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We are all part of the rabble

category france / belgium / luxemburg | community struggles | press release author Wednesday November 09, 2005 19:10author by CNT-f - Regional Bureau for the Paris Region Report this post to the editors

CNT communiqué

Statement from the CNT on the (re)introduction of the curfew in France


We are all of the rabble

In the face of the violence of a State which against poverty sends us only a pile of cops;

In the face of a State which for three decades has promised us a Marshall plan for the zones of poverty conveniently called suburbs;

In the face of the violence of a State that only obeys the wishes of the MEDEF [Employer's association], eager to cut our last remaining social rights a little more each day;

In the face of a State which alone is responsible for the tensions thanks to its Minister for Internal Affairs, who managed the post office conflicts [Bordeaux, July 2005] and the SNCM [marine transport towards Corsica, Marseilles - October 2005] with the use of its GIGN [Intervention Group of the National Gendarmerie] which ceaselessy swipes thousands of illegal immigrants;

The "republican shift" of the government is a takeover with military overtones and the aftertaste of the war in Algeria, against us, the workers, the precarious, the unemployed and the "young".

The CNT denounces the decree imposing a curfew, which as usual does nothing to meet the demands for social justice by the population.

With the exploiters, never!

With the exploited, always!

Regional Bureau for the Paris Region

8 November 2005

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