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Statement in relation to the evictions of 3 squats in Patras, Greece

category greece / turkey / cyprus | community struggles | press release author Saturday August 10, 2013 16:33author by No man's land Report this post to the editors

Statement in relation to the evictions of Parartima, Maragopouleio and the TEI hangout in Patras, Greece, on Monday August 5th 2013

Translation found in Athens Indymedia:

4th to 5th August. At your orders...

With a move of extreme historical symbolism, the municipality [of Patras] and the police force decided to attack at dawn of 4th to 5th August (that is, exactly 77 years after the imposition of Metaxas' dictatorship) a space that signified the resistance against the colonels' junta [in the 1970s]. The target was the Parartima of the University of Patras, a space which students occupied in November 1973 in order to resist the Markezinis government; a building that for 40 years now has been the heart of the city's social struggles. In a space where, on an everyday basis, solidarity structures are born and become the shield of the oppressed. At the same time, in a stunning collaboration with the local mainstream media that are constantly in direct communication with the police, the municipality designed and executed mafia-like operations against two buildings, residence squats and political intervention spaces [Maragopouleio and TEI hangout], arresting activists on ridiculous charges.

We never had delutions, and for those who still have, we say to them ,wake up. The invasion of the police in Parartima squat is not only directed against anarchists, but also against the social fights themselves. The mayor's aim, who struggles to present "accomplishments" on the eve of local elections, is a city "clean" of protests, strikes and assemblies. Municipality crews have already started cementing the entrances of the buidlings. Instead of liberating the city from the onslaught of private interests, he actually shuts down each truly public space; his only concern is to hand everything to the markets. The exemplar is the commercial pedestrian road. For him, free city means a city free for consumption, to walk just to stare the shop windows.

The Maragopouleio's political thesis and social fingerprint constituted a hinder to Golden Dawn's plans to penetrate poor neighbourhoods in the city of Patras. This was the goal behind the invasion of the squat. The infamous theory of the extremes - which is actually used explicitly against the antagonistic movement - is nothing else than expanding the theory of the political center, that is, a typically fascist ideology that imposes onto society the role model of the "average man", the average needs, habits, behaviour and beliefs. It is pretty obvious that this average man does not exist! It constitutes a fascist construction of power that does not only criminalize every resisting subject, but also those who are different.

Some people assess reality by numbers, power by bank accounts, strength by weapons. Those people consider that buildings, walls and cement are part of the antagonistic movement. They will be dissapointed. The libertarian movement is much more than that. The libertarian movement has deep roots in the social-class struggles and it is neither located nor imprisoned in walls; it lives in the guts of society. When fascism becomes the system's and bosses' golden shield, the libertarian movement becomes society's shield. By putting forward solidarity against individualism, resistance against fear, collective creation against destruction, life itself against death.

They will find us confronting them...

No man's Land
Libertarian initiation against the state and capital
Patras 5/8/2013

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