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Libertarian Ecosocialism

category international | anarchist movement | other libertarian press author Wednesday April 29, 2009 22:39author by jayauthor email citizenjazon at yahoo dot caauthor address Montreal Report this post to the editors

Aims and Principles

A libertarian ecosocialist utopia is possible - but it will take organisation, strategy, preparation and courage to win a social revolution that can probably only begin with an international general strike. Without an organized concerted attempt and a clear shared vision (2020?) we will never succeed in attaining lasting, radical reforms. If we fail to apply the principles of social-ecological anarchism and build enough popular support , insurrections and violent revolution could end in unprecedented violence, catastrophic destruction and the continuation of slavery under even worse totalitarian regimes and police states than exist today or annhilation of the human species. the following document is far from perfect. It is meant for the sake of consision and building unity within the (specifically) social anarchist movement - dealing with how to bring about a truly ecological anarchist-communist society.

Basic Aims

To liberate all beings from domination, tyranny, injustice and oppression.
To resist and abandon cruelty, greed, hypocrisy, prejudice and apathy.
To live in true harmony with humanity, diversity and community.
To awaken our natural humanity and actualize our sublime human potential.

Essential Principles

Natural Liberty; Freedom from all forms of domination, hierarchy (especially economic classes or castes), tyranny, oppression, exploitation, usury (profit, interest and rent) and all other forms of injustice. Abolition of capitalism, government by 'nation'-state(s) and private property (especially ownership of means of production and natural resources) - by means of (self)organisation, popular education, direct action, civil disobedience, strikes (worker, tenant and student), economic boycott and all other forms of effective resistance (possibly including strategic voting in countries where truly fair elections are held and basic human rights respected). The building of mass social and environmental movements, alternative (truly democratic) social institutions, and dual power structures - mainly by the formation of and participation in neighborhood assemblies and truly democratic workers' and peoples' unions that include the unemployed and take a combative stance against capitalism, racism and sexism. This neccessitates the building of a specifically anarchist organisation, active locally and confederated globally - for the developement of political theory and praxis as well as a dual power alliance. It is probable that, to attain true freedom and equality, a perpetual general strike at the international level - with ongoing production wherever possible as well as support from the vast majority of the population - will be necessary. The working classes and local communities need to take complete control of the economy. It is possible that depending on the situation, circumstances may require a non-authoritarian eco-socialist or eco-feminist political block to attain parliamentary victory for preliminary radical reformation and to institute a truly democratic, provisional eco-socialist constitution. If this is the case, the transitional government should renounce all governing authority (in the name of true democracy or anarchist-communism), disbanding the armed forces (military, paramilitary and police) - handing over all administrative, executive and judicial powers and responsibilities to worker councils and neighborhood assemblies federated at the municipal or regional level - soon after winning majority support in a fair election - but until then even strategic alliances may be necessary. Our natural liberty is essential for all human well-being in the long run, but we will never attain it without winning a social (ecological) revolution.

Human Equality; Common respect and rational tolerance amongst human beings regardless of differences of gender, race, ethnicity, age, abilities and disabilities, non-abusive sexual orientations and hereditary roots. Social-ecological justice and mutual aid beyond borders - from each according to abilities to each according to needs.

Collective Solidarity; Building direct democracy, mutual empathy and compassion through voluntary cooperation and participation in common struggles that assert human dignity (without borders), affirming social-ecological justice based on truth while nurturing hope, courage and community well-being.

Autonomous Horizontality; Participatory communality and economics, full employment with balanced job complexes (fair, voluntary work arrangements depending on abilities and individual desires); directly democratic planning and decision-making in every sphere of social relations by the people who are affected by the plans, decisions and policies, with proper consideration of the degree they are affected. All political-economic power would stay based in face-to-face worker councils, workplace assemblies, 'consumer' councils / collectives and neighborhood / local (popular) assemblies. These would form federations and confederations at the municipal level to form a semi-autonomous communality ('libertarian municipalism') as well as needed democratic institutions. Delegated individuals and councils, or comities of (voluntary) delegates would be subject to complete accountability, constant transparency and recall at all times. They would have temporary mandates and specific tasks which could in most cases involve rotation of training and coordinating. To organize neccessary mutual aid beyond the municipality, it is necessary to (con)federate and cooperate voluntarily (free contracts based on trust) at regional, continental and international / global levels. We can overcome the illusory needs for (so-called) 'representative' government, artificially constructed borders and the concept of 'nation-state' - enabling free migration, subject to social-ecological limitations decided by truly rational factors.

Social-Ecological Universality; Global confederation of municipalities or regional communalist polities with open borders (except in the case of evident overpopulation, in cases of apparent mortal danger such as radioactive contamination, severe bio-hazards, pandemics, etc...) Inter-communal cooperation and mutual aid for the well-being of humanity, the protection of diversity, the health of community, the advancement of science, education, technology and medicine, as well as the evolution of social-ecological culture and the arts. It is possible, that with the combined voluntary cooperation of all those who are willing and able to apply their collective strengths and talents in a coordinated effort, it would take no more than 1000 hours of meaningful work per year from each individual, to provide all human beings in the confederation with nutritious food, adequate shelter, suitable clothing, ample electricity / sufficient fuel, proper sanitation, integral health care, essential medicine, basic education, child care, most tools, and access to arable land, modern communications networks, public transportation and many ecological technologies (that can eliminate most kinds of work that is overly dangerous, tedious, or unpleasant in other ways). With the means of production and natural resources in the complete control of the people (the workers and the community), by using them in rational ways and by realizing social-ecological harmony, we can overcome tyranny and capitalist oppression once and for all.

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