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The UCL campaign!

category north america / mexico | anarchist movement | news report author giovedý settembre 17, 2009 11:11author by Cause commune - Union communiste libertaire (UCL)author email ucl at causecommune dot net Segnalare questo messaggio alla redazione

An article in the 25th issue of Cause Commune

This fall, the Union Communiste Libertaire (UCL) will launch a campaign against the economic crisis. Besides a poster and a 4-page analysis, the organization wants to organize a provincial tour with an Argentine anarchist militant to talk about their experiences during the severe economic crisis that hit there and was the scene of a real popular uprising.



To organize this tour, however, we need money (much more than our current budget allows). That is why we are in a fundraising campaign.

You can too can contribute by sending a donation!

Check or money order payable to "UCL" at UCL a/s EH 55,051, CP Langelier, QuÚbec (QC) G1K 9A4

Thank you!

(translation thanks to

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Posters are being put up in half a dozen cities
Posters are being put up in half a dozen cities

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