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brazil/guyana/suriname/fguiana / workplace struggles Monday June 02, 2014 22:02 bySindicato dos Municipários de Cachoeirinha
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O Sindicato dos Municipários de Cachoeirinha (SIMCA) manifesta sua solidariedade ao companheiro Guilherme Runge, atual presidente do SIMCA, que teve sua residência invadida de forma intimidatória na última quinta, dia 22 de Maio.

Nessa ocasião, houve violação de domicílio onde os pertences particulares do companheiro foram vasculhados e sua documentaçao pessoal foi espalhada no pátio da própria residência. Não houve nenhum furto e tampouco arrombamento, deflagrando uma investidad com intuito de intimidar um dirigente de nosso sindicato.

yunanistan / türkiye / kıbrıs / miscellaneous Monday May 19, 2014 21:50 byDevrimci Anarşist Faaliyet
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13 Mayıs günü Manisa Soma‘da bulunan kömür ocağında çıkan bir yangın, bu toprakların en büyük katliamı oldu. Vardiya değişimi esnasında çıkan yangınla, madende çalışan yüzlerce işçi yoğun karbonmonoksitle zehirlendi. Yangının çıktığı ilk anda açıklanan yaşamını yitirenlerin sayısı, saatler geçtikçe arttı.

Enerji bakanı, başbakan, çalışma bakanı… Devlet erkanı madende yaşananın “elim bir iş kazası” olduğunu televizyonlardaki canlı yayınlarda söylerken, madende bulunan işçi sayısının kaç olduğunu saatler boyu açıklamadı.

[ελληνικά] [English] [Italiano]

argentina/uruguay/paraguay / represión / presos Saturday May 10, 2014 00:27 byColumna Cerro-Teja   text 5 comments (last - monday may 12, 2014 18:23)
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La Columna Cerro Teja

Lo que aquí se intenta es acallar legítimas denuncias, reclamos, reivindicaciones. Endemoniar descontentos y rebeldías. Judicializar y criminalizar la protesta. Ha quedado claro que eso no corre para quienes asesinaron, secuestraron, torturaron y violaron y que siguen contando con impunidad que casi todos cubren y amparan.

Que cuando surge una jueza como Motta que quiere solamente investigar enseguida salta de ese lugar y la mandan al último rincón. Eso sí, procesos para quienes protestaron por la tamaña artimaña de la corte. Impunidades y cárceles de lujo. Pero otras impunidades se han ido sumando y no dicen otra cosa que como es que funciona esto.

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southern africa / the left Wednesday May 07, 2014 20:28 byShawn Hattingh & Jonathan Payn   text 2 comments (last - tuesday may 13, 2014 20:37)
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There has been much hype, amongst the media and sections of the public, in the run up to this year’s provincial and national elections in South Africa and, for some, the arrival of new parties to the electoral arena has renewed their faith in the possibility of an electoral solution to the myriad of problems facing South Africa. Politicians from across all parties have been using this hype and a seemingly renewed faith in the ballot box to their advantage.

The question, therefore, is: can equality, socialism, national liberation or ‘economic freedom’ – or even a respite from state violence – for a majority be brought about through parties and activists entering into the state or through voting for parties that promise not to use the state for violent or oppressive means; or will this only lead to a dead-end for the working class yet again?

international / workplace struggles Friday May 02, 2014 00:21 byVarious anarchist organizations
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For far too long major segments of the working class have been dormant under the illusion that change can be delegated to exterior organizations or parties. When our struggles are bureaucratized and delegated to others, we lose ownership over them and in turn lose many benefits gained through them. A victory for the working class can only be established if our class is active in the struggle leading to victory.

From the battle for the 8 hour day, to the struggles witnessed this past year, these examples cry out for the need to organize the fight back against the war that is being waged on workers at home and abroad. Through these examples we can begin to see an alternate future and experiment towards it. This new workers' movement must be established on class struggle lines, a movement that no longer waits for politicians and bureaucrats to resolve the growing inequalities and oppressions. A movement of workers organized through our own self-activity for democratic, combative and autonomous labor and community organizations must replace the stale forms of unionism and social democratic lobbyism that have dominated and compromised most struggles of the last decades.

