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southern africa / repression / prisoners / press release Saturday August 25, 2012 16:24 byWorkers Solidarity Alliance
We, members of the Workers Solidarity Alliance, send our deepest condolences to the families and friends of the murdered miners in South Africa. leggi tutto / aggiungi un commento
southern africa / history of anarchism / press release Sunday January 08, 2012 15:32 byLucien van der Walt   text 4 comments (last - wednesday february 29, 2012 19:44)
This paper examines the development of anarchism and syndicalism in early twentieth century Cape Town, South Africa, drawing attention to a crucial but neglected chapter of labor and left history. leggi tutto / aggiungi un commento
southern africa / workplace struggles / press release Thursday September 08, 2011 16:49 byMbuyiseni Ndlozi, James Pendlebury, Komnas Poriazis
Beginning on Sunday 28 August, Wits students have been littering parts of campus in solidarity with the cleaners’ strike. Cleaners throughout South Africa are demanding a living wage of R4 200 per month: this compares with less than R2 000 paid to cleaners at Wits, who are employed by outsourcing companies such as Supercare. The strike has been undermined, at Wits and elsewhere, by the presence of scab labour; Wits management and the outsourcing companies are striving for “business as usual”. This undermines the entire purpose of the strike, which is to compel exploiter-managers to meet workers’ demands by withdrawing their labour, by preventing the job from getting done – by making sure the campus is not clean. leggi tutto / aggiungi un commento
southern africa / repression / prisoners / opinion / analysis Tuesday July 26, 2011 17:52 byRichard Pithouse
A reflection on state repression of popular struggles in South Africa in the wake of the full aquittal of the Kennedy 12 (Abahlali baseMjondolo political prisoners). leggi tutto / aggiungi un commento
southern africa / imperialism / war / opinion / analysis Friday June 10, 2011 01:12 byShawn Hattingh
In this article, using an anarchist analysis, it will be argued that this lopsided trade, expansive investment and projection of state power by the South African ruling class are signs of the imperialist role they play in southern Africa. In undertaking this, it will be outlined how the South African ruling class, as an integral part of their imperialist role, are conducting a class war against the workers and the poor across sub-Saharan Africa. Through examining this class war, it will hopefully become clear that the South African state is being used as a key instrument by the ruling class – made up of capitalists and high-ranking state officials – to further their own interests in southern Africa. The consequence of highlighting the imperialist nature of the South African state also has implications for the strategies and tactics that should be used in struggle. It will be strongly argued that due to its hierarchical centralising and expansionist ambitions, the state cannot be used as a tool for liberation in South Africa or in the region.
leggi tutto / aggiungi un commento
southern africa / miscellaneous / anarchist communist event Tuesday February 01, 2011 14:00 byCoalition for a Free Palestine,
The heroic masses of Egypt have risen up against the decades-old corrupt dictatorship of Hosni Mubarak. Taking inspiration from the intifada in Tunisia, for six days, Egyptian protesters have been demanding that Mubarak be ejected from the office he has held for 30 years, demanding affordable prices for basic foods, and demanding jobs. Close to 200 protestors have been murdered by the security forces as they attempt to exercise their democratic rights.

As South Africans watch the unfolding events in the north of our continent, it reminds us too of our own uprisings: Sharpeville, Soweto, Langa... and spurs us on to express our solidarity with the people of Egypt and Tunisia who remain steadfast in their determination to rid themselves of corrupt and oppressive dictators. leggi tutto / aggiungi un commento
southern africa / history of anarchism / anarchist communist event Saturday October 02, 2010 12:02 byLucien
Grahamstown seminar on 'Black Flame: the revolutionary class politics of anarchism and syndicalism', @ Rhodes Sociology, Eastern Cape, South Africa
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southern africa / education / press release Saturday January 16, 2010 20:24 byZabalaza Anarchist Communist Front
We condemn the recent unilateral decision by Wits management to no longer accept many Swazi students’ medical aid provider, Swazi Med, for the current academic year. This is an unfair move by the university so close to the registration period. It means an additional burden on students from one of the poorest and most authoritarian states in the world, many of whom come from poor backgrounds and study in South Africa not out of choice but necessity.

International students have to pay their full fees and medical aid for the whole year prior to registration which makes it nearly impossible for poor and working class students to enrol. leggi tutto / aggiungi un commento
southern africa / gender / press release Thursday October 01, 2009 16:43 byZACF
Anarchism is an ideology that fights against exploitation and all forms of oppression. We fight for a world in which women will be equal to men, a world without racism and class inequality, a world in which LGBTI and queer people are treated with respect. These struggles are part of the anarchist struggle against hierarchy and inequality, for an equal and free world. leggi tutto / aggiungi un commento
southern africa / anarchist movement / news report Tuesday September 15, 2009 22:57 byJon
On Saturday 12th September the Zabalaza Anarchist Communist Front (ZACF) facilitated a Red and Black Forum - or popular education workshop - at a hall in the Sebokeng Municipal Hostel in Sebokeng township, about 50 kilometers south of Johannesburg. leggi tutto / aggiungi un commento
southern africa / anarchist movement / interview Monday September 07, 2009 15:48 byJon   text 1 comment (last - wednesday september 09, 2009 19:11)
A member of the Zabalaza Anarchist Communist Front caught up with Biko, an anarchist communist militant from the Uhuru Network in Zimbabwe, on August 10th 2009 when he was in Johannesburg to attend the annual Khanya College Winter School.

