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venezuela / colombia / movimiento anarquista / opinión / análisis Thursday April 10, 2014 22:53 by VArgarquista   image 1 image
Anarquía no significa un mundo de anarquistas, sino un mundo en donde todas las personas independientemente de su ideología puedan participar equitativamente, y su autonomía solo sea equiparable con la solidaridad que le rodea. El anarquismo como ideología no solo es vigente como ideología, sino como práctica de transformación hacia una sociedad más diversa y justa. read full story / add a comment
southern africa / workplace struggles / debate Friday March 07, 2014 05:44 by Lucien VAn der Walt   image 1 image
Lightly edited transcript from Lucien van der Walt’s discussion at 1st National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (NUMSA) Political School, September 2013. From his debate with Solly Mapaila, 2nd deputy GS of the South African Communist Party (SACP) on anarcho-syndicalist versus Leninist views of the revolutionary potential of unions. A version was printed in ASR #61 2014, pp. 11-20

Captures van der Walt’s main points: the debate on the anarcho-syndicalist view that revolutionary trade unions, allied to other movements, creating a self-managed worker-controlled socialism through mass education, counter-power and workplace occupations; anarcho-syndicalism as a working class tradition; the anarcho-syndicalist view that unions can potentially be more revolutionary than political parties including Communist Parties, & be revolutionary without leadership by parties; the view that electioneering can be replaced with direct action campaigns; that the Spanish Revolution (1936-1939) shows unions taking power and making a bottom-up worker-controlled revolution; and how NUMSA’s current actions refute Marxist-Leninist theory; other problems with that theory’s traditional approach to unions; and the implications of all of this for current debates over the form of a new socialist movement in South Africa and elsewhere; and the nature of the South African ruling class and the primary social contradictions.

Lucien van der Walt is co-author of “Black Flame: The revolutionary class politics of anarchism and syndicalism” (w.Michael Schmidt, 2009, AK Press) and co-editor of “Anarchism and Syndicalism in the Colonial and Postcolonial World, 1870-1940” (w. Steve Hirsch and Benedict Anderson, 2010, Brill). He has a long history of involvement in the working class movements. read full story / add a comment
brazil/guyana/suriname/fguiana / workplace struggles / opinião / análise Sunday February 16, 2014 08:55 by Franz Ícaro de Sá SilVA   image 1 image
De início, uma advertência aos incautos: O subtítulo é uma sátira a uma afirmação do atual presidente do Sindicato dos Servidores Municipais de Teresina (SINDSERM), onde o mesmo, durante uma conversa, declarou que o sindicato "é uma instituição burguesa como outra qualquer". read full story / add a comment
Διεθνή / Αναρχικό κίνημα / Γνώμη / Ανάλυση Tuesday February 04, 2014 17:08 by Lucien VAn Der Walt   image 1 image
Στο παρόν κείμενο παρουσιάζεται μια ανάλυση του μαζικού αναρχισμού και συνδικαλισμού από θεωρητική και πρακτική πλευρά, ως απάντηση στις απόψεις του Daryl Glaser, που θέλουν τα εργατικά συμβούλια να μην πληρούν τις βασικές δημοκρατικές αρχές και να χρησιμοποιούνται μόνο ως ένα απλό εργαλείο κατά την διάρκεια των πρώιμων σταδίων μιας επανάστασης, τα οποία είναι πολύ πιθανό είτε να καταρρεύσουν είτε να οδηγήσουν σε ένα σταλινικού τύπου καθεστώς- ενώ αντιπροτείνει μια μορφή κοινοβουλευτισμού μέσω συμμετοχικών δομών. read full story / add a comment
Από τις αρχές του Ιούνη, στη χώρα της Σάμπα, του καρναβαλιού, του ποδοσφαίρου αλλά κυρίως της φτώχειας, έχει ξεσπάσει μια μεγαλειώδης εξέγερση από χιλιάδες Βραζιλιάνους, εναντίον του Μουντιάλ που φέτος το καλοκαίρι θα διοργανωθεί εκεί. Με κύρια συνθήματα “θέλουμε, φαγητό, στέγη, εκπαίδευση και υγεία αντί για γήπεδα και μπάλα”, οι αγωνιζόμενοι πληβείοι των φαβέλας, οι ανέστιοι και οι ιθαγενείς που ξεριζώνονται από τη γη τους - προκειμένου να χτιστούν φαραωνικά γήπεδα ποδοσφαίρου - έχουν εξεγερθεί και με καθημερινές σχεδόν συγκρούσεις με τη πιο διεφθαρμένη αστυνομία του πλανήτη, μάχονται για την αξιοπρέπειά τους και το δικαίωμα στη ζωή ενάντια στη συνεχιζόμενη εξαθλίωση τους. read full story / add a comment
Nelson Mandela
southern africa / migration / racism / feature Sunday December 15, 2013 23:39 by Shawn Hattingh and Lucien VAn der Walt   image 1 image
Mandela, the ANC and the 1994 Breakthrough: Anarchist / syndicalist reflections on national liberation and South Africa’s transition
Shawn Hattingh and Lucien van der Walt