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textPalestine-Israel, The joint struggle really changed the world* Sep 05 20:50 by Ilan S. 0 comments

The failed arrest of 12 year old child in Nabi Saleh caused a million views storm in the media. This situation and the next Friday of the joint struggle demonstrated again how the involvement of the AATW Israeli Jews prevented in the past and prevent now the extinguishing of the non armed Palestinian struggle with rivers of blood. It was one shooting of Gil Naamati in 2003 in a joint action of the anarchists AATW that caused a real wide media scandal in Israel (which forced the higher commander of the army to visit him at hospital and apologize) that resulted in the change of shooting order about dispersing non armed demonstrations in the occupied lands when Israelis are involved. In addition to our helping to distribute the news, Our main contribution is the supply of "life insurance" to the Palestinians and even to the stone throwers in the demos.... though it is not perfect and along the years about 20 were killed and many more were injured.

rubon34473944.png imageAlternative Libertaire n° spécial de l'été est en ligne ! Sep 05 20:49 by Commission internationale A.L. 0 comments

Dossier sur l'éducation populaire

arton643761e39.jpg imageGrèce : L’adieu aux illusions réformistes Sep 05 20:41 by Commission internationale A.L. 0 comments

Si les événements de l’été ont laissé le peuple grec dans une situation catastrophique, ils auront au moins eu le mérite de plomber les vieilles lunes électoralistes ou référendaires. Et de mettre les libertaires sur le devant de la scène. Analyse d’un membre de l’Initiative anarcho-syndicaliste Rocinante.

6204634.jpg imageΗ ξεχασμένη παρά^... Sep 04 21:13 by Michael Schmidt 0 comments

Για έναν αγγλόφωνο εξωτερικό παρατηρητή, το γαλλικό αναρχικό κίνημα –καθώς αυτό διαφέρει από το γαλλόφωνο αναρχικό κίνημα στη Βόρεια Αφρική, το Βιετνάμ, κλπ.- θεωρείται συχνά ως το κίνημα-«μητέρα» λόγω της αρκετά μαζικής εργατικής ομοσπονδίας CGT, η οποία, υπό αναρχική επιρροή, συγχωνεύθηκε με τα τοπικά Bourses du Travail το 1895, για τη συγκρότηση ενός «απολίτικου» μοντέλου μαζικού αναρχοσυνδικαλισμού που επαναλήφθηκε σε γαλλόφιλες χώρες όπως η Πολωνία και το μεγαλύτερο μέρος της Ευρώπης, αλλά και τόσο μακρινές χώρες όπως η Βραζιλία, η Αίγυπτος και η Σενεγάλη.

vaal_1.jpg imageRemember and Revive the Militant Tradition of September 3, 1984! Sep 03 18:24 by Sifuna Zonke 0 comments

On 3 September 1984, the Vaal Triangle, which is located southeast of Johannesburg and was part of the industrial heartland of South Africa, exploded into unrest. A general stay-away from work was called, schools were closed, buses and taxis stood idle and militant protest spread across the country. It was the most significant and large-scale rebellion of the black working class since the Soweto Uprising of June, 1976, and signified one of the final nails in the coffin of apartheid and white minority rule.

For the black working class living in the townships across the Vaal Triangle, such as Sharpeville, Sebokeng, Evaton, Bophelong, Boiketlong, Zamdela and others the conditions were very similar to those of today. A slump in the steel industry had led to many workers being retrenched, there were evictions of rent defaulters and bribery, corruption and self-enrichment of local councillors was rife. Councillors’ election promises went unfulfilled and township residents demanded their resignation.

Thirty-one years later, on 21 April 2015, the Sebokeng Magistrate’s Court in the Vaal sentenced four community activists from Boiketlong to sixteen years in prison each for allegedly setting fire to the local ward councillor’s house and cars during a protest action.

irishtimesnoamchomsky.jpg imageWhy the media is biased - understanding the propaganda model Sep 03 07:56 by Based on an article by Kevin Doyle in Workers Solidarity No 0 comments

When the Watergate Scandal brought down the Nixon Government in the States in the mid-70s, it was heralded as one of the finest examples of media power in modern times. Nixon's fall from grace, along with the story of corruption in high places, was the stuff of drama. In no time, the journalists at the centre of the Watergate exposé - Bernstein and Woodward - became celebrities. They went on to win Pulitzer Prizes for their journalistic endeavours and even became the subject of a Hollywood touch-up in All The President's Men.

