New anti-capitalist colouring book

category international | culture | other libertarian press author Monday November 14, 2005 15:29author by I'd Rather Be Drinking

Announcing "WORK . COMMUNITY . POLITICS . WAR" a new coloring book for the angry wage-worker.

In 28 pages, "WORK . COMMUNITY . POLITICS . WAR" is an introduction to the world as we know it and a class war manifesto. Check it out for yourselves at

The pdf is available at

Print it off, copy it, give it to comrades, co-workers and the kids who hang out at the local comic book shop. Get out your crayons and colored pencils and go to town. We recommend several shades of red.

If you haven't been to, stop by. We have a number of printable pamphlets and online texts from left-communist and class struggle anarchist perspectives.

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