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italy / switzerland / workplace struggles / press release Wednesday January 25, 2012 21:11 by -color:#5588FF;'>-color:#88FF55;'>USB -color:#5588FF;'>- -color:#FF5588;'>Orsa -color:#5588FF;'>- SlaiCobas -color:#5588FF;'>- Unicobas -color:#5588FF;'>- Snater -color:#5588FF;'>- SiCobas -color:#5588FF;'>- USI   image 1 image
On 27 January, we'll all be taking to the streets and demonstrating that workers, pensioners, precarious workers, the unemployed, migrants and students - united and determined - are able to demand and point the way towards a strong, concrete change in the management and government of the Country in social terms and in terms of more rights and more democracy. [Italiano] read full story / add a comment
italia / svizzera / lotte sindacali / comunicato stampa Wednesday January 25, 2012 20:09 by -color:#5588FF;'>-color:#88FF55;'>USB -color:#5588FF;'>- -color:#FF5588;'>Orsa -color:#5588FF;'>- SlaiCobas -color:#5588FF;'>- Unicobas -color:#5588FF;'>- Snater -color:#5588FF;'>- SiCobas -color:#5588FF;'>- USI   image 1 image
Il 27 gennaio scendiamo tutti in piazza e dimostriamo che i lavoratori, i pensionati, i precari, i disoccupati, i migranti e gli studenti - uniti e determinati - sono in grado di richiedere ed indicare un forte e concreto cambiamento nella gestione e nel governo del Paese in termini sociali, di maggiori diritti e democrazia. [English] read full story / add a comment
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