11938242_10205057451131691_1210671699_n.jpg imageΚοινό Αναρχικό κ^... Sep 03 05:40 by Αναρχικές συλλογικότητες 0 comments

Το κοινό κείμενο καλέσματος στη διαδήλωση της ΔΕΘ, των ομάδων που συμμετέχουν στη διαδικασία συγκρότησης της ΑΠΟ

deth_2015_mikro.jpg imageΕκλογική Απεργία... Sep 03 05:37 by Πρωτοβουλία για τη συγκρότηση Αναρχικής Ομοσπο_ 0 comments

Στη φετινή ΔΕΘ κάνουμε την πρώτη κινηματική εμφάνιση της Πρωτοβουλίας για τη συγκρότηση Αναρχικής Ομοσπονδίας, προτάσσοντας τη συλλογικοποίηση των αναγκών μας και τη συνολικοποίηση των αγώνων της τάξης μας ενάντια στον σύγχρονο ολοκληρωτισμό. Στηρίζουμε τους ακηδεμόνευτους κοινωνικούς και ταξικούς αγώνες, όπως αυτούς των εργατών της ΒΙΟ.ΜΕ. και των κατοίκων της Χαλκιδικής ενάντια στην εξόρυξη χρυσού, αλλά και όλες τις προσπάθειες αυτοοργάνωσης των από-τα-κάτω με τις οποίες θα πορευτούμε μαζί στη διαδήλωση της ΔΕΘ. Ενάντια σε κράτος, Ε.Ε., ντόπιο και διεθνές κεφάλαιο βαδίζουμε στον δρόμο της κοινωνικής επανάστασης, της αναρχίας και του κομμουνισμού.

we_all_rebel.jpg imageAsylum seeker, homeless - We Rebel! We support decent housing for all! Sep 02 23:56 by Tom Murray 0 comments

Last week, three children under the age of six slept rough in Dublin city centre while their parents stayed awake to watch over them. As of August 2015, this family is but one of 620 families in Ireland, including more than 1,300 children, who are homeless. The root of the current crisis of housing is the current crisis of capitalism.

headernew.jpg imageΓράμμα στην τοπι_... Sep 02 20:36 by Musaferat 0 comments

Μπροστά σε αυτές τις συνθήκες δεν μπορούμε παρά να στεκόμαστε δίπλα τους. Βλέπετε, είμαστε και εμείς κόσμος που αγωνιά για το τι θα του ξημερώσει. Οι περισσότεροι και οι περισσότερες εξαντλώντας τις μέρες μας σε κακοπληρωμένες δουλειές ή ψάχνοντας για μία. Άλλοι από εδώ και άλλες έχοντας επιλέξει αυτόν τον τόπο για να ζήσουμε. Ζώντας μέσα σε μία συνεχή ανασφάλεια καταλαβαίνουμε πολύ καλά τι μας φταίει και ακόμα περισσότερο ποιοι-ες. Και σίγουρα δεν είναι αυτοί οι άνθρωποι που φτάνουν…

DAF imageCostruire l'autonomia in Turchia e Kurdistan: intervista con Azione Rivoluzionaria Anarchi... Sep 02 16:55 by Corporate Watch 0 comments

Nel maggio di quest'anno, i ricercatori di Corporate Watch hanno viaggiato per la Turchia ed il Kurdistan per un lavoro di inchiesta sulle imprese che forniscono equipaggiamento militare alla polizia ed all'esercito turchi. Abbiamo incontrato con diversi gruppi impegnati in vari movimenti e varie campagne. Di seguito la trascrizione dell'intervista con 3 militanti del gruppo anarchico Devrimci Anarşist Faaliyet (DAF, o Azione Rivoluzionaria Anarchica) a Istanbul nel maggio di quest'anno. Il DAF è impegnato nella solidarietà con la lotta curda, con la rivoluzione nella Rojava e contro l'attacco dell'ISIS a Kobane, ed è ugualmente attivo nel contrastare la repressione dello stato turco e gli abusi delle imprese. Il DAF sta cercando di costruire un'alternativa al sistema attuale attraverso l'auto-organizzazione, il mutuo appoggio e le cooperative. L'intervista è stata fatta durante la campagna elettorale per le elezioni turche e tocca anche la campagna elettorale dell'HDP, il Partito Democratico del Popolo, filo-curdo. Subito dopo l'intervista, l'HDP era riuscito a superare la soglia del 10% dei voti necessaria per entrare nel Parlamento turco. I militanti del DAF – che preferiscono mantenere l'anonimato – iniziano l'intervista con la storia dell'anarchismo nella regione. [English]

La guerra dell'acqua imageStiamo vincendo la battaglia sull'acqua Sep 02 16:47 by Brian Ancom 0 comments

