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New Book: Anarchism & Socialism: Reformism or Revolution?

category international | anarchist movement | press release author Thursday August 26, 2010 04:23author by Wayne Priceauthor email drwdprice at aol dot com Report this post to the editors

Announcing new book

Anarchism & Socialism: Reformism or Revolution?
by Wayne Price

From the Foreword by Andrew Flood (Workers Solidarity Movement--Ireland):

"This collection of essays by Wayne Price…will hopefully play a significant part in helping us build the movement we need…..This volume represents a good foundation to this process. It revisits many of the essential basic questions and lays down a coherent position in regard to them. Wayne's insights are important to us because they are based not just on a theoretical study of revolution but on five decades of practical experience in the North American left and the anarchist movement"

In these essays grouped around common themes, Wayne Price draws on decades of extensive practical experience in antiwar and student movements, marxist tendency groups and affinity-based anarchist organizations, to make an insightful case for "pro-organizational," class-struggle anarchism.

In refreshingly accessible, non-polemical prose, Price distills the best of late 20th century marxist economic thought and anti-authoritarian organizing. This informs his coherent takes on such issues as the relation between class and non-class oppressions, productive engagement with reformist movements, technology and primitivism, and the worldwide economic crash of 2008-2009. Price's recurrent theme is how revolution can possibly be made out of our collective struggles as workers and other marginalized peoples— and how such revolution can avoid the "successes" of Leninist revolutions of China, Cuba and the Soviet Union.

Finally, Price's engagement with the trends of anti-authoritarian marxist and anarchist thought serve as a critical introduction to dozens of other essential writers in these traditions, such as Cornelius Castoradis, Ellen Wood, Hal Draper and Paul Goodman.


Part I: What is Revolutionary, Class Struggle, Anarchist-Communism?

  • What is Class Struggle Anarchism?
  • The Relationship Between the Working Class and Nonclass Oppression
  • Anarchist Organization, Not Leninist Vanguardism
  • What is Anarchist-Communism?
  • Industrial Capitalism and Civilization

  • Part II: Reformism or Revolution

  • Confronting the Question of Power
  • Our Program is the Anarchist Revolution!
  • Elements of a Program for Labor
  • Paul Goodman’s Anarchism
  • Hal Draper and Socialism-from-Below
  • The Crisis of Capitalism

    Part III: The Nature of the “Communist” Countries & the Russian Revolution

  • What Do We Mean by Anti-Capitalism?
  • The Bureaucratic Ruling Class
  • State Capitalism
  • The Degeneration of the Russian Revolution

    Can be ordered from the publisher for $17.50 at

    Note: The Abolition of the State, Anarchist & Marxist Perspectives, my first book, can still be ordered from A Spanish translation has been made but is not yet published.

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