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Report on the Internal Education Seminar of the Fórum do Anarquismo Organizado - Southern Region

category brazil/guyana/suriname/fguiana | anarchist movement | news report author Thursday March 22, 2012 19:53author by Fórum do Anarquismo Organizado - FAO Report this post to the editors

An internal education seminar for the Forum of Organized Anarchism (FAO) was held in Florianopolis (Santa Caterina state) on 17-18 March 2012. [Português]

Report on the Internal Education Seminar of the Fórum do Anarquismo Organizado - Southern Region

On 17-18 March 2012 an internal education seminar for the Southern Region of the Forum of Organized Anarchism (FAO) was held in Florianopolis (Santa Caterina state), with the participation of about 20 militants from various locations, members of the Federação Anarquista Gaúcha (FAG), the Coletivo Anarquista Bandeira Negra (CABN) from Florianópolis, Joinville and the recent support group in Chapecó, and also members of the Coletivo Anarquista Luta de Classe (CALC) and the Coletivo Quebrando Muros, both from Curitiba, as well as a guest from the Organização Anarquista Socialismo Libertário (OASL) from São Paulo.

The meeting took place at the Otilia Cruz School, in the Coloninha neighborhood, where residents are waging a struggle against the State Government, which closed the school in 2008 in order to transform the space into a reformatory. To resist this attack on their social right to education, the people organized in the Coloninha Residents Association have occupied the space since then and are managing it themselves in order to thwart the plans of the government which wanted to turn it into a reformatory and of property speculators who were seeking to buy the site. The residents' are fighting to reopen the school. The community has numerous workshops there, such as mirim samba, football, judo, ballroom dancing and guitar courses, among others, which have an important role in bringing together the community in the area and making use of the site.

The internal education seminar discussed the inner workings of specific anarchist organization, the process of joining and internal education, the type of work militants engage in, the importance of strategy and a work plan that is able to intensify the class struggle and lead towards popular power, through the self-management and federalism of the various struggles of the oppressed classes. The meeting also allowed an exchange of experiences between our fronts in various cities, allowing us to think better about the connection of the struggles in our regional organizations.

We continue to gradually develop organized anarchism in the Southern region and in Brazil, without isolating ourselves from the popular struggles or placing ourselves at their head, but participating shoulder to shoulder in building a strong people, so as to work towards a socialist, libertarian society.

Struggle, create, popular power!

Fórum do Anarquismo Organizado

Translation by FdCA-International Relations Office.

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