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western asia / history / link to audio Tuesday April 28, 2009 20:05 by Andrew editing - Farah recording - Torab Saleh speaking   image 1 image   audio 1 audio file
Torab Saleh who took part in the Iranian revolution of 1979 spoke in Dublin of his personal experiences of that time and the challenges it presented to him and others on the left. This is the audio recording of that meeting. read full story / add a comment
west-azië / imperialisme / oorlog / opinion/analysis Sunday October 26, 2008 16:58 by James O'Brien   image 1 image
Sommige dingen in het leven zijn nogal duidelijk. Een is dat je niet een zwaar bewapende bende die 30 keer zo groot is als jezelf aanvalt.
Dus wat dacht het Georgische leiderschap toen het bevel gaf tot een aanval op Zuid Ossetie? Er kan geen sprake van zijn dat ze dachten dat ze Rusland zouden verslaan. Er zijn tenslotte grenzen aan de menselijke idiotie. read full story / add a comment
west-azië / imperialisme / oorlog / persbericht Friday August 15, 2008 16:34 by Federazione dei Comunisti Anarchici
Er zal geen vrede of stabiliteit in de Kaukasus zijn totdat de volkeren volledige autonomie en zelfbeschikking over hun eigen lot krijgen en totdat ze in solidariteit samenwerken bij de productie en het verschepen van grondstoffen, tegen dictators en lokale heersende klassen, tegen alle vormen van nationalisme, tegen alle vormen van imperialisme en tegen het kapitalisme. read full story / add a comment
western asia / imperialism / war / press release Wednesday August 13, 2008 08:53 by Federazione dei Comunisti Anarchici
There will be no peace or stability in the Caucasus until its peoples obtain full autonomy and self-determination of their own destinies and until they cooperate in solidarity in the production and shipping of raw materials, against dictators and local ruling classes, against all forms of nationalism, against all forms of imperialism and against capitalism. read full story / add a comment
asia occidentale / imperialismo / guerra / comunicato stampa Wednesday August 13, 2008 07:54 by Federazione dei Comunisti Anarchici
Non ci sarà pace, né stabiltà nel Caucaso finché i popoli non riacquisteranno piena autonomia ed autodeterminazione sui loro destini e non coopereranno per la produzione e la veicolazione solidale delle materie prime, contro i dittatori e le classi dominanti locali, contro ogni nazionalismo, ogni imperialismo, contro il capitalismo. [English] [Português] [ Ελληνικά] read full story / add a comment
western asia / the left / review Saturday January 26, 2008 23:01 by R. Rosen   image 1 image
R. Rosen went to see Persepolis, a film based on the comic strip about the experiences of a young women during the Iranian revolution and the years that followed. read full story / add a comment
Common Cause Hamiltan Local on anti-war demonstration
western asia / imperialism / war / opinion / analysis Thursday December 13, 2007 23:03 by Kim C   image 1 image
Afghanistan has been a primary focus of the so called War on Terror since the events of September 11th and as a result, the already fractured society has been pushed even deeper into chaos, destruction and violence read full story / add a comment
batı asya / workplace struggles / news report Tuesday October 10, 2006 00:04 by otonomA   image 1 image
Geçtiğimiz yıl İrlanda’daki şantiyelerde çalıştırdığı Türkiye kökenli işçilerin paralarının bir bölümünü ödememekte direnen ve işçilerin başlattığı grev sonrasında geri adım atmak zorunda kalan GAMA şirketi, bu kez de Katar’da benzeri iddialarla karşı karşıya kaldı. read full story / add a comment
western asia / imperialism / war / opinion / analysis Monday February 13, 2006 19:56 by Anarcho   text 2 comments (last - thursday february 16, 2006 04:58)
The Iraq WMD farce has not stopped Bush and Blair attacking Iran using the same arguments read full story / add a comment
Κείμενο του Michael Schmidt, μέλος της Bikisha Media Collective, της Zabalaza Anarchist Communist Federation (ZACF) της Ν. Αφρικής. Μετάφραση «Ούτε Θεός-Ούτε Αφέντης», 5 Ιανουαρίου 2006, Μελβούρνη. read full story / add a comment
asie de l'ouest / genre / opinion / analyse Saturday November 12, 2005 01:36 by Beth Travis
Une camarade du Trouble a passé quelques temps en Asie Centrale et nous avons cru bon de publier ce texte traitant du "bride kidnapping" au Kirghizstan. Ce texte apporte des infos sur une région inconnue de la plupart des occidentaux et dénonce un système capitaliste et patriarcal qui n'est certes pas unique à ce coin du globe. read full story / add a comment
* Μετάφραση 3 Οκτώβρη 2005 από το «Ούτε Θεός-Ούτε Αφέντης», Μελβούρνη. read full story / add a comment
western asia / anarchist movement / feature Thursday May 26, 2005 18:41 by Northeastern Anarchist   image 1 image
Payman Piedar is the editor of Nakhdar, a Farsi/English-language anarchist-communist magazine with a growing international readership, particularly among Iranian exile communities in North America and Europe. Although he remains very humble of his revolutionary activity over the past three decades, there is a lot to learn from his experiences. We are very proud to have the opportunity to publish some of them here. read full story / add a comment
Δυτική Ασία / Αναρχικό κίνημα / Νέα Monday May 16, 2005 13:13 by dmitri
This is a Greek translation about Edris from Iran read full story / add a comment
western asia / religion / feature Friday March 04, 2005 23:55 by Michael Schmidt
Khomeini founded the fundamentalist Iranian Republican Party (IRP) to squeeze opposition parties out of the provisional government and at the same time established the Revolutionary Guards (Pasdaran), a political police force to marginalise the secular left within the komitehs which it wanted to mobilise as a supporter bloc. read full story / add a comment
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