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Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle intensify with the nearing September

category mashriq / arabia / iraq | community struggles | news report author Tuesday August 02, 2011 22:02author by Ilan S. - AAtW, A-infos, Matzpenauthor email ilan at shalif dot comauthor address Tel Aviv Report this post to the editors

and the social justice struggle in Israel in the background

The Israeli efforts to curb the joint struggle intensify in Nabi Saleh and Wallage. Though the Israeli activists are involved in the social justice uprising, the Israeli Palestinians are not absent from it and the anarchists were not absent from their local tent camps and their block in the Saturday hundred thousands march in Tel Aviv. The on-going struggles in occupied east Jerusalem focused on Sheik Jarah; in the south - at the south of Hebron mountains; in west of Ramallah - at Bil'in, Ni'ilin, and Nebi Saleh; within Israel - at the Bedouin village of Al-Arakib. [Italiano]

Al Arakib

Wednesday July 27, 2011 march at 18:30 at the Lehavim Junction to conduct a protest vigil and torches march. We will pass the night by hearing stories from the people of Al Arakib, whose village was destroyed exactly one year ago! In protest of the continuing demolitions, by the State of Israel's and the continuing neglect and abuse of its citizens who refuse to be transferred and live in harsh living conditions. Denouncing the continuing violation of the basic civil right to housing of its indigenous people and the violation of international conventions. We focus on the involvement of the Jewish National Fund, which expropriates people's lands day after day by means of massive forestation.
July 29, 2011


Saturday July 30 Visiting in Anata and demonstration against land stealing
For details and registration: A.

Beit Ummar
"The Saturday protest has ended - no injuries or arrests today. Heavy army presence, balloons flying in the air and solidarity signs with Norway - "united against terrorism" in front of soldiers..."


The previous routine is returning at the new location of the separation wall. Tear gas grenades are thrown on us, and soldiers cross to our side to try in vain to intimidate the demonstrators.
Israel Puterman video
Haithm Katib video

Dir Quadis

"There will be a demo at Dir Qadis tomorrow evening (Wednesday). If you can make it please let me know. K."


"Three weeks of joined struggle to protect the house of the Aju Israeli-Palestinian family in Ramle brought out a freeze on the demolition verdict by regional court."

Al Ma'asara

Jawad Zawahra pictures

Nebi Saleh Tuesday

‎26 July 2011, International Solidarity Movement, West Bank: At 10 a.m. we arrived at Nabi Saleh to interview the neighbors about what had happened there at the terrorist night intrusion of the Israeli state forces.


".... Last week I was arrested when I was trying to get into the village, which is subjected to a closed military zone that starts every Friday morning.
That warrant is unreasonable: how can one declare that an entire village, owned by its people, is practically confiscated for hours just to prevent people from gathering.
That is one of the privileges the martial laws grants the army: they have the ability to disrupt any aspect of people's daily living according to their judgment.
So this week I came the day before and stayed the night over.
I came to be with the kind, warm, friendly, generous, brave, formidable, great hospitality, noble people of Nabi Saleh.
I was so happy when people recognized me from past times I've been in the village and called me by my Arabic name, Kibrita ...."

".... In the morning, we couldn't even get from where we were staying into the village without having tear gas shot at us. They wouldn't even let us move quietly inside the village, let alone gather and march. When we tried to make several steps, we were met with high velocity tear gas canisters shot in direct aiming towards us. We were showered with tear gas.
At some point I found myself against a wall, canisters flying over my head, between my legs & arms.
I was choking and couldn't see anything.
Seth took my hand, and than a local man showed us to safety....."

".... As we regrouped in a yard, some people were singing Palestinian freedom songs The soldiers went inside the village.
Last time I've heard they pointed pistols at people as they raided houses.
They arrested David, the photographer.
I saw them beating him and tearing his shirt off.
They also broke his camera.
I heard that two other Palestinians were arrested, as well as three international solidarity activists.
I also heard that an International activist was injured.
One of the Palestinians that were arrested was told he is being taken for having people from outside the village in his home. ..."

International communities against Israel
David Reeb

Nebi Samuel

The Palestinian village near the main road between Jerusalem and the west which was occupied in the 1967 war is under severe efforts to transfer out. They invited us (the anarchists against the wall initiative) for a joint action Friday 29th July 2011.


29 07 2011

Sheikh Jarrah Demonstration 29/7/2011 Mario Savio pictures

Tel Aviv

Tuesday- the tent camps, direct actions and marches. Solidarity contingents came to the camp in the lower class and refugees neighborhood which was target for the municipality harassments - both from the more respectful "middle class" camp of the city center and activists from towns of Israel south.

