physically using guns buts and platoons in addition to using tear gas and stun grenades. Three participants were arrested and severely beaten including Yousef Abu Mariya 40 years old (Coordinator of Beit Ommar Popular Movement), Ahmad ABu Hashem (spokesman of the Popular Movement) and Kobi Snitz 38 years old (Israeli activist). Fascist soldiers blocked the town's entrances and occupied Palestinian houses rooftops, 17 May 2014.
Younes Arar



Thursday 15.5.14 Answering the call of the popular committees, hundreds of Palestinians staged a demonstration in front of the Ofer military prison compound, protesting the plight of Palestinian political prisoners. The IOF fired barrages of tear gas, plastic coated steel bullets and live ammunition. At least 10 people were taken to the hospital in Ramallah for treatment, including a photojournalist from Bilin who suffered gun shot wound to his abdomen and a head injury.
Haim Schwarczenberg


Clashes on May 16, 2014 in Betunia West Bank. Palestinians from the Ramallah area congregated this Friday in front of Ofer Military prison, at the same spot where two protesters were killed by IOF's live bullets the day before during clashes outside the Israeli-run Ofer prison following a protest to mark 'Nakba' or 'catastrophe' of the Jewish state's creation. forgone press published that Udeh and Nuwarah died in a Ramallah hospital after being shot in the chest during a protest near Ofer jail to demand the release of thousands of Palestinians held by Israel. The IOF, deployed on nearby roofs and a hilltop, attempted to disperse protesters by using barrages of tear gas canisters and rubber-coated steel bullets. A few protesters were injured and required medical attention. They were taken by ambulance to hospital
Haim Schwarczenberg
David Reeb


Demonstration in Friday 16.5.14
Maya Glasel

Nabi Saleh - 09/05/2014

For over two weeks, hundreds of Palestinian political prisoners are hunger striking for dignity and freedom. The local popular committee in the village of Nabi Saleh dedicated Friday's demonstration to the hunger striking prisoners and called for national and global show of solidarity. Palestinians and solidarity activists marched towards the main entrance to the village, where they were met with barrages of tear gas and rubber coated steel bullets. A paramedic was injured from three such bullets while assisting another injured young man.
Bilal Tamimi


Friday, 9.12.14
Odai Qaddomi

South Hebron hills

Harassment of Palestinian farmers and shepherds in South Hebron hills
by both settlers and the army continues. These forces take over their lands
and prevent them from accessing it.

This coming Saturday, May 10, we will be heading again to our activity in
several locations in the
area, accompany Palestinian farmers and shepherds to their lands and help
them stand up for their rights.

Without the presence of activists, many farmers don't get the chance to
cultivate their land.
There is a direct link between the number of activists
who come to accompany the farmers and their
ability to live
a relatively normal life.

Sheik Jarah

The residents of Sheikh Jarrah are continuing their protest vigils in the
neighborhood every Friday, protesting their violent evictions from their
homes, the taking over of the neighborhood by the settlers, and the
Judaization of East Jerusalem.They call upon each and every person who
supports their struggle to join them. Please make the effort and join them
this may 9th, for a vigil in support of their struggle.the vigil will
start at 4:00 Pm We will meet at the Sheikh Jarrah Garden, Nablus Road and
Dahlmann St.

Don't Say We Didn't Know 410
The Palestinian village of Tawayil, a satellite locality of the larger Akraba in the West Bank,is home to 250 persons.
On Tuesday, April 29, 2014, Israeli soldiers entered the village and demolished three dwellings, a mosque, a sheep pen and a chicken coup, leaving 29 people homeless.
The village has suffered repeated demolitions. Thus, for example, the Israeli army demolished two homes, three water cisterns and a sheep pen this past January.
The village lands lie east of it, and a larger part of them has been declared by the Israeli army as a firing zone, serving it for maneuvers. Limited in tilling their more distant plots, farmers of this village have not been able to reach some of them.
On Thursday, May 1, 2014, Israeli officials escorted by police came to the Bedouin village of Rahma, near the Negev town of Yerucham, and demolished a home. They proceeded to demolish another home at Tel Sheva. They then demolished Al Arakib, yet again

Don't Say We Didn't Know 411

On Thursday, May 8, 2014, Israeli authority agents escorted by police arrived at the Negev Bedouin village of Al Zarnoug (near Moshav Nevatim) and distributed home demolition orders. The government plans to evacuate this village numbering 4,000 inhabitants, in order to found a Jewish settlement named Omrit. Note that the Bedouin village Umm al Kheiran, too, is destined for destruction as the government intends to replace it with a Jewish settlement named Khiran.
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