The destruction of the apartheid state form, with its odious policies of coercion and racism, was a major triumph for the working class in South Africa and elsewhere, showing that ordinary people can challenge and defeat systems that seem quite unbreakable. Mandela did play a heroic role, but was also the first to admit that “It is not the kings and generals that make history but the masses of the people, the workers, the peasants, the doctors, the clergy." And indeed, it was the black working class, above all, that through struggle tore down many features of apartheid by the late 1980s, such as the pass law system, the Group Areas Act and numerous other odious laws and policies.

The 1994 transition in South Africa was a political revolution, a break with the apartheid and colonial periods of state-sanctioned white supremacy, a “massive advance” in the conditions of the majority. It introduced a new state, based on non-racialism, in which South Africa was to be a multi-racial, multi-cultural but unified country, founded on human rights; welfare and social policy and legislation was transformed; capitalism was kept in place, but despite this, there were very massive and very real changes, political and material, that made qualitative differences in the daily lives of millions of black and working class people. And for millions, it is precisely the association of Mandela with that victory and with those changes that makes him so emotionally powerful.

Yet at the same time, Mandela’s policies and politics had important limitations that must be faced if the current quandary of South Africa, nearly 20 years later, is to be understood. Mandela never sold out: he was committed to a reformed capitalism, and a parliamentary democracy, and unified South Africa based on equal civil and political rights, a project in which black capitalists and black state elites would loom large. These goals have been achieved, but bring with them numerous problems that must be faced up if the final liberation – including national liberation – of South Africa’s working class is to be achieved.

The 1994 breakthrough was a major victory, but it was not the final one, for a final one requires a radical change in society, towards a libertarian and socialist order based on participatory democracy, human needs rather than profit and power, and social and economic justice, and attention to issues of culture and the psychological impact of apartheid.

As long as the basic legacy of apartheid remains, in education, incomes, housing and other spheres, and as long as the working class of all races is excluded from basic power and wealth by a black and white ruling class, so long will the national question – the deep racial / national divisions in South Africa, and the reality of ongoing racial/ national oppression for the black, Coloured and Indian working class – remain unresolved. And so long will it continue to generate antagonisms and conflicts, the breeding ground for rightwing populist demagogy, xenophobia and crime. By contrast, a powerful black elite, centred on the state and with a growing corporate presence, has achieved its national liberation.
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international / anarchist movement / debate Friday December 13, 2013 16:12 by Lucien VAn der Walt   text 1 comment (last - saturday december 21, 2013 05:24)   image 1 image
Examining the theory and practice of ‘mass’ anarchism and syndicalism, this paper argues against Daryl Glaser’s views that workers’ council democracy fails basic democratic benchmarks and that, envisaged as a simple instrument of a revolution imagined in utopian ‘year zero’ terms, it will probably collapse or end in ‘Stalinist’ authoritarianism—Glaser also argues instead for parliaments, supplemented by participatory experiments. While agreeing with Glaser on the necessity of a ‘democratic minimum’ of pluralism, rights, and open-ended outcomes, I demonstrate, in contrast, that this ‘minimum’ is perfectly compatible with bottom-up council democracy and self- management, as envisaged in anarchist/syndicalist theory, and as implemented by anarchist revolutions in Manchuria, Spain and Ukraine. This approach seeks to maximise individual freedom through an egalitarian, democratic, participatory order, developed as both means and outcome of revolution; it consistently insists that attempts to ‘save’ revolutions by suspending freedoms, instead destroy both. Parliament, again in contrast to Glaser, from this perspective, meets no ‘democratic minimum’, being part of the state, a centralized, unaccountable institutional nexus essential to domination and exploitation by a ruling class of state managers and capitalists. Rather than participate in parliaments, ‘mass’ anarchism argues for popular class autonomy from, and struggle against, the existing order as a means of winning economic and political reforms while—avoiding ‘year zero’ thinking—also building the new society, within and against, the old, through a prefigurative project of revolutionary counter-power and counter-culture. Revolution here means the complete expansion of a bottom-up democracy, built through a class struggle for economic and social equality, and requiring the defeat of the ruling class, which is itself the outcome of widespread, free acceptance of anarchism, and of a pluralistic council democracy and self-management system. read full story / add a comment
África austral / community struggles / opinião / análise Friday December 13, 2013 12:38 by Lucien VAn der Walt   image 1 image
O nosso país está numa confusão. A fome, a pobreza, a exploração e a injustiça espreitam.

