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Publications by Zabalaza Books, March - June 2012

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All new publications by Zabalaza Books from March till June 2012

Concentric Circles: The Especifsta Concept of Concentric Circles in Anarchist Organisation

Author: Federação Anarquista do Rio de Janeiro – FARJ

English Translation: Jonathan Payn of the ZACF

PDF file size: 295 KB

The specific anarchist organisation uses, both for its internal and external functioning, the logic of what we call “concentric circles” – strongly inspired by the Bakuninist organisational model. The main reason that we adopt this logic of functioning is because, for us, the anarchist organisation needs to preserve different instances of action. These different instances should strengthen its work while at the same time allowing it to bring together prepared militants with a high level of commitment and approximating people sympathetic to the theory or practice of the organisation – who could be more or less prepared and more or less committed. In short, the concentric circles seek to resolve an important paradox: the anarchist organisation needs to be closed enough to have prepared, committed and politically aligned militants, and open enough to draw in new militants. …

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Weakening the Dam

Author: Twin Cities IWW

PDF file size: 350 KB

A pamphlet put out by the Twin Cities IWW branch for the purpose of promoting the development of workplace organisers, based on their experiences of organising at work. It offers the sort of practical advice we could all be implementing in our own workplaces.

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leaflet - AFed Statement on the Informal Anarchist Federation (May 2012)

Author: Anarchist Federation (England, Wales and Scotland)

PDF file size: 42.1 KB

On the 11th of May Roberto Adinolfi, CEO of an Italian state controlled nuclear engineering company, was shot and wounded. A cell of the insurrectionist Informal Anarchist Federation have claimed responsibility for the attack in a statement, saying that it was an act of vengeance for deaths and environmental damage caused by the nuclear industry. Previous acts claimed by Informal Anarchist Federation cells include sending a letter bomb to the Italian tax collection office, almost blinding a worker at the office and risking the lives of the postal and clerical workers who unwittingly carried the bomb. …

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The Workers’ Committee: An Outline of its Principles and Structure

Author: J.T. Murphy – Sheffield Workers’ Committee [1917]

PDF file size: 1.53 MB

“We will support the officials just so long as they rightly represent the workers, but we will act independently immediately they misrepresent them. Being composed of delegates from every shop and untrammelled by obsolete law or rule, we claim to represent the true feeling of the workers. We can act immediately according to the merits of the case and the desire of the rank and file.”

This pamphlet written by J.T.Murphy and published by the Sheffield Workers’ Committee in 1917. It describes the structure of the rank and file workers’ committees that developed during the First World War and proposes co-ordinating them into local and national committees in parallel with the trade unions.

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Social Anarchism and Organisation

Author: Federação Anarquista do Rio de Janeiro – FARJ

English Translation: Jonathan Payn of the ZACF

PDF file size: 849 KB

English translation of “Anarquismo Social e Organização”, by the Anarchist Federation of Rio de Janeiro (Federação Anarquista do Rio de Janeiro – FARJ), Brazil, approved at the 1st FARJ Congress, held on 30th and 31st of August 2008.

The first Congress of the FARJ was held with the principal objective of deepening our reflections on the question of organisation and formalising them into a programme. This debate has been happening within our organisation since 2003. We have produced theoretical materials, established our thinking, learned from the successes and mistakes of our political practice it was becoming increasingly necessary to further the debate and to formalise it, spreading this knowledge both internally and externally. The document “Social Anarchism and Organisation” formalises our positions after all these reflections. More than a purely theoretical document, it reflects the conclusions realised after five years of practical application of anarchism in the social struggles of our people. The document is divided into 16 parts. It has already been published in Portuguese in a book co-published between Faísca and the FARJ.

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NEW SECTION: AgitProp Series

Zabalaza Books’ new AgitProp Series is a series of Black and White short text pamphlets designed to be given out free of charge or for a small donation. The AgitProp Series is made up of short clear introductions on primary issues of concern to anarchists.

- Anarchism, Class Struggle and Political Organisation

- Anarchist Decision Making & Organisational Form

- Do Anarchists Reject “Class Conflict” and “Collective Struggle”?

- Racism and the Class struggle

- Revolutionary Trade Unionism – the key to Revolution

- The Workers’ Committee: An Outline of its Principles and Structure

- Building a Revolutionary Movement: Why Anarchist-Communist Organisation

- Insurrection and Organisation by Karl Blythe

- Strengthening Anarchism’s Gender Analysis and Transgender Liberation, Class Politics & Anarchism [2 essays]

- The Bosses Need Us …We Don’t Need Them: Common Sense Reasons for Worker Self-Management

- How to Fire Your Boss: A Workers Guide to Direct Action

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