In this interview Biko talks about the changes in the social, political and economic landscape since the Government of National Unity came into being; the state of the unions and students' movement; the suppression of gays and lesbians; the constitutional reform process and expected Zanu-PF campaigns of violence ahead of the next elections. [Castellano] [Italiano] [Potuguês] leggi tutto / aggiungi un commento
southern africa / the left / opinion / analysis Friday May 15, 2009 14:11 bynestor   text 3 comments (last - tuesday may 26, 2009 20:37)
The following analysis was presented by a member of the Zabalaza Anarchist Communist Front (ZACF) at the Khanya College organised Seminar on the 2009 Election Results, held in Johannesburg on Sunday 10 May 2009. The topic of the seminar was “What do the 2009 Election results mean for the South African working class?”.
There were speakers from the following organisations present: Bolshevik Study Circles & Che Guevara Film Club, Zabalaza Anarchist Communist Front (ZACF), General Industries Workers Union of South Africa (GIWUSA), Soweto Concerned Residents (S.C.R–A.P.F), NKUZI – Fieldworker of Farmworkers' Programme and Kathorus Concerned Residents (KCR)
It should be noted that - owing to the constraints of time allocated for this presentation - this is by no means a complete analysis of the 2009 elections, and what the ANC victory and Zuma administration means for the poor and working class of the region. It serves only to raise some of what we believe to be important issues for consideration going forward. [Italiano] leggi tutto / aggiungi un commento
southern africa / miscellaneous / opinion / analysis Thursday April 23, 2009 15:09 byLucien van der Walt
The renewed Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU) support for the ruling nationalist African National Congress (ANC) has seen the unions dedicate organisers over the last few weeks to ensuring an “overwhelming” ANC victory in the national elections on the 22 April 2009.

How valid is such an approach, and what are the tasks of the working class in the current period? leggi tutto / aggiungi un commento
southern africa / economy / opinion / analysis Monday April 20, 2009 19:48 byLucien Van Der Walt
One of the great weaknesses of SA unions - or at least their leaders - is the notion that unions should actively aim at restructuring the economy through policy engagement. This idea is often labelled 'strategic unionism' or 'radical reform', and centres on a politics of cooperating with capital and the state to effectively restructure "South African" industry for global competition. This is summed up in the phrase that "business is too important to leave to management". leggi tutto / aggiungi un commento
southern africa / repression / prisoners / appeal / petition Friday March 20, 2009 21:05 byZabalaza Anarchist Communist Front   text 2 comments (last - wednesday april 01, 2009 21:15)
On Sunday 1st March 2009 two Landless People’s Movement (LPM) organisers with whom the ZACF is associated were arrested in Protea South, Soweto after the LPM delivered a petition from the Protea South community to their ward councillor regarding various issues and stating their concern around the prospect of their being forcefully removed to another location far from where they currently live and work.

After the petition was delivered there were minor disturbances and altercations with the police, and six youth from the informal settlement were arrested. The two LPM comrades were arrested a short while later, despite the fact that they were no longer in the vicinity when the disturbances took place.

We believe that the LPM comrades arrested are being targeted and victimised for their role as LPM activists and community organisers. leggi tutto / aggiungi un commento
southern africa / history of anarchism / anarchist communist event Thursday March 12, 2009 18:45 byJon
Soweto screening of the documentary "Living Utopia" (Vivir la Utopia). leggi tutto / aggiungi un commento
southern africa / education / anarchist communist event Thursday March 12, 2009 18:38 byJon
The ZACF will be facilitating a Red & Black Forum (anarchist communist educational workshop) with the theme "Does the Vote Bring Democracy?" this Saturday in Protea South, Soweto. The RBF will be hosted by the Protea South Landless Peoples' Movement. leggi tutto / aggiungi un commento
southern africa / community struggles / press release Wednesday March 11, 2009 17:42 byJon
The Zabalaza Anarchist Communist Front (ZACF) is angered by the killing of a second working class activist youth by the Community Policing Forum (CPF) in Sebokeng in less than a year.

In July of last year Anti-Privatisation Forum (APF) activist Mathafeni Majobe was killed by members of the CPF after partaking in a service delivery protest in Sebokeng. This time the victim was Teboho “Diventsha” Tsotetsi, who was stabbed to death in front of his parents on Wednesday 4 March by members of the CPF for refusing to withdraw charges he had laid against those same CPF patrollers, who had severely beaten him and stolen his cell phone and wallet the previous Friday. leggi tutto / aggiungi un commento
southern africa / gender / opinion / analysis Saturday February 21, 2009 17:25 byZabalaza Anarchist Communist Front
On Thursday 12 February 2009 members of the Zabalaza Anarchist Communist Front participated in a protest-march held in Johannesburg as part of the Coalition Against Water Privatisation's Women and Water Campaign. The protest went from Library Gardens in central Johannesburg, a historic meeting point for protests in the city, to Mayor Amos Masondo's office in Braamfontein, near Constitution Hill. The march was to demand that Masondo withdraw his appeal of the pro-poor Johannesburg High Court ruling of Judge Tsoka, which ruled that the forced installation of pre-paid water meters and the prepayment water system is unlawful and unconstitutional, and that City of Johannesburg and Johannesburg Water provide residents of poor townships with 50 litres of free water per person per day. leggi tutto / aggiungi un commento
southern africa / repression / prisoners / press release Monday February 09, 2009 17:34 byWits University Student Coalition on Palestine   text 2 comments (last - tuesday february 10, 2009 23:31)
"I'll remember your face, you fucker" were the parting words of inspector Pretorius as he sped away from a group of more than thirty university students who had been harassed and assaulted by Pretorius and his SAPS uniformed colleagues for at least two hours. Students of Wits University and the University of Johannesburg, carrying paper placards and painted banners, were traveling by bus to a COSATU rally at the South African Zionist Federation where speeches were to be delivered. The COSATU rally formed part of a campaign of nationwide actions in support of the people of Gaza under the banner "Free Palestine, Isolate Apartheid Israel". leggi tutto / aggiungi un commento
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