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New pamphlet: "What A State To Be In"

category international | history | link to pdf author Thursday December 15, 2005 00:15author by Federazione dei Comunisti Anarchici - FdCAauthor email internazionale at fdca dot it Report this post to the editors

Downloadable PDF version of "What A State To Be In", a pamphlet dealing with the origins, development and role of the modern State. The pamphlet is part of the FdCA's "Studies for a Libertarian Alternative" series of historical and theoretical pamphlets.

New pamphlet from the FdCA:

What A State To Be In

The Federazione dei Comunisti Anarchici is pleased to announce the launch of a new pamphlet in its "Studies for a Libertarian Alternative series, available for download from its website: What A State To Be In. This pamphlet examines the development of the modern State, its roles and functions. and was written by FdCA member Saverio Craparo.


  • Introduction
  • The birth of the State and what came before it (Social relations under feudalism; The liberal State and rights; Progressive participation)
  • The 19th-century State and the birth of Anarchist theory
  • The evolution of the State (The State as entrepreneur; Control of the cycle; The direct management of capital; Welfare; From the primitive state to the modern State)
  • Ambiguities in the role of the State (The State in the revolution; The Number One Enemy; Collective functions and coercive functions)
  • A few groundrules

"A little history never hurt anyone! The beast that is the modern State was born over two centuries ago and was closely connected with the emergence of the bourgeoisie as the new dominant class. It is not by chance that a large part of the typical functions of the modern State owe their origins to revolutionary France in 1789. It is a good idea to examine the reasons behind this profound transformation of the power structures in society, which social relationships ceased to exist in order to make way for others, what effects all this had on class relations and, above all, how the domination of the emerging bourgeoisie came about."

Download the pamphlet here

International Relations

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Read the text of the pamphlet here:

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