A classe trabalhadora e os pobres deparam, a cada passo, com os muros altos da injustiça, as cadeias do desemprego e as balas e os cassetetes da polícia.

Os conflitos agitam o país e as esperanças que brilhavam em 1994 estão a desaparecer, envelhecidas, enferrujando sob as águas da ganância, da opressão e da desigualdade; essas esperanças são como um sonho que desaparece quando se desperta para uma realidade sombria.

A questão nacional, as nossas profundas divisões de raça e nacionalidade, continuam sem solução: os políticos, pretos e brancos, pioram ainda a situação com o objectivo de obterem votos. read full story / add a comment
southern africa / community struggles / opinion / analysis Tuesday December 10, 2013 14:12 by Lucien VAn der Walt   image 1 image
Our country is in a mess. Hunger, poverty, exploitation and injustice stalk the land.

The working class and poor face, at every step, the high walls of injustice, the chains of unemployment, and the bullets and batons of the police.

Conflicts shake the country, and hopes that shone in 1994 are fading, rusting under the waters of greed, oppression, and inequality; those hopes seem like a dream that fades when you awake to a grim reality. read full story / add a comment
norte da África / história do anarquismo / link para pdf Monday December 02, 2013 21:59 by Lucien VAn der Walt & Michael Schmidt   image 1 image
Esse texto dos autores sul-africanos apresenta elementos para uma compreensão da desconhecida história do anarquismo no norte da África. Trazem fatos e personagens de mais de um século de anarquismo em países como Egito, Argélia, Marrocos, Tunísia e Líbia. Continuam, dessa maneira, a mostrar que o anarquismo não se resumiu e nem se resume ao eixo do Atlântico Norte ressaltado nos estudos de referência.
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italia / svizzera / lotte sindacali / comunicato stampa Thursday November 21, 2013 21:57 by FdCA GenoVA   image 1 image
Sosteniamo incondizionatamente la lotta dei lavoratori AMT di Genova. Siamo stati e saremo sempre al loro fianco in piazza per la difesa dei loro salari, dei loro diritti e per la salvaguardia ed il rilancio della mobilità pubblica. read full story / add a comment
Melissa Sepúlveda, candidata del FeL a la FECH
bolivia / peru / ecuador / chile / education / entrevista Monday November 11, 2013 19:52 by Richard SandoVAl   image 1 image
El anarquismo es parte esencial del movimiento estudiantil chileno. En 1906, con el apoyo del rector radical Valentín Letelier, los libertarios fundaron la Federación de Estudiantes de la Universidad de Chile, la que dirigieron entre 1918 y 1922. Hoy, 93 años después, Melissa Sepúlveda, estudiante de cuarto año de medicina en la Casa de Bello, apuesta por convertirse en la primera presidenta rojinegra de la organización en casi un siglo. read full story / add a comment
brazil/guyana/suriname/fguiana / história do anarquismo / opinião / análise Friday October 25, 2013 05:38 by Felipe Corrêa e Rafael Viana da SilVA   image 5 images
Texto que discute o anarquismo, desde uma perspectiva teórica e histórica. read full story / add a comment
Διεθνή / Αναρχική Ιστορία / Γνώμη / Ανάλυση Wednesday October 09, 2013 18:39 by Lucien VAn der Walt-Michael Schmidt   image 1 image
Αγωνιστική Μειοψηφία: Το Ζήτημα της Αναρχικής Πολιτικής Οργάνωσης - Των Lucien van der Walt και Michael Schmidt read full story / add a comment
Διεθνή / Αναρχικό κίνημα / Γνώμη / Ανάλυση Wednesday October 09, 2013 18:34 by Lucien VAn der Walt-Michael Schmidt   image 1 image
Αγωνιστική Μειοψηφία: Το Ζήτημα της Αναρχικής Πολιτικής Οργάνωσης Των Lucien van der Walt και Michael Schmidt read full story / add a comment
Διεθνή / Αναρχικό κίνημα / Γνώμη / Ανάλυση Wednesday October 09, 2013 18:22 by Lucien VAn der Walt-Michael Schmidt   image 1 image
Αγωνιστική Μειοψηφία: Το Ζήτημα της Αναρχικής Πολιτικής Οργάνωσης read full story / add a comment
Le Gouvernement Parti des travailleurs (PT - Partido dos Trabalhadores) du Rio Grande del Sul (Bresil) mène une chasse aux sorcières et s'en prend aux domiciles et aux locaux publics d'organisations gauchistes et de mouvements sociaux.
Dans l'après midi du mardi 1er octovre 2013, l' Ateneu Libertário A Batalha da Várzea, qui est utilisé à des fins politiques et sociales par la Federação Anarquista Gaúcha (FAG) a été attaqué pour la seconde fois par les forces répressives du gouvenement PT de Tarso Genro. La porte des locaux a été fracassée et l'intérieur et les équipements ont été retournés.
Sur une table un message a été laissé qui disait « je suis passé par là et la porte était ouverte. Je voudrais participer à la FAG »
La journée de mardi a débuté par une forte répression déchaînée par le gouvernement et la justice de l'Etat contre des activistes du Bloco de Lutas (Bloc de lutte) et d'organisations gauchistes. Des perquisitions dans des domiciles, des locaux publics gauchistes, et les locaux de campagnes d'autres camarades ont été menées tout au long de la journée.
Il est question au total de plus de 70 mandats de perquisitions devant être exécutés. Le jeudi précédent, pendant la dispersion d'une manifestation publique du Bloco de Lutas, 5 camarades ont été arrêtés et inculpés. Le Gouvernement Tarso veut faire taire les protestations sociales échappant à son contrôle : ne soyez pas trompéEs par ses manipulations rhérotiques, ne soyez pas intimidéEs par les mesures répressives. Português] read full story / add a comment
brazil/guyana/suriname/fguiana / repressão / prisioneiros / feature Thursday October 03, 2013 18:25 by EVAndro Couto   image 1 image
Na tarde desta última terça-feira, 1 de outubro de 2013, o Ateneu Libertário A Batalha da Várzea que faz local político-social para a Federação Anarquista Gaúcha foi invadido pelas forças repressivas do governo Tarso do PT pela segunda vez. A porta da sede foi arrombada e teve suas dependências e equipamentos revirados. Por cima de uma mesa foi deixado um bilhete que dizia: “passei por aqui e a porta estava aberta. Gostaria de participar da FAG.”