L'imminente nostra dimostrazione di forza a Dublino il 29 agosto sarà una grandiosa mobilitazione di popolo da ogni angolo dell'isola per dire un sentito "No" al programma di tassare l'acqua deciso dal governo di Fine Gael e Laburisti. [English]

textDal salario di esistenza al contropotere della classe lavoratrice Sep 02 15:57 by Lucien van der Walt 0 comments

Pur facendo parte della lotta, il salario di esistenza in sè non dovrebbe esserne il fine, bensì dovrebbe essere collegato alla più ampia lotta della classe lavoratrice per costruire quel contropotere che rovesci l'esistente struttura di potere.

b1028.jpg imageThe general orientation of anarchists/ syndicalists to the United Front and NUMSA Sep 02 15:48 by Jakes Factoria and Tina Sizovuka 0 comments

Will the United Front (UF) address the crises we are currently facing in South Africa? I am concerned about how the UF works and who leads it. In my own view we don’t need a leader, we need to all have equal voice. How can we build the UF as a basis for a stateless, socialist, South Africa?

textPalestina-Israele, la lotta unitaria non armata ha perso il suo carattere entusiastico di ... Sep 02 15:42 by Ilan S. 0 comments

Nessuno poteva prevedere che un campeggio unitario di attivisti palestinesi ed israeliani a Masha 12 anni fa sarebbe stato la scintilla di un ampio movimento di lotta unitaria non armata che il sistema di occupazione israeliana non è riuscito a distruggere. Nessuno si aspettava la partecipazione di migliaia di attivisti e di decine di migliaia di manifestanti. Molte piccole vittorie e la campagna internazionale B.D.S. riscaldano i cuori dei non più tanti che persistono nella lotta unitaria nonostante il lutto per coloro che sono caduti, l'empatia con i feriti e la solidarietà con gli arrestati. Il forte legame di partnership tra gli attivisti palestinesi e gli Anarchici Contro il Muro è stato sorprendente. Deludente ma non sorprendente è il modo con cui gli ambienti anarchici israeliani si sono tenuti alla larga dagli Anarchici Contro il Muro quale prioritario obiettivo di mobilitazione. Bil'in, Ni'lin, Ma'sara, Nabi Saleh e Qaddum tengono ancora alta la bandiera. [English]

phpakzdhbpm.jpg imageColombia: La “reparación a las víctimas” como un nuevo mecanismo de despojo Sep 02 05:46 by José Antonio Gutiérrez D. 0 comments

El Estado colombiano ha tenido, históricamente, dos mecanismos principales para despojar al campesinado de sus tierras: el crédito extorsivo y la violencia, tanto oficial como paraoficial. Ahora, el gobierno capitaneado por Juan Manuel Santos ha agregado un nuevo mecanismo a este repertorio. Ese mecanismo es la utilización perversa de la legislación sobre las víctimas.

DAF imageBuilding autonomy in Turkey and Kurdistan: an interview with Revolutionary Anarchist Actio... Sep 01 18:41 by Corporate Watch 0 comments

In May this year, Corporate Watch researchers travelled to Turkey and Kurdistan to investigate the companies supplying military equipment to the Turkish police and army. We talked to a range of groups from a variety of different movements and campaigns

Below is the transcript of our interview with three members of the anarchist group Devrimci Anarşist Faaliyet (DAF, or Revolutionary Anarchist Action) in Istanbul during May 2015. DAF are involved in solidarity with the Kurdish struggle, the Rojava revolution and against ISIS' attack on Kobane, and have taken action against Turkish state repression and corporate abuse. They are attempting to establish alternatives to the current system through self-organisation, mutual aid and co-operatives.

The interview was carried out in the run-up to the Turkish elections, and touches on the election campaign by the HDP, the pro-Kurdish People's Democratic Party. Soon after the interview took place, the HDP passed the threshold of 10% of the total vote needed to enter the Turkish parliament.

The DAF members – who all preferred to remain anonymous – began the interview by talking about the history of anarchism in the region. [Italiano]

Por más escándalos en sucesión que existan (y son reales) no hay nada concreto envolviendo directamente la figura de la presidenta. imageBrasil- La nueva derecha y el objetivo estratégico imposible de tumbar la pres Sep 01 04:34 by BrunoL 0 comments

31 de agosto de 2015, Bruno Lima Rocha

Cuando escribí el último análisis de coyuntura (los produzco semanalmente para los medios alternativos brasileños), me referí al hecho de que la derecha post-moderna, salga a las calles pidiendo un recurso casi inalcanzable. El debate acerca de una salida presidencial, tiene más repercusión en los círculos de la nueva derecha, que las condiciones concretas para su realización.

textItalia: c'è vita a sinistra Aug 31 22:48 by donato romito 0 comments

Ma c'è vita a sinistra se questa vive sta nel conflitto sociale diffuso e reticolare, sistematico e costante, in grado di esprimere crescente radicalità dal basso, indirizzata verso la riappropriazione e l'autogestione di risorse comuni, patrimoniali e ambientali, culturali ed economiche, che sa proporsi come elemento esogeno di rottura democratica e libertaria di netto segno anticapitalista, nei territori e nel paese.

