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Resolution of the Anarchist Congress of Ventotene (1942)

category italy / switzerland | history of anarchism | policy statement author lunedì luglio 13, 2009 21:27author by Anarchist Congress at Ventotene Segnalare questo messaggio alla redazione
Ventotene, one of the Pontine Islands off the coast of southern Lazio in Italy, was home to a great many of Italy's anarchists, confined there by the fascist regime. This resolution, strongly anarchist communist in nature, was passed during a congress that was held there in 1942 and appears for the first time in English translation.

Resolution of the anarchist congress of Ventotene (1942)

The anarchist comrades held in confinement in Ventotene, after various meetings participated in by comrades from all parts of Italy, both organisers and anti-organisers,

having examined the tragic situation created for the Italian people with the advent of fascism which, with its dictatorial and imperialistic reactionary policies, brought about the most terrible of wars that history will remember, causing destruction, ruin, death and misery to the country and to the people;

having seen that the collaborationist attitude of the various proletarian political groupings from the time of the 1914-1918 war until the advent of fascism, did not satisfy the interests and wishes of the working masses, or of the whole Italian people;

considering that the reaction raged against and hit every anarchist known to the authorities;

recognizing that the contrast between the comrades of the philosophical and ideological area of anarchism and those of the mass organizational camp created damaging divisions in the development of anarchist concepts and impeded the development of a common programme of struggle and action;

believing that out of the experiences acquired over the last twenty years, the anarchist movement must seek the participation of all comrades in order to create a homogenous body for the purposes of coordinating work;

invite all comrades to join the trade and professional unions in order to maintain direct contact with the working masses, orienting them in a truly revolutionary struggle, for the conquest of the demands of the proletariat, propagandising a libertarian order for the constitution of Factory, Company and Industry Councils in the field of production, of Municipal and Provincial Councils which will have to regulate and support the needs of the community.

[Translated by Nestor McNab, from A. Dadà, L’anarchismo in Italia: fra movimento e partito, Teti, Milano 1984.]

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