A terça-feira amanheceu com uma forte operação repressiva desatada pelo governo estadual e a justiça sobre militantes do Bloco de Lutas e organizações de esquerda. Invasão de residências particulares, locais públicos de esquerda e campanas sobre companheiros/as foram levados a cabo durante todo o dia. Falam-se de mais de 70 mandatos judiciais de busca e apreensão ainda por serem executados. Na última quinta-feira, quando da dispersão do ato público do Bloco de Lutas cinco companheiros foram detidos e incriminados.

O governo Tarso quer calar o protesto social que foge do seu controle, que não se engana com seus malabarismos retóricos e nem se amansa com expedientes repressivos. [English] [Français] read full story / add a comment
brazil/guyana/suriname/fguiana / repression / prisoners / news report Thursday October 03, 2013 17:51 by EVAndro Couto   image 1 image
The Workers' Party (PT - Partido dos Trabalhadores) government in Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil) is carrying out a witch hunt and raiding the homes and public premises of leftist organizations and social movements. On the afternoon of Tuesday 1 October 2013 the Ateneu Libertário A Batalha da Várzea, which is used for political and social purposes by the Federação Anarquista Gaúcha (FAG) was raided by the repressive forces of Tarso Genro's PT government for the second time. The door of the headquarters was broken down and the interior and equipment were overturned. On a table a note was left that read: "I came by and the door was open. I'd like to participate in the FAG". [Português] read full story / add a comment
bolivia / peru / ecuador / chile / la izquierda / comunicado de prensa Wednesday September 11, 2013 20:53 by Izquierda libertaria de VAldivia   image 1 image
A 40 años del golpe militar nos levantaremos una y mil veces

Por vivir en dignidad

Por Socialismo y Libertad
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