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Palestine-Israel, The smell of the nearing victory the joint struggle contribute to so much to.*

category mashriq / arabia / iraq | community struggles | news report author Tuesday February 25, 2014 04:12author by Ilan S. - AAtW, ainfos Ahdut (Unity)author email ilan.shalif at gmail dot comauthor address Tel Aviv Report this post to the editors

The Israeli media is nearly obsessed with the escalation of the B.D.S. as if they know things they do not disclose. Both supporters and rejectors of the end of the occupation start to regard it as immanent and not in the far future. A section of the Israeli capitalist elite which is suffering from the boycott and fear its escalation start to organize to accelerate the end of occupation. 100 of them traveled for the Davos conference and official organization was established. On the ground, it seems that the efforts of the Israeli state forces escalate their repression of on going struggles and make more efforts to transfer villagers from strategic locations. Bil'in will celebrate the ninth anniversary of the ongoing struggle on the 28th of February. [Italiano]


Weekly Demo 14.02.2014
Members of the emerging anarcho-communist Ahdut gradually integrate in the joint struggle.
"The Israeli anarchist against the wall and the settlements, who stand always with the Palestinian against the Israeli occupation.
Invitation for Bil'in central march in the 9th anniversary on Friday 28\2\2014


Friday 14.2.2014

Nabi Saleh

14.2.2014 weekly protest Israeli forces have brutally suppressed today’s protest in Nabi Saleh as they fired large quantities of teargas leading to the suffocation of tens of protesters including children and women in the protest.The protesters chanted for loving Palestine and against the Israeli brutal occupation and its refusal to any forms of justice and peace.
Israeli forces have also fired rubber coated bullets at the peaceful protesters and declared the area a closed military zone.The protesters who wanted to reach the land threatened by confiscation were not allowed to reach the area and were met with teargas. Clashes between the youth and Israeli forces erupted and lasted for hours.The protesters have also protested the blocking of the entrance to Nabi Saleh with a large metal gate set up by Israeli forces and the Israeli destruction of a tent set up by the villagers next to their land.
David Reeb


The popular resistance committee in Nabi Saleh (Intifada) called for a national strategy to the popular resistance in Palestine in order for the movement to grow and achieve its goals in liberating Palestine.


02/14/2014 demo


Odai Qaddomi

The Israeli army suppress the march of Kafr Qudoom causing many suffocated cases Today in K Q march nearly 50 soldiers participated suppression the people who share in it by tear gas canisters and sound bombs and metal bullets covered with plastic. The marsh as usual began after praying with participation of hundreds from the people and friends from international movements and Israeli friends. The army shoot many canisters directly towards us sometimes from guns other times from the jeep. We as people of KAFR QUDOOM believe in our right to use our road free and also believe in such kind of struggle not only to open our road but to end occupation. At the same time and although we face suppression in many kinds from the Israeli army arresting, storming the village, damaging the houses, check points we will not gave up

South Hebron hills

Harassment of Palestinian farmers and shepherds in South Hebron hills by both settlers and the army continues. These forces take over their lands and prevent them from accessing it. This coming Saturday, February 22st, we will be heading again to our activity in several locations in the area, accompany Palestinian farmers and shepherds to their lands and help them stand up for their rights. Without the presence of activists, many farmers don't get the chance to cultivate their land. There is a direct link between the number of activists who come to accompany the farmers and their ability to live a relatively normal life.


"Hebron marked today the 20th anniversary to the Baruch Goldstein massacre in the Ibrahimi mosque. At dawn of 25 February, 1994, Baruch Goldstein, a settler and a physician, opened fire on hundreds of Muslim worshipers at the mosque, killing 29 of them. In Hebron/Khalil, there will be a protest today to open Shuhada Street. The street which was the market street, and the social center of the city, is closed to Palestinian movement since the Goldstein massacre in 1994, including to its own residents who are obliged to climb to their roofs, and exit their homes through adjacent streets. The protest to open Shuhada street are amongst the hardest demonstrations that I had experienced. The army violently disperses the protestors, and the sound of shooting echoes loudly between the houses. But no less difficult than the tear gas, stun grenades and bullets, is the sight of a checkpoint in the middle of the street, in the middle of everything, the utmost meaning of the word occupation."
Friday- February 21, 2014 About two thousand protested in Hebron today, activists from various political parties and organizations,international activists, and Israeli ones (including anarchists) came together in defiance of this continuous closure and restriction of the mobility of Palestinians in their city, calling to open Shuhada street.
The IOF responded with barrages of tear gas, rubber-coated steel bullets and stun grenades deployed against demonstrators in an attempt to disperse them. Several injuries reported. One demonstrator was taken to hospital after sustaining a head injury. Five people were arrested today (Friday) afternoon, and more than 13 were injured during the annual Open Shuhada Street protest organized by Youth Against Settlements in Hebron in memorial of 20 years since the Ibrahimi Mosque massacre.
David Reeb

Sheikh Jarrah

Don't Say We Didn't Know 400

On Thursday, January 30, 2014, government agents escorted by police demolished a home in the Bedouin village of Sa'wa in the Negev (east of the town of Hura).
On Monday, February 3, 2014, similar forces demolished various Bedouin houses at the following Negev localities: Rahat, Tel Sheva, A-Sir (south of Beer Sheva), Bir Mashash (east of Abu Tlul) and Rahma (between Yeruham and Dimona).
On Wednesday, February 2, 2014, similar forces destroyed grain crops of Negev Bedouins in Dahiya (north of Rahat), around Lakiya, and at Khirbat al Watan (south of Hura).

Don’t say we didn’t know #401

The IDF’s transfer drills in the north of the West Bank, in the Jordan Valley, are continuing. On Thursday, 31st January, 2014, the IDF ordered 30 Palestinian families from Umm El Jamal (in the area of Hammamat El Melah) to vacate their homes for 48 hours, because of IDF maneuvers in the area. After 14 hours, the residents returned.
On Monday, 10th February, 2014, government representatives accompanied by police came to demolish Bedouin crops in the Negev, at Qatamat, west of Highway 80, and at Tel ‘Arad, north of Highway 31. The next day, Tuesday, they went on to destroy crops in Wadi El-Na’am, near Ramat Hovav. On Wednesday, the same action took place in Umm Batin, east of Beersheba.
On Thursday, 13th February, 2014 they demolished El-Araqib, again.

Amos Gvirtz

Social Struggle

Thursday 20-2-14, victims of gentrification in process of a small neighborhood of Tel Aviv - Givat Amal, were joined by the "Not Nice" activists and members of the anarchist-communist Ahdut in a demo at the compound of the tycoon who own the project
אתמול עם הלא נחמדים ותושבי גיבעת עמל אצל תשובה ברמת פולג

* From my blog at: - See at the blog previous reports about the the 11 years of joint struggles the Anarchists Against the Wall take part in.
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