Israel Puterman video
Haifa 26/7/11 The people demand social justice

Media: Social activists: The revolution is here.
News: Leaders of housing protest turned mass social protest list their demands from government, warn 'high cost of living is a symptom of a deep and dangerous fracture in society'

Tens of thousands of Israelis participated in mass protest rallies across Israel Saturday night demanding social change and justice.

Police sources estimated that nearly 150,000 people participated in the protest nationwide. If so we where over 100,000 in Tel Aviv itself.
Tel Aviv hosted the main protest rally, where leaders of the social protest – which sprouted from a "tent city" erected on Rothschild Boulevard in protest of the lack of affordable housing some two weeks ago – detailed their demands from the government.

"Two weeks have passed since we have pitched the first tent on the boulevard, and it seems that there are still some people around the government table who just don't understand: The real estate situation and the high cost of living are just symptoms of a deep and dangerous fracture that has spread within our society," activist Daphni Leef, said over the stage.

"The piggery and egoism have turned into the most prominent features of Israeli existence, but over the past two weeks we discovered that there is another Israeli existence.

"We have come here today to tell our elected officials in the simplest of terms that the State has a responsibility to its citizens, a responsibility that our elected officials continue to shrug off with a variety of excuses, including supply and demand, a free market and false prosperity."

The current revolution, she continued, "Is a revolution of awareness: A revolution that causes all citizens understand that we all deserve more; understand that they are allowed to demand more from the government; understand that it is not a luxury to stand for all the rights that we deserve."

"We do not want to replace the government, we want much more than that – to change the rules of the game and say loud and clear: Social services are rights, not commodities."

Speaking of the protest movement's primary cause, affordable housing, Leef said that "A home is not just real estate. The State must intervene immediately in the housing market in order to protect us, the citizens. We demand fair housing for everyone. Public housing is not a swear-word."

Leef went on to say that the State must regulate rent prices and conditions.

Amit Herman pictures
Sort clip

On the way back from the demo on the way to the tent camp lot of protesters celebrated in the main intersection for an hour and a half till the police "convinced" them to leave - detaining 12 participants. 8 of them were kept in custody and brought to court at the morning. The judge released them on self bail with no restriction - criticizing police for not releasing them earlier on bail with out dragging them to court.

Greeting arrived from Egyptian Tahrir:

"I am so proud of having Israel as my neighbor. CONTINUE, you will succeed. I & many never felt as united with you as today! Man, I don't even know you, but I want to hug you.
The wind of change is within us all, we got rid of Mubarak, and Netanyahu can join him and Ben Ali and then Gadaffi & Assad!" Great wishes from Tahrir. GO ISRAEL! GO FREEDOM!!!"

Israel Puterman


This morning dozens of olive trees were uprooted in Wallajeh. and it seems many more will be uprooted tomorrow (the bulldozers are staying there for the night).
We need people to sleep there tonight or come early tomorrow morning, please call: E.

About 50 Palestinians, Internationals, and Israeli activists demonstrated in Al-Walaja. While filming the destruction of the land, 4 Israelis and two Palestinians were roughed up by Israeli apartheid soldiers then detained.

In the past few days dozens of olive trees were uprooted in Wallajeh. and it seems many more will be uprooted next week, starting Sunday morning.
The case of the root of the fence in Wallajeh is still in the supreme court with a hearing next week, but in the meantime, the army is creating facts on the ground.

After 6 Palestinian and Israeli activists were arrested yesterday trying to prevent the uprooting of the trees, We need people to come on Sunday (31/7) morning at 8:00 to the old olive tree (ask for Zaitunat el-Badawi). Cars are needed.
please call: E


"Sunday in Wallajeh there will be an international bike ride throughout the village, so the demonstration will only begin at 9:00 AM once the international event ends. Please call Eran once you arrive at the entrance of the village at 0528504193 for directions to the meeting spot."

A group of about 30 international, Palestinian and Israeli demonstrators demonstrated in front of Israeli construction equipment Sunday morning, in an effort to prevent the uprooting of olive trees to make way for the continued construction of the separate wall that is to surround this village located just south of Jerusalem.

Within 10 minutes of the start of the demonstrations, 1 Palestinian, 2 Internationals and 3 Israelis were arrested. Israeli protestors then negotiated with the army commander for their release. The commander responded to one Israeli by saying: “I’m keeping you here as long as I can so that one rock is thrown and then I can fuck up the village.”
As soon as he said that, one Palestinian from the village who was not part of the protest, started throwing stones, at which point the Israeli soldiers invaded the village, using tear gas.

As soon as nonviolent demonstrators left, IDF soldiers took over positions in the village and began shooting tear gas as well as what some Israeli demonstrators claim is live ammunition.

Walaje is normally a quiet village known for non-violent demonstrations, which started two years ago in connection with construction of the separation wall there, which is slated to encircle the entire village.
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