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Antifascist manifestation in Slovenia and the statement of the Anarchist Initiative

category balkans region | anti-fascism | other libertarian press author Wednesday April 29, 2009 06:04author by Slaven - Anarchist Initiative Report this post to the editors

Against fascism and capitalism – for social revolution!

On 27. April 2009, a thousand people marched through the streets of Ljubljana, Slovenia to protest the emergence of neofascism and right-wing populism in Slovenia. The Anarchist Initiative wrote the statement below - on fascism and its link to capitalism.

Against fascism and capitalism – for social revolution!

We look back in history and observe the rise of fascism in 1920s and 1930 and we often find ourselves asking how was it possible that the people did not recognize the danger and resist it with by any means necessary. From the present point of view, it is not hard to point out times when fascism could still have been stopped before it became too late. Yet, the difficult task seems to be the recognition of the present forms of fascism. Historically, fascism found a rich breeding ground not only because capitalism entered another one of its inherent crises - a similar crisis that we are witnessing today - but also because fascism, as a total ideology, envisioned the possibility of concrete actions. It confronted complex questions with simple answers, quick solutions and scapegoats. Millions blindly followed authoritarian leaders, not only because of the stupidity and blindness of the masses, but also because they thought fascism was a valid vision of social change, a social change that is conditioned by the exclusion, exploitation, domination and killing of »others«.

Today, in circumstances that in some aspects strongly resemble the first half of 20th century, we must understand fascism not only as the guiding ideology of misguided youth, but essentially as the product of the structural violence of capital and state. In society that is being ripped apart by class exploitation, where the minority is stealing from the majority, it is only desirable for the capitalist class to foster the new forms of militant xenophobes. The capitalist class needs the fascists so the capitalist class can remain on positions of power and dominance. Thus, the poor masses – the »others« - are wrongfully blamed for the wrongdoings of the capitalist class, when in fact the latter is the actual enemy of the people. However, some people choose to continue and pick up the breadcrumbs from underneath the capitalists' table. The consciousness of the masses is kept alive by the memory of the millions who died for nothing - who died because of fascism and nazi politics. Therefore, the new forms of hatred, i.e. new forms of fascism, have put on a more sophisticated disguise. Yet, they remain wolves in sheep's clothing.

True, capitalists and their political servants are no longer saluting the fuehrer with their right hand. However, they continue to accept political decisions with which they exploit, dominate and condemn to death millions of women, children, indigenous, retired, youth, workers, students, migrants and those who think differently.In accordance with such policies, militant xenophobes on the streets merely move the borders of normality and acceptability of systemic violence in the society.

This is why we must understand antifascist struggle as a struggle against extreme fascists in patriotic suits and simultaneously as the struggle against systemic violence from the forces of capital and state. In times of crisis, when politicians manifest their only loyalty, the loyalty to capital, the appeal of fascism inevitably widens its reach. Reformist measures are the illusion, put forward by the elites. The reformist measures are smoke and mirrors for the masses and they retain the continuing exclusion of the invisible people, the excluded. Crisis is not a time to reflect on this or that petty reform, it is a time for radical social change. A change that will bring about a society in which solidarity, respect for one's dignity, equality, brotherhood and comradeship will reign. A society that deems intolerance, exclusion and hate unacceptable.

Decades ago, our predecessors stood up and resisted the rise of fascism. Today, this task remains unchanged for us. We must build the resistance again! Let's say a firm NO to capitalism, NO to fascism and a YES to social revolution!

Anarchist initiative

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