03s16skopiathumblarge.jpg imageΓια την πολιτική ... Aug 31 20:46 by Αναρχικές ομάδες Θεσσαλονίκης 0 comments

Οι μάσκες έπεσαν. Η κυβερνώσα αριστερά έχει δείξει πέρα κάθε αμφισβήτησης, το εξουσιαστικό και καταπιεστικό της πρόσωπο. Το προηγούμενο διάστημα, εκμεταλλευόμενη τα κινήματα, έσπειρε αυταπάτες στους καταπιεσμένους για λύση μέσω της ανάθεσης˙ επιχείρησε την ανανέωση της κοινωνικής νομιμοποίησης στο πολιτικό προσωπικό και τους «δημοκρατικούς θεσμούς» και αποπειράθηκε να εμπλέξει τους εκμεταλλευόμενους στο σχέδιο της υποτιθέμενης λύτρωσης τους μέσα από τον μεσσιανισμό.

textItalia: manifestazione in appoggio alla resistenza curda Aug 31 15:12 by Coordinamento Libertario Regionale FVG 0 comments

Nella Rojava la lotta per l'indipendenza si è sviluppata in una rivoluzione sociale. Attraverso quello che i Kurdi chiamano Confederalismo Democratico, che ha una chiara dimensione libertaria, femminista ed ecologista, non si vuole creare un nuovo Stato, ma una rete di comunità che si autogovernano nel pieno rispetto di tutte le popolazioni che vivono o vogliono vivere nel territorio.

textNuova emigrazione e vecchio fatalismo Aug 31 02:06 by Lucio Garofalo 0 comments

La nuova emigrazione dei giovani dall'Irpinia, tra le varie conseguenze, ha comportato una desertificazione del territorio, ma soprattutto l'abbandono di ogni speranza di cambiamento e, dunque, il sedimentarsi di una mentalità sempre più fatalistica...

textStatement For Rojava Aug 30 15:44 by Bob McGlynn for Neither East Nor West-NYC 0 comments

This is a solidarity Statement For Rojava from an old group that is reviving itself somewhat: Neither East Nor West-NYC

Ainda que a vontade política da maioria da Câmara Federal comandada pelo deputado federal Eduardo Cunha (PMDB-RJ) seja pelo impedimento da presidente Dilma Rousseff, em havendo irregularidades, estas teriam de ocorrer a partir de 1º de janeiro de 2015. imageA nova direita e o objetivo estratégico do impeachment quase inalcançável Aug 30 09:53 by BrunoL 0 comments

28 de agosto de 2015, Bruno Lima Rocha

"Há uma evidente confluência de ideias-guia entre os que defendem o impeachment nas ruas (os grupos neoliberais) e os políticos de tradição oligárquica no Congresso Nacional. É por isso que no atual momento o povo perde de todos os lados. Seja pela direita que é governo, com o tucano e Chicago Boy Joaquim Levy à frente da pasta do Ministério da Fazenda (o mais importante dos ministérios); seja pela Agenda Brasil e a “salvação” do governo implicando em abrir mão de quase tudo para manter o mandato; seja pela oposição política formal que sem nenhum pudor apresenta um projeto entreguista de exploração de petróleo como o do senador José Serra (PSDB-SP), e na ponta direita da política, o povo brasileiro corre sério risco se as ideias reacionárias expressas nas ruas de 16 de agosto se tornarem realidade em alguma proporção. Logo, há muito mais em jogo do que a continuidade institucional a qualquer custo", constata Bruno Lima Rocha, professor de ciência política e de relações internacionais.

Eis o artigo.

textLA LOTTA DEI KURDI E' PER L'UMANITA' Aug 30 05:27 by Gianni Sartori 0 comments

Dopo i recenti attacchi dell'esercito turco contro i villaggi curdi e la violenza sulle popolazioni, un'analisi sulle vere implicazioni delle azioni militari di Ankara. Uno sguardo sulla tacita accondiscenda dell'Europa nei confronti del terrore di stato operato dalla Turchia e sulle esperienze di autogoverno in atto nei territori curdi.

image1810x608.jpg imageΣυζητήσεις Καστο... Aug 29 19:13 by Γιάννης Κτενάς 0 comments

Πρόσφατα κυκλοφόρησαν δύο βιβλία που μας επιτρέπουν να πάρουμε μια μυρωδιά από αυτές τις συζητήσεις. Πρόκειται για το Ο Κορνήλιος Καστοριάδης στο Μιλάνο-μια συζήτηση για το κοινωνικό φαντασιακό με Ιταλούς αναρχικούς, από τις εκδόσεις Ελευθεριακή Κουλτούρα και το Ο Κορνήλιος Καστοριάδης στο radio libertaire-συζητώντας με γάλλους αναρχικούς στο ελευθεριακό ραδιόφωνο από τις εκδόσεις Στάσει Εκπίπτοντες.

textIl Corvo Aug 27 18:48 by Lucio Garofalo 0 comments

Premetto subito che mi piacerebbe assistere al risveglio di una dialettica democratica in questa comunità. (...) All'uopo potrebbe servire Facebook. In un recente passato, ho già avuto occasione di annotare che il limite oggettivo di questo spazio virtuale di confronto e di partecipazione politica, è insito nel mezzo stesso di comunicazione, attualmente circoscritto ad una cerchia ancora elitaria di cittadini che utilizzano abitualmente Internet ed i social network. Comunque, ben venga lo strumento del web in soccorso alla libertà di espressione e di critica, dunque alla convivenza democratica e civile. Invito chiunque ad afferrare il senso di una questione estremamente delicata qual è, appunto, l'istanza o la rivendicazione di una maggiore partecipazione collegiale e democratica proveniente dal basso, vale a dire da settori consistenti della cittadinanza (...), che non deve scadere in futili pretesti per scatenare sterili o rissose polemiche personali. (...)

luisacapetilloweb_lg.jpg imageLuisa Capetillo: Από τις κυρίες... Aug 27 11:26 by Dmitri (translation) 0 comments

Η Luisa Capetillo υπήρξε μία από τις πιο αναγνωρισμένες οργανώτριες των εργατικών συνδικάτων καθώς και αγωνίστρια για τα δικαιώματα των γυναικών του Πουέρτο Ρίκο. Μια γυναίκα, πολύ μπροστά από την εποχή της, συγγραφέας, φεμινίστρια, ηγέτιδα των εργατών και αναρχική. Αγωνίστηκε όχι μόνο για να φέρει την αλλαγή στο αναδυόμενο εργατικό κίνημα του Πουέρτο Ρίκο, αλλά και για να δημιουργήσει περισσότερο χώρο σε μια -κατά μεγάλο βαθμό- ανδροκρατούμενη κοινωνία.

houses_but_no_homes_0_0_1.jpg imageThe reality of homelessness, the fight for decent housing and lessons from The Bolt hostel Aug 27 07:51 by Joe Conlon 0 comments

Over the Last 12 months, particularly since Christmas the housing and homeless problem has deepened significantly. From last summer the amounts of families’ registering as homeless went from 264 to now, which are 531. The number of families that are registered as being in need of emergency accommodation is 792 adults with 1,112 dependent children. These statics were issued by the Dublin Regional Homeless Executive. This is a 100% rise within 12 months, but yet the state has not come out and said there is a crisis in housing.

image300x243.jpeg imageΓια τα γεγονότα σ ... Aug 26 20:41 by Συλλογικότητα για τον Κοινωνικό Αναρχισμό «Μαύρ 0 comments

Για εμάς δεν χωράνε αυταπάτες σχετικά με τις προθέσεις των αισχρών πολιτικάντηδων του ΣΥΡΙΖΑ. Ο μοναδικός δρόμος για την αντιμετώπιση της γιγάντιας καταστροφής στον Κάκκαβο ξεκινάει από το κίνημα και τελειώνει σε αυτό. Την Κυριακή 23-8 υπήρξε προγραμματισμένη διαδήλωση από συντονιστικά καθώς και κατασκηνωτές πανευρωπαϊκού camping εναντίον της εξόρυξης, οι οποίοι διαδήλωσαν στο βουνό, ενώ αρκετοί από αυτούς συγκρούστηκαν με τα σκυλιά του κράτους και του Μπόμπολα που προστάτευαν το εργοτάξιο.

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